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Michael - This Life Is A Demonstration of Spirit & Humanness - Dec 14, 2006 - Teleconference

LightLine Teleconference, December 14, 2006
Teacher: Michael
Transmitter: Jerry Lane
Subject: This Life is a Demonstration of Spirit and Humanness

[Prayer] Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, Merry Christmas. We know, Michael, your birthday was sometime earlier, but it seems appropriate to celebrate it so close to the new year when we all get to pay the part of Janus with his two different faces looking forward into the future and reflecting back on the year gone by. And also our celebration anticipates the solstice, that low deep point of winter, when those of us who are just hanging on get to feel it all turn around and the days will start to get longer, warmer. So we're happy to celebrate your birthday at this time. We thank you so very deeply for the gift of your life to Urantia. Amen.

Michael: My dear children, this is Michael, your Creator-Father. And let me say I have earned the right to ask you to consider me as your Brother. So during this season when you celebrate my birth and even those who are not Christian or don't consider themselves to be in a formal way, in one way the whole world is happy to join in at this time of year as you noticed, to celebrate a new year, thankful that you have made it through one more. What you might call regular Christianity has long celebrated this coming of the spiritual Son of God to Urantia, and in my life, especially after my baptism when I regained my full awareness of who and even what I was, the kind of being I was, I did try my best to be that kind of human being that demonstrated the potential that you all have. And this is probably for many Christians the most difficult paradox or problem to understand how, even after this state, I was still fully human. As I said before, this was just no shadow-play, I wasn't the son of the CEO of a great corporation just spending a few […] in the board room before I took over my greater duties. Indeed it was for me all the more precious knowing how short this time I would be on your world would be compared to all those hundreds of billions of years since Mother and I came out from Paradise.

So tonight I would like to talk a little bit more about what this life meant to me, for I knew it was a demonstration of Spirit to the men and women of that time and it was also to a degree a demonstration of humanness to my Father. And what it was to me was a deep acknowledgment as a Creator Son, as someone who feels himself to be very close to our Father, an acknowledgment, a profound respect for experience. And in this my children, I join with you in being a part of the Supreme Being, that aspect of Deity which is a summation of all our experience throughout time and space, throughout seven Super Universes. This is the purpose of this creation, for beings like you and I to add to the soul of God this absolutely irreplaceable experience of ours. This is the essence of time, the essence of time not repeating itself. This is that evolution, that expansion of being itself. This is what experience is. And so we have called your attention to how if you can pay attention, if you can be in the moment and have the courage and the determination, you can begin to experience this quality of experience itself. You can begin to feel, you can begin to know how this moment has never happened before. None of us, not even Creator Sons, can speak for God Himself. But we do feel this is a way in which God does not choose to anticipate this aspect of His creation. This is another way of saying the freedom that He gives His personal beings. This points at their near absolute independence that they have within Him. This is His will. He sets you free and then for you human beings, kind of buds off a little aspect of Himself, of His consciousness, of His very being, of His Spiritual being, to be with you. And this is a two-way connection. This is part of His circuit, part of His extension of being throughout all of time and space. He sees right along with you. This is why we refer to the Thought Adjusters, these Father Fragments, as Mystery Monitors. This is the way in which He experiences all that you do. And so from His point of view, if you will allow me, this is the reason why He gives you such freedom, why He respects this freedom. It sets the pattern for all spiritual beings to acknowledge and respect your freedom. Otherwise it would be to deny the very purpose for creating you, individual and unique. It kind of sees you as being modules of experience out here in time and space. And so you are.

