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JarEl - The Age of Light & Life Is Earned - Aliens - Nov 26, 2007 - Arcadia, CA

Monday, November 26, 2006, 8:00 pm
Teachers: JarEl
TR: George Benavides


  1. In this marvelous communication there is mutual learning.
  2. Our mutual bond and destiny, a long, long road filled with.
  3. It is encouraging to see a group of people on this planet embarking on.
  4. You are more important than you think you are, what you do here and now.
  5. Our world is constantly changing, growing and evolving.
  6. The Age of Light and Life is earned.


  1. Many of us who are elderly, whose years are numbered, wonder if what we have done will be enough or has been enough for this time?
  2. What method or methods can you recommend that will overcome self-deception, insincerity and inertia?
  3. Are there aliens living among us and, if so, do they mean us harm?
  4. Will the past efforts at Venice Beach bring new readers to the Convention in Los Angeles at UCLA next summer?

Prayer: Norman: Gracious Heavenly Father thank you for bringing us all together tonight. May each soul in this room feel your presence as the Teachers bring us new thought and new ideas. We pray that you will be with us as we learn the lessons that you have for us tonight. Thank you for all your goodness towards mankind. In Christ Michael's name, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening. It is I, your Teacher JarEl. It is good to be back once more and I would like to welcome those who are here for the first time.

It is a marvelous thing that we can communicate. It is simply incredible that we have this time available to us to impart knowledge to one another. For I learn from you just as much as you learn from me. Even though I have thousands of years of experience of just living, my knowledge of Urantia mortals remains limited to the observations that I have made over these vast years.

But I am certain that we all share one common bond that unites us and that brings us closer to one another, and that inner bond that is all existent will one day carry us to our destinies. An age that seems like a dream to you; so vague and so unfamiliar that it is just a hazy promise that would one day be accomplished. However, just as hazy as you see this future of yours, your past will become hazy as well. When you travel towards your destiny and you become more real, more alive and truer to the spirit, you will notice how the roles of your life will reverse. How what you once thought was reality has become so basic. Even now you cannot comprehend this concept. It is difficult for you to imagine the reality of yourself and this future destiny of yours. And rightly so, you cannot imagine this because you have not yet experienced any of it. You have not yet gone through the road, the trials, the sojourn. And it is a long road indeed. It is a long, long journey and it won't be easy. It will be filled with challenges, opportunities, knowledge and experience. And most of all it will be filled with happiness, love and understanding. And as you grow within yourself, as you mature and as you go from one life to the other, or one body to another, you will truly feel the presence of God for He is within you. He has always been within you. It is simply for you to recognize this fact; for you to acknowledge it. It has been revealed to you countless times in many forms and many ways and still you do not understand.

But you do try to understand and you do make overtures in becoming closer to God and that is very encouraging. It is encouraging indeed to see a group of people on this planet embarking upon a journey that will benefit all of mankind. What you do here and now and what you do in your lives will greatly affect the rest of the world to come. As I said before, you give yourself very little importance and it shouldn't be like that. You are more important than you think you are. If you were to disappear here and now off the face of this earth, everything would shift to fill the void you left behind. Perhaps you are not aware of this space that you fill, this energy that you've created that surrounds everything that's around you. Perhaps you do not know of your immanent presence in this world. But you will know when you are gone. You will know by the wake that you leave behind. And it is sad for many to see this, to realize it when it is too late that they did not take advantage of that opportunity that they were given to really affect this world.

Your world is constantly changing, it is growing and evolving and it is getting out of control as well. Many of you who are students of The Urantia Book should remain grounded in your lives to help stabilize this new world that is about to come. The Age of Light and Life will not come so easily. It is an Age that must be earned. It is an Age that must be sought after. It will not come to you just because. There are many things that must be done in this world before such an Age can be initiated. It is not simply enough to wait and see or to pray for such an Age. However, it is possible for each of you in your own lives to create an artificial bubble of light that is similar to what is to come. You can create a taste for everyone to know of what things could be, or how everything could be. It is in your power to do this and you are the very opportunity that this world needs. It is because you have chosen to awaken from a long slumber that this world benefits. It is because you chose to question, you chose to be curious, that this world grows. It is because you have chosen to be better citizens and love one another as brothers and sisters that this world matures. It is your choice for the set you make that creates the possibilities for this new Age to come. And for that we are all grateful and we encourage that you continue.

Are there any questions here tonight?

Stella: Well I have an observation. There are many of us who have some serious diseases and the chances are that many of us will be gone within the next ten years. It makes me kind of sad that there is still so much to do and we won't have time to do it. So, what we are doing, is that enough to help us to where we happen to be - to lead this world into an Age of Light and Life in view of the fact that there is so much horror, destruction and corruption? It seems as if we are just beating our heads against a stone wall and the chaos doesn't go away, it gets worse. What do you think JarEl?

