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Monjoronson - Difference of Teaching Mission from Magisterial Mission - Apr 12, 2008 - Henry Z.

April 12, 2008
T/R Henry Zeringue
Lapine, OR

Student: Can you comment on the factors which differentiate the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission

Monjoronson: It has been in the plans of Michael for sometime, that teachers be sent to Urantia to help those who are ready to move forward and grow more into the Divine Will. At this time the number of teachers that are being sent to Urantia is at an all time high. These teachers are given parameters wherein they are to utilize their skills to bring Urantians to become more intimate with their Divine Adjusters. To bring them further along in the brotherhood movement of men and women working towards achieving a global awareness, a global peace and prosperity within the hearts of fellow mortals being lead by the Divine Will. The teaching mission is the successful enterprise of celestial contact to mortal man.

This program is already bringing forth fruit. Many have been gathering to 'hear' the teachers through t/r's. It is planned that the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion along with bringing the apostate planets back into the fold, would have to herald a sweeping change. The Urantia book was timed to arrive on the planet as events unfolded to accommodate the barrage of spirit presence which has been accumulating on your world recently. The text was given to prepare you for the times which are upon you now. The teachers have been preparing you to reference the Urantia book, to bring about a deeper and aligning sense of reality to your world.

The Magisterial Mission is different in the sense we were contracted through Paradise to come here to assist in these times. The Teachers are a local universe presence. We, both groups, work towards the same end, but have different functions and orders. It is intended that the teaching mission would prepare individuals to work in the Magisterial Mission. The Magisterial Mission uses t/r's as does the teaching mission, for celestial contact. It is the same for both groups. Information between groups is not intended to conflict.

The Magisterial Mission's information, while confronting individuals and preparing for a greater planetary emergency, may seem different than the information being received by the teaching mission. The Magisterial Mission is to overlap onto the teaching mission's prepared soul of humanity. We are working towards the same goal. The local universe teachers prepare your soul, We of Paradise are here to coordinate a planetary emergency. Levels of universe reality revealing the complexity of soul growth. All of you are encouraged to continue to act in love and kindness whether in the teaching mission or the Magisterial Mission. I hope this helps to bring clarity to this issue.

S: There are many and diverse areas of thought concerning end times, and what may be taking place over the next 10 to 20 years here on Urantia. Many of these concepts do not carry a complete truth signature and are down right scary. How can we integrate or walk in these areas and still hold a sense of oneness with the Father's Divine Plan?

Monjoronson: Well put. Simply said, the grand universe of time and space is operating in a non-perfect condition. Seeming correct and incorrect are operating along side each other. The Father wills that imperfection, incorrectness, incompleteness and downright evil present opportunities to those who are soul driven. It is the person and not the belief which is important. No matter how misguided a person is or may seem to be in their thinking. It is their soul which is worth saving. In time they may modify their belief or accommodate more of your thinking when they sense the positive and assuring way in which you live and operate. You may not be very successful in diverting Evil, because evil takes on a certain behavior, and that person' soul is in a delicate embryonic state. Persons with erroneous beliefs and concepts still have souls. These souls present challenges which aid in your own soul growth. Learn to separate the person from their thinking and behavior, and see that person as a son of God (eternal) and everything else as time and space limited (temporal). Know who you are and where you stand. When you are in relationship to the greater reality, everything else will give way. For others to see you unmoved in the face of fear, this becomes a soul reference in which they respond. All things may walk alongside each other, and in time become one. Divine truth always has to be revealed, it is not germane to the worlds of time and space. In honoring what you have achieved, do not discredit what has not been achieved by another. Help another to achieve. The oneness of Father always shows a better way. His way accommodates all ways to his way.

S: Most of us can only be where we are. How can we all walk together when we have become so diverse and opinionated.

Monjoronson: It is up to those who have been transformed by love to discern the Father's will, to actually accommodate others to walk in Father's will and be transformed by love. These will in turn accommodate still others to walk in Father's will and be transformed by love. It has a reciprocal and downward spiraling effect. This has to be taught. We of spirit have been teaching you. You will teach others and show them the walk. Gradually from upon high reaching down real low everything can be brought into alignment. Diverse and even opinionated people can still walk together. Time will come when you will have to walk together. This is when it is ripe to teach a better way. Everyone will eventually come to the awareness of Father's reality. To know those who walk fearlessly in Father's reality is to be shown. People basically are imitators, you have this going for you.

S: How can the Divine will be concerted on such a world which isn't functioning along with the Divine will?

Monjoronson: Divine will is homeopathic in its application. The least amount of activity which is aligned with Divine will acts as a catalyst to 'affect' the whole of activity. In affecting the whole of activity, Divine will enables an adjusting in thinking/will/action in order to accommodate a greater awareness. You will begin to witness this action of Divine will in your society. It truly begins to affect the peripheral levels of society up to the very top, adjusting the quality and integrity of perception, thought and eventually action. All of this is augmented by the concerted effort of those of you who are capable to bring the Divine will into actual being/presence on this world. Your lives, habits, and small groupings begin to reflect this quality of light, [and] when anchored/grounded, [they] have a beacon effect. You become as lighthouses upon the jagged cliffs to guide those in the treacherous waters, the unstable times, the uncertain future, the chaos of confusion through which many must navigate.

Your partnership with Divinity is what will truly save your world! This is why The Urantia Book details this partnership. The teaching mission helps in activating this partnership. The Magisterial Mission takes this activated partnership to the levels of leadership. For this to happen there has to be a different climate for this Leadership to take effect. We, the celestial counterpart of this mission, are here not to usher in this different climate, but to prepare you for these changes which will take effect here on your world, thus creating this climate wherein this leadership can begin to function.

The preparation for this event is gigantic in task and scope. It confronts all sensibility to the human. It is meant to take you past your intellect to spirit mind. It is to take you to the Thought-Adjuster circuit. There is the arena within all will be coordinated for you. Father is the resource for strength, courage, groundedness and love. How can you go wrong? Thank you for these questions.

I am Monjoronson.