We have even offered to assure you that you are not alone, though your mind rests on a physical body, electrical, chemical process, in its upper reaches you do touch myself and Mother Spirit and there's a presence of God within you. We mention you are not alone in this spiritual way because we realize that also it is part of your human uniqueness, to be so individual that sooner or later you begin to realize how alone you are with respect to your fellows, in your very uniqueness. For some folks this can be quite a trial. And I'm sure you can all remember times usually around your early adolescence when you became aware of just how much there was inside you that you could never share. There weren't words for it or concepts. And only by feeling this fully and coming to grips with it can you in a sense welcome and appreciate then the degree to which this mysterious connection, you can never quite understand it, it's almost like telepathy at moments, all of a sudden emerging out of a physical and mindal kind of being, you do begin to intuit, you begin to feel there is this spiritual connection with all of your fellows. There is some essential humanity there you can enjoy. It's not just a pure intellectualism to say that this uniqueness that you have is what you all have in common.

So as a module of experience, as your basic human reality, this is something that even I with all my experience as a Creator Son with Mother Spirit creating a whole order of beings, developing our architectural spheres, bringing our evolutionary planets to fruition, joining with our Life Carrier Sons to start life on these planets and watch it grow and mature, through all these successive stages until some of our earliest planets started to come into fruition, reaching the levels of Light and Life, getting to that point where our sons and daughters traverse the whole of the physical universe, the billion worlds of Havona to return to us as Finaliters. After all this, my children, still I look forward to being a human being, still I could see and joyfully accept the necessity for me to live your life. There is no substitute for it. This experience is precious beyond my ability to express. And it is yours. You have that delightfully cynical saying that nothing is free. We see this with a great deal of humor because it's all free. None of you asked to be born. These are the nurseries of time and space. This is where you start your long, eternal journey to the very center of creation. And then you have six other Super Universes to go visit.

So my children, this is my Christmas gift to you, to help you feel the preciousness of what it is to be an experiential being, to feel yourself a part of the Supreme Being, unique in all existence. This is why Mother Spirit and I say thank you, for you take a few moments out from your busy lives to say hello. For you choose to share your life with us. This is your gift to us. And so yes, indeed, let us be merry this season for it. We love you very, very much. If you have any questions or comments this evening, bring them forth.

Carl: Hello

Michael: Yes

Carl: This is Carl from Maryland.

Michael: Yes, my son.

Carl: Warm greetings to you, Michael. I have a question concerning television ministry for all Havonians. How do you, what do you have to say about an intention of a UB reader and lover, someone that reads and loves the Urantia Book, going on television in this day and age to proclaim the undiluted gospel of Jesus as presented in the Urantia teachings?

Michael: I think it's a great idea. I can't see any harm in it, certainly. I think if it's done right, my son, this is one of those areas where there's no way to know what the effect will be before you try it. This is one of those double experiments. Sometimes you just have to step off and try it with a good heart and then see what happens.

Carl: I desire to do it, but a lot of my colleagues, people who read and love the Urantia Book, say the public is not ready for that yet, that it is pointless. It is not appropriate or wise for me to do it.

Michael: What could be the harm in trying if you are willing and open to whatever comes?

Carl : Yes, I am willing and open. In a sense I don't give a damn what other people say. But I'm kind of concerned that I'm not getting support from people I would consider […] in the Urantia Book fold. But nevertheless, […] is going to think like that. I want as many people as possible to be exposed to the teachings, hoping that at least I would be able to save some in the […] sense and also in the directional sense.

Michael: My son, that is, already you are proposing something and you are already getting some feedback from the individuals to whom you present this idea. This is the nitty-gritty, if you will. This is what you have to be open to. You make a proposal and people respond. This too is what I encountered throughout my life here on Urantia. Believe me, it ran the full spectrum of those who could almost grasp immediately what I was saying to those who hardened their heart to be sure that they did not understand the implications of what I was saying.

Carl: Thank you. And one last question, please, for today for my time.

Michael: Certainly.

Carl: Doing the Gospel work by a media, internet, television, newspaper, and different forms of mass media, in today's world requires a lot and a lot of money and I am very desirous of seeing that there is sufficient money to support the work of the Gospel. It's a tradition of the […] and I see that, I believe that a true believer in Christ as Son of God can become very rich. There is nothing wrong in his being very rich to support such a work. And what advice do you have for those of us who may be interested in acquiring riches as it were, so the Gospel is used?

