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Monjoronson - Non-Blending of Urantia Races and the TA - Apr 29, 2008 - Henry Z.

Henry Zeringue t/r
Monjoronson Speaks
Lapine. Oregon

P.1223 - §6 The higher human races of Urantia are complexly admixed; they are a blend of many races and stocks of different origin. This composite nature renders it exceedingly difficult for the Monitors to work efficiently during life and adds definitely to the problems of both the Adjuster and the guardian seraphim after death. (from The URANTIA Book)

Monjoronson, my question is, could you explain this apparent difficulty, which is referred to in the above statement.

Monjoronson: Greetings friend, I recognize Allene’s question. In the life plans of the Life Carriers by the Order set by Michael, the species development on a world such as Urantia is designed to bring about the greatest reception of the indwelt Adjuster. This enables the Adjuster’s work in the mind to make early contact with the inhabited mortal, thus insuring a most successful life for both the Adjuster and the human as well. On Urantia therefore the plan is designed to amalgamate all the races, diminish the production of unwanted offspring, then up step the final product with the Material Daughter and Son. The final human brought into existence would then possess a greater access to the higher consciousness in the mind. What has happened mostly due to several defaults on your world is that the races were never blended completely, never purified, nor adequate adamic blood spread to the whole races.

It is very difficult for the Adjuster to watch the human subject on Urantia blunder decision making because the Adjuster cannot compete with the base human intellect, which is so much a part of the nature of men. At whatever level man ascends, this is still the part of his nature. Needless, It’s a waste, most unfortunate that the Adjuster has to spend a whole life with an individual on Urantia to register seventh circle lessons, then mostly later in the mortals life.

This includes the work of the seraphim, in that most humans are to get personal seraphim at a certain age, when a decision has been made. Most human’s on your world are still in a multi numbered grouping, and it makes it exceedingly difficult for the group seraphim to follow the mortal to the mansion worlds, again most humans are given over to group seraphim in the detention area of the mansion worlds; At least those who have arrived there. Normally the seraphim follow their mortal subjects to the mansion worlds to continue the journey with them, until the seraphim is excused from service to pursue the seraphim’s ascension, reassignment to service, or the seraphim’s translation embrace thus transforming the order of his being.

What also becomes the problem for the Adjuster after death is that most Adjusters are rarely needed again, and the Adjusters thus gain a minimum of experience making this again an unfruitful venture. The Adjusters usually show signs of working in the mind by the mortal’s behavior and decision-making. Remember that the authors in the Urantia Papers from the Perfectors of Wisdom down to the midwayers on Urantia are not indwelt with Thought Adjusters. The Solitary Messenger who authored the Paper, which the quote used in formatting the question, is taken, has no access to the mortal mind. Discernment of the workability in the human mind by the Thought Adjuster, is observed by the outward manifestation; speech, action/behavior; decision-making; human personal and social growth. Therefore the Adjusters work intricately with each mortal for recognition and acknowledgment. The ability for the human to grasp more of the Adjusters tireless working is hampered by the constant focus on the ego mechanism (animal mind response) which controls so much of the mortals decisions and behavior, both socially as well as personally. There is really no need to explain this any further. If there is another question, I am available, I am Monjoronson. May the Father grant those who do work with the Adjusters, the ability to influence their brothers and sisters. Thank You.