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Monjoronson; Unidentified; Serena; Elyon; Olfana - Gratitude - Awareness - Contact - Dec 30, 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Gratitude,
  2. New Beginnings,
  3. Be Open To Inspiration,
  4. Create Projects,
  5. Measures of Direct Contact,
  6. A Cluster Of Awarenesses,
  7. Reach To The Sky And Pull.

Teachers: Monjoronson, Unidentified, Serena, Elyon, Olfana

December 30, 2007

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): Greetings, my dear ones, I am Monjoronson enjoying the quiet space between us. Our coming together in spirit does not have to contain word symbols to be meaningful... We can simply sit together, be together in quiet, feel each other's presence and maybe our desire.

I am indeed flattered to hear you offer such a grateful and loving offer of praise, and I join with you in offering praise to the First Source and Center from whom all this grace springs. Truly we are both and all blessed by divinity. In every act and deed and thought and experience we are blessed with grace from on high. So I join you in your sentiment of gratitude, for this welling up of feeling of gratitude is in itself an avenue of approach to divinity. It is one of the ways we can come together collectively and join this circuitry of gratitude. This is of course the time of year when thoughts go to new beginnings, your new year, and as with any new beginnings there is such great opportunity to create, to steer in the direction you would like to see it go to, not only influence the writing of the next chapter, but to actively create it by your acts of intention and freewill choice.

So I bid you all a good new year. I'm sure it will be a fruitful one for you to use some of your skills in manifesting the reality you would like to project. With the favorable shift in wind of attitude more and more are becoming willing to write a new page, create a new beginning. That is the energy that we will ride as the wave swells beneath us, the energy of new beginnings, of writing your own verse, of authoring the story you would like. Let us welcome with gratitude these opportunities as they arrive. Let us immediately know that they are straight from on high directed at us who are in motion. First Source and Center, we come together to thank you for new beginnings, for opportunities of change, for circumstances wherein we may act. May our actions reflect Your will. In all things may Your will be done. Let us help this be so even in this current manifestation of time and space. Thank you. Amen.

* unidentified (Kathy): In the plans for this world there exist many openings for actions on the part of individuals. Be open to inspiration, to projects that can be the work that is needed. You all have the capability to create projects that will advance the goal of uplifting this planet. We on this side are working to coordinate the projects you choose to undertake. Your intentions for change are what will move us all forward. Be assured that any project conceived will be of value in the advancement of us all. We totally support your creative solutions for situations that exist in your area of the world. Be confident in your actions, as we will coordinate and support them. The possibility of change is increasing dynamically, and you are a key component of the action needed. The time has come to step forward with your ideas and move into action. We will come to you at every step. We look forward to working with you in the future. Help is always by your side.

* Serena (Jonathan): This is Serena. You have advanced your awareness of our presences sufficiently to be capable of encountering a direct visual experience of our proximity to you. It is by your faith that you have prepared yourselves, but the faith has become strengthened by your experiences to date. You have dutifully sought balance and cosmic adjustment and orientation, which has provided stability in your psyche and spiritual dimension. But you also have been adventurous, forging new openings and laying new pathways. That self discovery is of great value, for it also brings courage and confidence and the desire for even greater advancement. You have listened for a long time to our messages, our offers of inspiration and insight. Individually you have each succeeded in some degree in establishing a normalization of the relationship of a human being with one of a superhuman, celestial, nature. We are looking forward to working with such an assembly. The years behind you of training have made it possible for us to inaugurate other measures of direct contact.

These will have moderate impact at first and proceed according to your welfare and your receptivity. Our support of you and your efforts to spread light and love to this planet we regard as mutually given, as you also seek to support our goals and ideals for your world. This team is assembled and is ready and is observed to be willing, as well. It will be our pleasure to engage in what to you may appear to be spontaneous undertakings which will have an impact upon those involved and begin small clusters of forward thinking and higher living, which on its own, with its own energy, bring effect to the surrounding, people, organizations, and events. Some of these encounters with us you may at first wonder if they be like the event of the transfiguration that the apostles witnessed or the visitations of the morontia Michael subsequent to his resurrection. Yes, these may occur if deemed appropriate. But you will also encounter exchanges that you will find reason to doubt, as did Joseph when he was told of the coming of the Michael Son. That is why it has been important in your training to become so capable of withstanding uncertainty as well as to be so curious to discover newer things, newer concepts and perspectives. Urantia is at the beginning of a new era. For some the era has begun; for others they have yet to close the past. Michael said when on your world to go forth and proclaim the gospel to all peoples. We are poised to do that, to lift the ministry ever so slowly from local individual impact to a global effort. We count on you as our assistants to make this goal become realizable. Keep up the good work. I take my leave.

* Elyon: Greetings to you, this is Elyon. Mankind has grown over the millennia in a sense like a cluster of awarenesses, of beings, people, under an enormous tarp. Imagine many clustered close to the ground and covered by such a tarp. Singly, individually, one or two will arise and create some space under that tarp, and a few more will. Eventually each can see the others as there is more room to view between the ground and the tarp. You come to the awareness of civilization and society and the need for cooperation and coordination. Then you grow some more, and you stand higher and taller, and you realize that the planet could become an even better place if you work together, and everyone raises their hands to lift that tarp higher and make a tent, a shelter for all. Soon throughout this undertaking a few begin to peek out from under that tarp and look beyond and witness the celestial realms. So stands your world today; you are ready to pull the tarp aside and blend. This world, viewed so long as a world of human beings, is in reality a world of mixed intelligences and personalities. When a greater percentage of your population understands the true orientation of population, that you are part of and not the sole inhabitants of this world, there will come the opportunity for another shift in behavior, and you will begin to conduct your lives with that broader awareness of universal impact. Keep lifting, my friends. Keep allowing the expansion of the vision of higher ways. Thank you.

* Olfana: This is Olfana. I have a small exercise to give to you. When you seek to become better energized in your spiritual expressions, when you need strength and you want greater power to execute those higher things, those higher ways, physically reach to the sky and pull as you would reach for a blanket on the top of your linen shelf. Pull down love or light. Physically do so. Reach up, grab, and physically pull toward yourself. This external gesture is a profound manner of prayer where you link your mind and body to the will. You know that prayer is answered, so pull it to you; pull it down over you. Strength, clarity, whatever it is, literally, physically make that motion. It will assist you in feeling the empowerment.
Thank you.