Michael: Well, this my son I can only say, be a good farmer. You have to constantly build soil. You have to constantly put your trust in the work itself. And whatever wealth comes your way by way of this work has to be immediately and with all the wisdom at your command plowed back into the work. In this we are all just farmers out in God's fields. Because we are not important in this work. The work itself is.

Carl: Yes.

Michael: And so this is also a test of character by which you convince those around you that this is strictly for the work. It is not for any kind of ego aggrandizement. Or it's just a way of your humanly meeting your human needs- food, shelter, whatever. It is the work that is important. And so as the work gets richer, as the work spreads out and finds support, then you have to just be the- well, to mix my metaphors here a bit, you have to be the good shepherd. But in these initial phases you have to build soil, what you get goes immediately back into that. And this is how you gain true strength. This is how you become a pure conduit of Spirit. This is that inner discipline, that inner training that everyone who has your ambition has to go through. This is what takes the courage to just step off and trust, without a parachute, without a safety cushion, without anything to catch you, knowing within yourself it is the Spirit; it is the work of Spirit that counts. Does this help you, my son?

Carl: Yes. Thank you very much.

Michael: I wish you true success and I will be with you. The work itself, the Gospel, the good news getting people just to be aware of the Urantia Book is a good cause and a worthy one. Be in my peace.

Jamaican George: Hello, Michael. This is Jamaican George. I have a question.

Michael: Certainly.

Jamaican George: I have a passion within me to be a Seventh Day Adventist by tradition to spread this Urantia message and your gospel of truth to my Seventh Day Adventist brethren. So far I've met with a lot of success, some people are a little shy, but I want to press forward and I'm asking you to help me and guide me in this path.

Michael: My son, I am always here. I'm always reaching to you. So is Mother Spirit. So is your Father Fragment.

Jamaican George: I have been feeling a lot of energy in the last couple of days from the Father Fragment, from You, and I think I'm beginning to understand the wisdom why the Father has given us this Divine Entity to guide us. And I am moving forward in your peace and Mother's love.

Michael: Well, I can tell you from experience, believe me, this takes a lot of stillness, a lot of meditation, a lot of prayer, just to maintain this openness, just to really be able to accept what can come to you. And I mean this in the very practical, day to day affairs, to carry your project forward. You're human. You cannot avoid a lot of expectations. And so it takes a lot of reflection, a lot of just being open to Spirit to get beyond these expectations, to get beyond the disappointments that they do occasion. But this is the true adventure. This I feel is what you're getting a feeling for. It's like, what can I do with my life that is truly worthy?

Jamaican George: Mind you…

Michael: And to… well, I'm just going to say that this is a day by day staying on top of events. As you step off and you try something, you put something out there, reality in the form of your fellow human beings are going to let you know very quickly how they respond. And so you are called upon to be an example of the fruits of the Spirit. There's no way of avoiding how the work itself will be judged through you, and that is humility enough, believe me, for any son or daughter. So stay in touch day by day and feel your way along and just accept, accept, accept this feedback you will be getting. Does this help you?

Jamaican George: Thank you very much. Please give my regards to Mother.

Michael: Amen to that. She sends Her love.

Jamaican George: Thank you.

Michael: Be in my peace. Stay close now.

Unknown male: Is everybody still there?

Michael: Well, this is Michael. Do you have a question or a comment, my son?

Unknown male: I'd just like to say thank you and Merry Christmas.

Michael: Well, thank you very much.

Unknown Female: Thank you Michael for your invitation to be regarded as our Brother because we each are so akin to your […] listening to Father within and it's so much more, it's so much more natural for me to think of you as an older Brother helping us along and since the two questions previous to this have been on such intimately practical matters of life, worth, I'm going to ask one of my own. Being in the public service sector in county level regulatory areas, planning departments, am I, from your vantage point, am I being aware enough, being focused enough on being what you're saying, the example of the fruits of the Spirit to people who are ready to tell me just exactly what you think of my actions? Because I am a public worker.

