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Aurora - Vibratory Adjustments - Jul 13, 2008 - CCC Oakland CA

Oakland, CA
Teacher: Aurora
TR: Donna D’Ingillo


  1. Vibratory Adjustments in the Physical Body
  2. Cellular Degeneration being corrected with Vibration Changes
  3. Experiencing the Energies of Sweetness
  4. Calling on Aurora to make changes every day

July 13, 2008

Good evening, my sisters, this is Aurora. S, I welcome you here this evening and am very pleased to have you join us. I hope you will find this evening’s energy session to be very enjoyable and pleasing.

Over the last several months we have shared with you the various notes and tones of the essence of your Spirit Father conveyed through the circuitry of your Spirit Mother into your being. These various notes and tones of love, joy, mercy, compassion and forgiveness are the building blocks of your energy systems—the vibratory patterns that set the stage for your physical bodies to resonate and grow. Cellular vitality is based upon these vibratory notes that combine into various patterns that have the ability to blend within your own thought patterns and to lead you into a higher level of thinking and responding with healthy emotions that correspond to the qualities to your Father’s being. In this way you are all becoming more God-like and finding that place within you of your own inner divinity and to become more securely attached to it to help you grow in an environment that is conducive to your spiritual development and your physical vitality.

Tonight we wish to conduct within you a deeper impression of these vibratory energies to blend within your central nervous system. The intention is to inlay these energies upon the delicate neural strands that weave throughout your physical structure—through your organs, through your blood vessels, through your bones, through your muscles, through your entire being as a living organism. This imprinting of these energies upon your neural pathways will be perceivable to you at various levels. Do not be alarmed if at first you feel some twinges of discomfort, but to slowly relax and breathe deeply as we move in you and help you become attuned to what is being offered this evening. Are you all ready to receive now? I will take your silence as your consent.

Envision a golden ball of light in the center of your chest. As you perceive this in whatever way is most comfortable and acceptable to you, invite the sparks of this light to begin to filter down through your body, up into your neck and head, down your arms, down your torso and into your legs. Allow this energy ball to vibrate as we begin to impress these energies into your body more deeply. (Pause)

Your bodies were designed to resonate at a frequency that is much higher than what you presently resonate upon. Some of the frequencies of your technological developments have also diminished your bodies’ vibratory patterns. These frequencies are out of sync, you might say, with the vibrations of the universe. Consequently, our efforts are designed to gently increase your vibratory patterns and rates, enabling you to attune to the frequencies of LOVE that are now streaming onto your planet in a very concerted manner. The higher vibratory rate is in your body, the more attuned to Spirit you will become. The lower vibrations create situations of density and tend to cause the energy sparks of light to be disrupted, disjointed and to separate the coherence from its natural integrity. As you go about your day to day activities, invite us in to help you re-key into these higher vibrations, especially if you are exposed to electromagnetic energies for long periods of time. It is important to also spend time in the sunlight and to be surrounded by the oxygen produced by your forests to also help your circulatory and respiratory systems to resonate with these higher frequencies to keep the body operating at more optimal levels.

We understand the various ways in which your bodies have accumulated cellular degeneration, and yet all of this is correctible providing the vibratory rates in your being are upstepped. We will do this for you but know that it is a gradual process and one that you can facilitate even further by inviting us into you to make these adjustments and attunements. I will pause now so you can again stay focused in your hearts as we continue to refine you in these energies. (Pause)

There are many adjustments necessary to be made in your human energy systems to help you become more attuned to the frequencies of Spirit. Your progression into these realms is just beginning even though many of you have been on the path for years. The body’s need for these energies is very fundamental to helping you achieve the higher awareness of the ideals that operate the greater reality of the universe in which you live. These energies are not intended to have you change suddenly, but progressively, gently, slowly as if you were digesting the most delicious meal one tasty morsel at a time. Sometimes your body awareness is such that you cannot always perceive these subtle energies.

We are here to help you find the deliciousness inside of your being, inside of your body to help you perceive that inner sweetness—that inner sacredness, that inner joy—that these higher energies can convey to you. What would your lives be like if you felt delicious from the inside? You are all quite delectable in our eyes as we see the beauty of your soul. Since you cannot always see this or perceive this, these ideas are being shared with you to compel and invite you to become these living vessels of sweetness and love and peace.