JarEl: TR, George. I think you put too much responsibility upon your shoulders Stella. The work that you do is good and when you are gone and you can no longer do this work others will take it up for you. A good idea is never lost. Good work is not forgotten. Good intentions are carried forward. For every good intention there are ten others who are willing to carry it forward for you. Even though the world seems to be getting worse, there are still plenty of good souls in this world who can think, who can feel and who can plan for their future and the future of others. And they can see what must be done. All they need is the energy to do it. Do not fret my friends. Even if the world would become worse off, something good will always come out of it. Good people will rise to the occasion and things will change. All is not lost and this world has yet to see its grandeur and glory. But the day will come.

Are there any other questions?

New student: Is there any method that you can recommend that will overcome the self-deception and insincerity and to help keep the inertia moving toward the first stages of Light and Life?

JarEl: TR, George. Are you speaking of yourself or of others? (of myself). Do you believe that you can see yourself? (sometimes) It is common to have doubts. Trust in yourself. Trust in the knowledge that is within you. There is so much love that you can give. There is so much love that you can give yourself as well. There is a piece of God inside of you that loves and cherishes you. Likewise, this fragment connects you with everyone else and it exists everywhere in everyone. And they are all loved just as well. Try to understand that, try to comprehend it. Try to see that everyone is your brother and your sister. But most importantly, try to see that you are loved and cherished and that you have so much love inside of you. And that it needs to be shared. When you discover this you will stop deceiving yourself and you will also stop doubting who you are, who you truly are. You are a child of God and I am your brother, just as everyone in this room is your brother or sister. And we all share a common Father that unites all of us. And He loves everyone, He loves me and He loves you. And that is no self-deception my friend. That is truth.

Are there more questions?

Stella: Well, I'll just through this in, I don't know if you are going to answer it. But, a friend of mine is a long time Urantia Book reader but she has been listening to and working on the computer and has heard that there are six aliens living on this planet and that one of them actually eats people (laughter from all). I have tried to say that I don't believe it but she is very adamant about her beliefs. So is there any way I could approach her and disprove this and somehow reach her? She's got this idea that the aliens are here and that they mean us harm. And I try to tell her "No, if they had meant to harm us they would have done so already." (ed. Note, some group discussion ensued.)

Larry: There have been other Teachers who have said that any other aliens would not be able to come here unless they are so advanced into Light and Life. You would have to be pretty well advanced in order to be able to travel interstellar. So I don't think we have anything to worry about.

John: There were 36 worlds who were part of the rebellion who went into isolation, of which we are about in the middle in terms of age. So we are about the 18th out of 36 and the ones who are newer, maybe a million years newer, they have the technology. They still are in isolation.

Larry: So you are saying that maybe they are already advanced that far already. Are they into Light and Life?

John: Well, yeah, they could get here on a disk that floats in the sky (unintelligible).

Larry: But I am saying, if they are so advanced they are not going to go around harming people.

Donna: But, anyway, she asked JarEl. So JarEl, you can answer, if you like. Or we can just keep going on with the talking. We can give our answers. (laughter)

JarEl: TR, George. I will give my answer. To begin with, my friends, your world is so far off from making official contact with you fellow neighbors on other worlds that this is of no concern to you, simply because it is reserved for another age. And all of this speculation results in nothing. From what I heard, the statement was made out of the position of fear and we strongly advise that you do not fear. For there is really nothing to fear - even if you were to die, your life will continue and no real harm will come to you. This universe will embrace you and care for you forever. You have more to worry about from your fellow human beings than from these aliens of which you speak. Most are simply here to observe you, nothing more. Set your fears aside and look towards uniting humanity. That is the best policy I can advise. However, what I say here and now will not stop you from speculating or from looking towards the skies and imagining. And it is your right to do that. I simply say that it is a waste of effort for there are more important things to deal with on this world that require your attention and your honest criticism. You can speculate all you want about aliens from other planets but in the end it will not get you anywhere near to the solution of the real problems that exist here and now.

Stella: I agree.

Donna: JarEl, I remember one of your very first lessons years ago. And it might have even been the very first lesson and I remember it clearly and you were saying that '.fear is a spirit poison'. And that is so true on many levels. So, thank you for reminding us of that.

Norman: JarEl, yesterday we were at Venice Beach and we had one fellow come out who had been reading the book for several years. He is a street person, a guitar player, and his name is Ed. He was wondering where we had been for the last four years because we haven't been at the beach and he missed us being there. I was just wondering if he, and others like him, because of our efforts at Venice, will bring many or some new readers to the Convention here in Los Angeles next summer? And Pato was there and he met him also, so we just want to remember him and can you tell us, will he be coming and will he be a part of this?


JarEl: TR, George. As far as the individual, I cannot predict as to their future actions. But I can say that all of your efforts will be rewarded. You do make a difference and people notice when you are not there. So continue that work (taped segment missing).. that it is not affecting people in a genuine way. Allow for the time and eventually you will see the fruits of all your labors.

And with that I will leave you.

All: Thank you JarEl.