Michael: Well, my daughter, let me ask you, how do they appear to you? You see, this is a way of testing your own, what we call openness or ability to accept. How do they appear to you? Do they appear as types or do they appear each one as very individual, each one very unique?

Unknown Female: Well, given you taking your help in looking at them as bearers of Father's Fragment within, they each are unique and they come in sometimes confrontational, and hopefully I can defuse some of that with them and have them smile when they leave. So I guess, looking at them is how I decide, isn't it?

Michael: Now let me ask you, my daughter, how you yourself feel when you approach a public official? What are you expecting? How are you going to judge this individual who represents a larger social government organization that kind of supersedes, kind of collectively embraces so many people, whether it's on a very local or city or state level? How do you approach this situation from the other side as just Suzy Q citizen?

Unknown Female: That's an appropriate question because I've had that… Goodness, I can't believe I just told Michael that he had an appropriate question. I actually was on the side of the public side of the counter and I realized that I was responding as an aggravated, tense, one-dimensional person. And at that very moment, your conversational hint relaxed me entirely and I, this person was just doing what I do and was there doing work, and I was grateful for the opportunity to understand really viscerally how aggravated I can walk in a door and be. And so, but also when I speak with people in a higher level of responsibility in the hierarchy of public work, I try very much to bridge that gap between purely- what's the word I'm looking for- secular, no, unspiritual devotion to service or execution of the service sector work and the real spirit of cooperation between people. And so I have opened myself up to being present and available for that Spirit, your Spirit, Mother Spirit, to flow through me into all those levels of government. So, I guess I answered my own question.

Michael: Well, I'm just pointing out that you find yourself in both positions, both in a kind of senior position and then in a junior position. And in the junior position, isn't it so nice when you make some small mistake, or whatever, and it's not taken too seriously. I think from the position of a senior, it often helps to have a kind of thick skin in a way. By this I mean, feel for a root quality of consciousness because so many folks will come to you from, as you say, aggravated or just already with a complete stereotype of you in mind, they're not always conscious of how they are presenting themselves. And so it helps to have just heaps and heaps and bushel baskets full of forgiveness.

Unknown Female: Yes.

Michael: Forgive them. They don't always know what they're doing.

Unknown Female: True.

Michael: And this, I think it's like sometimes when somebody just gets right in your face and dumps all this garbage in your lap. Every now and then you can just slough it off and love them anyway and just- that's what I mean by being a little thick skinned, not taking offense. Sometimes you can get a wonderful- because they're expecting something coming back, and when in a sense you just slough it off and just start the next instant fresh, as if it never happened. I'm sure you've done this from time to time and you can feel an enormous sense of relief on their part, that they are suddenly face to face with someone who is creative and spontaneous. And this is the real Spirit coming out. And I'm sure, like I say, you can feel their gratitude that you didn't respond in kind.

Unknown Female: And your humor, as it says in the Book, is your divine antidote for this…

Michael: In this case it would be feeling your ego to be deeply wounded.

Unknown Female: And not being wounded and simply interacting with the person as a colleague in getting through whatever has to be gotten through.

Michael: Exactly. So much of the offense sometimes that people give is not even intentional.

Unknown Female: Right.

Michael: They just, they may not even, to put it very bluntly, have the intelligence sometimes to perfectly articulate, and they could be embarrassed and shy and all these things. And just take it in stride and be warm and responsive.

Unknown Female: And I'd like to suggest here that this is the Gospel also of love and connections as each individual, each unique person, comes and acts together with a group and it's not just… I'd like to ask if this knowing your name and Jesus is all- I don't want to say beside the point, but the fact that Your Spirit, Your Spirit of truth, Your Spirit of…, Your Spirit is there to be encircuited with regardless of their Adjusters, their personalities, their uniqueness, is regardless of any name, any religious name to it. It is there to be charged by us and- what's the word- energized, reenergized.

Michael: Well, this is certainly true, my daughter. It doesn't matter if you're a Buddhist or Jewish or Mohammedan or any one of the dozen odd flavors of Christianity. That matters absolutely nothing at all. That is beside the point, because Spirit has no name on that level, on the pure thing coming through.