I use the word "sweetness" because it conveys a sense of attraction that draws people together. How you enjoy your moments, not only when you taste sweet things in your mouth with your taste buds, but when you enjoy a moment of love. Does it not feel sweet? This sweetness is a quality of Spirit that your Spiritual Parents wish to share with you now. In today’s blending of these notes and tones of the qualities of spirit personality, let your bodies also ingest this vibration of sweetness. (Pause)

Allow this sweetness to settle upon any of those memories in your body that have made you turn to substances other than Spirit to satisfy this desire for sweetness in your life. Let it make an indelible impression upon those memories to build new neural pathways around these lovely qualities of your Spirit Parents. (Pause)

This is the real sweetness in life, my sisters. It is not like those substitutes that you have in your culture that are artificial in nature and not healthy for you. This is the real vibrant sweetness that adds to your enjoyment and flavors your life in a most delicious way. Feel your desire for this as you continue to focus in your heart and allow it to go deeper into your being. (Pause)

Flavor your life with this sweetness, my sisters. Enjoy yourselves more and more each day. There is so much beauty, so much color, texture, joy all around you through what we have impressed upon you. It is our fervent desire that you truly awaken to the beauty all around you—to perceive it in a way that you will truly enjoy and find immense satisfaction. (Pause)

We will close the circuit now. I thank you on behalf of my sisters for this opportunity to be of service to you. I again invite you to call upon us during your day that you may indeed receive more of what we wish to share with you. Any questions you may have about this experience or any other questions are most welcome. I will be happy to spend more time with you in discussing anything of concern when you bring yourself back to the presence of the room and are ready to share with me. (Pause)

Student: When I experience the sessions like the one we just had, there is a certain amount of discomfort in it. It’s a very bizarre feeling. Why is that? Can we experience this kind of energetic shower in our meditative experiences?

Aurora: Do you recall when I first spoke this evening that you might experience some discomfort and that it was important to breathe and relax during that component of this? Do you recall that? (Yes!) Were you able to relax and breathe to help the discomfort ease a bit?

Student: When we experience discomfort we generally brace against it. I did not follow your instructions. I just went…whoo…this hurts! That will be helpful next time.

Aurora: Yes, it is most helpful to simply allow the discomfort to exist and to be in that place of non-resistance, which is softened through your breathing. As you do this the resistance is able to break up and disperse so that the higher vibratory patterns are able to inlay themselves within your areas of need. As I mentioned to you during the transmission, there are many patterns of lower vibrations within your body caused by many factors of genetic programming, electro-chemical pollution of your environment, unhealthy habits of living. While you would drive yourself crazy trying to figure all of these things out, our approach is to help you simply relax and to breathe as much as possible so that these old energies are able to be vibratorally upstepped into the higher frequencies that foster healing and cellular repair and regeneration. The discomfort you feel is a normal part of a body out of tune or out of sync with the vibrations of LIFE.

The lower vibrations, if we could call them that, keep you in emotional states of fear, anxiety, confusion. They are discordant, they are disharmonious and they foster those lower emotions within you. Does this answer your question? (Yes)

Next time try to remember that you are resisting and you are feeding the lower emotions, keeping them further ingrained within your being. Simply acknowledge they are there by breathing and relaxing. That is one of the best ways in which you can open yourself so that these frequencies we bring into you can absorb them, thereby causing them to be transmuted and transcended. When you read this transcript, let these words settle into your mind so you can recall and relax when you do this on your own. Does this help? (Yes, thank you!) You are most welcome.

Student: When we’re doing it on our own, do I ask for you in your name, the universe, or who do I ask?

Aurora: I would suggest that you ask for me, and I will respond or one of my sisters of my order will respond to you. There are many who will jump to the occasion and come into your energy system to help you incorporate these energies within you. It is helpful for you to call on us as we are, what you might say, the invisible light workers within your being. Trying to do this on your own without our support will not be as effective and may even confuse you. The human intellect will want to interfere and ask those questions of: "am I doing this right?" "What is the best way to do this?" "How do I know this will work?’ And so forth and so on. The approach we share with you is to help you alleviate your burden by sharing an experience together that increases not only your capacity for joy but ours as well. We are so motivated by serving you that we take immense pleasure in helping you in this way and can thereby add our pleasure into yours, and to further the development of a friendship bond even though you cannot see us with your own eyes. Does this help? (Yes, thank you.) You are most welcome.

My sisters, even though we are not human, we share a bond. We come from the same Spirit source. We are in a different life vehicle than the one you inhabit, but yet we are family. We truly are your sisters, and there is nothing more that we like to do than to share ourselves with you. Please call on us that we may be with you throughout the day to alleviate your burdens and to help you find more joy and satisfaction with what you do moment by moment. Life is so wondrous and glorious! We understand the effects of the conditions that your planet has fostered to take you away from that. It is our delight to help you recapture the love sparks within you that will help you feel this wonderment and to enjoy the glories in being alive as children of God.

I will leave you now, but again be available to you upon any moment of your request. On behalf of my sisters, we embrace you in a sisterly hug. (Pause) Good evening.