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Monjoronson; Machiventa Melchizedek - Petitions Are Answered - Melchizedek Circuits Offered to Willing Participants - Sep 21, 2008 - North Idaho
Subject: No. Idaho TeamĀ  9-21-08
Teachers: Monjoronson, Machiventa Melchizedek
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, please join us as once again we come together in pursuit of your grace, your truth, your beauty, your goodness. We seek these things when we come to you and we always find them. You are always there for us to provide that which we seek and we ask that you join us in this process and drink this cup of goodness with us this day and this hour. We know that you are aware of our intentions but nevertheless we would speak the words and invite you in as part of our process to manifest and make this real in our lives and our experience even now. Thank you for hearing our petitions, thank you for your willingness to join with us, let it be so even now.

>Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson and while it may be somewhat of an answer to your prayers to have such an experience in this moment I assure you as well, it is an answer to mine. Were it not for the fact that we both are choosing to manifest this reality together, we could not meet here and enjoy this time together that we share. You have grown accustomed in your process of seeking and finding, to receiving answers to your petitions and you have put to the test the proclamation "Seek and you shall find", and sure enough it has held true in your cases where when you have been sincere in your seeking. The finding is most certainly a part of the equation.

All this testing of this theory, all this application of this principle has developed within you a sense of certainty of this principle and now you are aware even before you ask that your petitions will be answered and your awareness that this is so has brought you a peace about the process for there no longer remains any significant doubt that you are connected, you are part of this principle and process. You have shown yourselves plugged in and acting in accordance with these universe principles and so to some degree you are able to relax and to let go of doubts and concerns as to whether you will find what it is you are seeking and under what conditions.

When you are able to relax into the surety of this truth you may find your journey that much more enjoyable and profitable for your growth. ThisĀ  sense of peace that you have come to know in the certainty of this process is what your brothers and sisters will need to witness in you. Many of them have not put to the test these universal principles as you have and have not seen for themselves the inevitable certainty of these truths and so they may harbor doubts and fears that they will have what they need, that they will be provided for, that they will find what it is that they seek.

But you having had this reoccurring experience can assure them that this is so, that they are in fact provided for, that they will in fact be all right just as you are sure that you will in fact be all right. This is perhaps one of the greatest privileges of your lives which is a direct reward of your spiritual accomplishments and that is that you can manifest and portray the values as you have come to know them. Among these, peace will reign supreme because you have experienced the certainty of this peace and you have repeatedly exposed yourself to this grace and so you know whereof you speak when you tell your sisters and brothers that this is so, that you have witnessed it in your own lives.

This will be a great privilege for you to be able to gift them with the benefit of your experience come to life. I would hope that this entire experience of forming this portal that we have formed together has imparted to you a sense of peace, a sense of certainty, a sense of accomplishment and certain rewards that are part of any such accomplishment. If that is the single thing that we were able to accomplish in this entire Teaching Mission then it has been worth it. But there is of course so much more, but this sense of peace and grace is such a profound calming influence that it is what is so necessary at this time.

My dear ones, as you well know the times that we are finding ourselves in are growing most challenging. It seems there are new challenges every day and the rope which has been fraying for some time which holds up humanity is wearing very thin. Many will find themselves in turmoil as they remain inflexible to change and as you discussed earlier, resistance to change is not only futile but it is most difficult to navigate through if you are not positioned to not accept it and therefore many will suffer at their own hands so to speak.

They will be troubled and lost because they refuse to budge from their point of reference and accept that change is in fact creeping in. Many will steadfastly refuse to grab ahold of the life rings and pull themselves into the life raft thinking that they can weather out such rising waters and their attitude of non acceptance will in fact drag them under. Then there are a great many who will willingly grab the life rings as they are thrown out and willingly swim to the life rafts and climb aboard to accept that change is in fact overtaking them and sweeping in.

There will be many members of the reserve corps like yourselves who will be paddling life rafts about and throwing life rings to all who will grab them and respond. It will be your privilege to be among this group. But the storm will seem fierce and even the hardiest seaworthy person will begin to wonder as to the magnitude of the storm and when it will pass. But hold fast to your awareness that you are always cared for, ministered to and loved. This incontrovertible truth will never be shaken and knowing that you will always be all right and everything will always be all right should bring you some peace, some calm in the eye of any storm.

So let this be the fruits of our labors here in these fields together. Let your peace, your calm, your grace under fire be the results, the accomplishment that we have made here in this forum together and it will be so because you know it is so. You have not undergone this training for no purpose. Everything that you have done has brought you to this place. We are once again preparing to load our gear and make the final ascent on the mountain and having had such notable accomplishments thus far, we harbor no doubt as to the success of our final ascension.

We have indeed come a long way but there is the greatest part left before us to do and it is good that the greatest part is at the end of the long and successful effort for now we have grown in our awareness, in our strengths, in our purpose and in our determination. Let us be bold in our next moves and let us do this all with peace and with joy. Let this be our tribute to all that has come before us in this process, that we will proceed in joy and in peace.

Thank you my dear ones for all that you have devoted to your ascension career and to our ascension plan. Thank you in advance for all that you are prepared to donate to this process. You are indeed the points of contact where matters of the spirit become matters of the material plane and so as we march forward, I honor that you are the ones taking the individual steps and making each individual stride in the direction of your choosing, in the direction of our choosing.

And so, quite literally it is we who will follow you as you strike out and embark upon every step in this journey, it is we who will follow you. We will never hesitate to counsel and encourage but you are the ones who will take the steps and it is we who will follow you. This now becomes your greatest privilege. I honor you all for the roles that you play in this process, they are so vital and integral to the entire scheme before us. I leave you with my peace that you may add to yours, that you may then take out and demonstrate to the world. Thank you all, farewell.

>Machiventa: I am Machiventa Melchizedek making my way into this forum to make an announcement. It is an offer really, that those with the desire may consider that they may be granted assistance from ones of my order in what will be a more intimate relationship than perhaps has been enjoyed thus far as a new dimension to the spiritual circuitry that is being enhanced on this world. We are going to try a more direct process of engagement between members of the Melchizedek order and willing members of the family of man.

If this idea registers within you as acceptable or desirable then I encourage you to make your individual petitions known to your Divine Parents and such a request may now be honored in an entirely new dimension. There is great potential in establishing these circuits wherein mortals of the realm and their close brethren, the Melchizedeks can work together in closer fashion. Many new and different dimensions will be added to your spiritual experience in the times immediately to come. These are the benefits inherent in the growth experience and so you may expect to see that out of growth there arises definite benefits and gains that have been made.

So it will be with this new expanded dimension of partnership between the mortals who walk in the flesh and their brethren who are midway between mortals and the spiritual dimensions. I plant this seed in your consciousness today that you may tend it and nurture it and see if it grows as a desire within you for this will be made as an opportunity for any who will so desire. It is as of yet, I understand, outside the realm of your current experience but then, many many things began as outside the realm of your current experience and have over time become your current experience.

So it can be with this new dimension as well as many others which you will encounter as this experiment progresses forward. Thank you for your consideration of the development of these new partnerships. I join Monjoronson in wishing you peace and calm as we move together through this process. Thank you for you attention, farewell.