Unknown Female: Thank you.

Michael: It is the generosity of Spirit. And this is a test of faith because you give out without expecting any particular response, without needing any particular response. This is the generosity of Spirit, the exercising of which makes you strong. This is finding the Source and letting it flow through you like I told my two sons here who want to engage in the good work. The work itself is the thing. The work itself makes you strong. And it can't be recognized by others. You see, this is what convinces. Because sometimes when you encounter a rather cynical soul, it takes a bit to convince them that you are still not just playing games. But there is genuineness within that work that can be recognized. And there's your faith.

Unknown Female: Thank you so much for your words.

Michael: Thank you, my daughter. It takes this response-ability, this ability to respond at every level. It makes human organizations and institutions really worthy of the responsibility they do have. So I thank you. Be in my peace.

Unknown Female: I think a tree just blew down outside my house. I've just lost all my power. But the telephone still works. It's the spirit of truth.

Michael: [laughter] Well, in spite of the wind howling away at some of your locations, there is a marvelous stillness here. Aare there any more questions or comments this evening?

Jamaican George: I have one last to share with some. It's Jamaican George again. Hello?

Michael: Yes, go ahead George.

Jamaican George: I had a dream the other night concerning you and I want to share with the group. Are you there?

[background disturbance]

Michael: Yes, I'm here.

Jamaican George: I dreamed that I saw my aunt was passed on to the mansion world and when I saw her in a Urantia form, I was so eager to get to the mansion world that I was […] to go and then after some time of not breaking through, I looked over and I sensed the person who I looked at, and I swear it was you. And he said to me that those costumes that I am trying to put on are not for me, they are for you. I'm just trying to understand the significance of that dream. I have a lot of dreams and they're very vivid and also very vivid with imagination. I'm trying to understand the reason I think that you couldn't communicate to your children through dreams. Is this a way to use our imagination or is this just the way you sometimes do to give us messages.

Michael: Well, my son, in this it's kind of a hard fact that- I addressed this question recently- the dreams are such a total mishmash conglomeration of everything, of all the contents of your memory, of sometimes your, oh, you might call them ancestral memories, all the way to the highest of Spirit. Sometimes your Father Fragment will try to impart a truth to you that however your own mind can only grasp at that kind of high Spirit reality and very profound intertwined symbology. And that probably is the essence of dreams in spite of whatever little scenario might be happening in your mind. You have all these feelings of deep significance that somehow are almost beside what the dream is ostensibly on the surface. You can go ahead and write these down and think about them, but you always have to take everything with a grain of salt. It's the deep symbology; it's the feeling that the dream gives you that is the most important. This is usually the surest sense of the truth that is coming through the dream, whereas the symbology, the overt, sometimes rather bizarre or surreal aspects are just the way in which your mind is doing its best to grasp the truth, but there are so many levels and so much shifting in that state because it's not coming up to any kind of, shall we say, evaluation by consciousness as when you are awake, that you are bestirred with the feeling of the dream, and then as you come, as it crosses the threshold into your consciousness, if you can make some notes about it just to help recall the feeling, that is the most valuable thing that you can derive. Other than that, all the symbology, all of the scenarios, the little dreamscapes that come and go are not all that important.

Jamaican George: As a follow up, it's funny you say to write things down because I've been getting a lot of advice from friends to start writing things down. I did used to do a little bit of poetry a few years ago and I'm feeling the need or I'm encouraged, I should say, to put my ideas on paper in some orderly fashion and I'm thinking of writing a book that will put these ideas that I'm having on paper so that I can share them with others.

Michael: My son, I can't encourage you too much to do this. This is such a great step forward in your communicating with yourself across time. Because once you get into it you'll find out that as you re-read something you wrote, shall we say a week or a month ago, you'll get some notion then of how you are changing, how you are growing, how you are able to express yourself. So by all means get started. This is a wonderful thing. This is something that most people don't realize because they're so caught up in- there's so much mass media now, there's so much entertainment you can literally spend your whole entire waking moments listening to your iPods and never hear your own thoughts. You can have so much television and movies and all this constantly being presented to you, you never sit down and spend some time with yourself. And it's a wonderful discipline to try to articulate all that's inside of you and squeeze it all down into that little, single train of words. So by all means, give it a try. It can be so valuable. And it has its own difficulty, as I mentioned with your other work. You'll find that it's not easy facing a blank piece of paper, but it's a wonderful, wonderful thing to do.

Jamaican George: Well, I thank you. I do have the conviction now and the confidence to move forward, because I'm always concerned about being to egotistical in this work. But my friends are advising me that it is even worse to feel that way than not to do anything about it. It's best for me to do something and then in time the glow of your peace, Mother's love, and their […] will become the object of the glory and not myself.

Michael: Amen to that. This is another of those adventures where you just have to step off. You cannot anticipate what's going to come out of your own pen. As much as you can, as a matter of fact, as well as you can think about it and reflect on it, all the better. But still, when you sit down, what comes out of that pen will be of that moment, and not before and not after. So I invite you to give it a try.

Jamaican George: I most certainly will.

Michael: Well, be in my peace, my son.

Jamaican George: Thank you, Michael.

Michael: I certainly encourage you to step off this way. It's another adventure.

Jamaican George: Yes, and sometimes when you step off, you can discover so much more, because I am sensing the Adjuster within myself, my being, is trying to learn how to take over. And I'm trying very hard also to come to the point where I give him my total will for his keeping, knowing that he, that we are destined to be one, and he is bringing to the table more than I can hope for.

Michael: Some folks are calling this journaling now, when you sit down during your stillness or your mediation and just say, "Dear Spirit, Dear Spirit of God within me, what have you got for me?" And just start writing. This is very much the exercise that some of the transmitters go through in order to just be able to sit themselves aside very consciously and just let Spirit flow through them.

Dylan: It's Dylan here. I just want to say that that's what I've been doing recently and it's helped me a lot to go through dark patches, especially […] patches of confusion to write as a form of communion where I can make my mind concentrate enough without the pain, the pain can still allow me to commune. Do you understand what I mean?

Michael: Yes, and it's so good to have it down either in writing or typing on your computer, whatever. You are objectifying it. You are bringing something into objective reality, out of your own mind, out of your own creativity. And it fixes it in a way. I mean, there are those symbols on a piece of paper that was an action and that very objectivity, bringing it forth like that rather than just thinking about something, rather than leaving your ideas and your creativity in a very nebulous state. There's so much to be learned by putting it down. It's very humbling, to put yourself on the line like this, to step off and there it is. But it's a wonderful experience. That is its own kind of invaluable feedback. So I encourage you to keep a journal, keep a diary, talk to yourself, write to yourself in the future, because this is what you're communicating with- yourself across time by this simple act of sitting down and writing.

Michael: Well, my children, let me wrap up this evening. It's been a very merry time. We certainly enjoy your company and your faith just to dial a number and bring yourself to me this way and let me express myself through a human being and once again enjoy a human voice talking with my brothers and sisters. Tonight above all I wanted to just convey as best I could the sense of the absolute preciousness of this life you have. This can mean our deepest worship, our deepest gift back to God, is this appreciation for what He has given us and in my goodness, the whole universe to explore, surrounded by infinity in every direction, every dimension. No bottom, no end. And so we step off. We trust that the ground will materialize under our foot, step by step. And this makes us strong. Mother sends her love. And I invite you to be in my peace. Let it come in to you. Allow yourselves to feel it. No matter what, no matter what is disturbing you, lay it aside. Let me fill you with this appreciation in the next breath, in the next heartbeat. Whatever it is, let it go. Mother's love, my peace, is nothing you have to earn. You have already earned it, my children. You are out here in time and space in that huge universe on this planet of yours, living. This experience, this is earning the right to ask of us, "Fill me with your love. Fill me with your peace", if only to allow yourselves to feel it, to know that it is yours.