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Elyon; Michael; Monjoronson - Sep 20; Oct 18, 2007 - Teleconference
Teleconference September 20, 2007
Subject: Lightline Teleconference
Teacher: Elyon
T/r: Rick Giles

Elyon: Greetings to you all, I am Elyon. I acknowledge our community and I give greetings to our Son Michael who so lovingly cares for our home Nebadon. I will speak about spiritual attainment for after all this is the prime goal of everyone who aspires to Paradise. The first factor in such attainment is the desire to make the effort and second to that desire is the presence of the indwelling spirit. But the personality who desires....[noise from unmuted phone]....have been told are both changeless and so the question becomes what does the attaining. The presence of God within brings everything necessary for the enfoldment and elevation to Paradise; therefore you are currently equipped and the Father's bestowal of your personality is likewise complete.

Therefore the attainment that is sought is other than who you are and The Father's indwelling gift. Since you have chosen to ascend, you have in a sense looked into the eyes of God and said I will. This began the relationship of love. Love is more than a feeling. Love is an experience and this is an experience of contact with The Father's presence, is the pivotal initial starting point for your ascension. But love is also a revelation and this is where spiritual growth occurs, in the revelation, for you then unfold what The Father has brought to your partnership and in the course of this unfoldment, you add to this divine package your human characteristics.

The papers for Urantia teach that the result of this partnership, this bestowal, when coupled with an expanding experiential growth, the soul is the revelation of love, the experience of you and God. In your material terrestrial education you have learned to add to your knowledge and your experience but in spiritual growth you do not so much add to as you unfold. You adjust your mental orientation, you create conducive circumstances in your physical environs and there blooms from within those qualities which you may indicate as being your soul.

And so as you make the great adventure you are not so much looking to acquire as you are looking to express and in this expression comes the self discovery of all that has been bestowed upon you. Mistake not that you must make the effort to bring about this unfoldment. Do not consider yourself having it all already as something that is activated. It is resident in potential but your choice coupled with the will of God will bring about circumstances wherein your inner potentials become manifested and realized. If I make an analogy, this spiritual attainment is much like a light coupled to a dimmer switch. All elements are present, the bulb, the switch, the electricity and as you turn that dimmer the light begins to glow and eventually as the dimmer is increased, becomes brighter and brighter until full luminosity and thus grows the soul.

All is present, it is merely the unfoldment of the experience in time that reveals; therefore your project is less a concern for the acquiring of more than you are for you as a personality are changeless and cannot be added to but your project is the unfoldment of the inner prize, the soul package. This will bring about a new reality expressed for it is a reality in its potential slumbering state. This is the attainment, the discovery; this is the revelation of who you are. To put it another way; when a singer walks on the stage the song is already within and yet she will sing and through time expose the inner song. But I also must make note that your physical conditions and your mental orientations do require additions, do require changes, adaptations in order for you to further unfold the divine gift within you.

The partnership [is] in reality, the triune relationship of the inner presence, your human personality and your supreme soul. So to apply yourself diligently to spiritual attainment you will continually seek to know more, you will continue to adjust your environment that it may promote the qualities of spiritual presence, you will adjust your heart space that it may receive as well as express spirituality. You will ever increase in your sensitivity and recognition of truth and you will ever increasingly become impassioned towards the expression of all that is good and of lasting value and the inner relationship you discover will seek to reveal itself in the expression of all that you know to be beautiful; that which is peaceful, that which is accepting, that which is promoting that others may likewise undertake the same unfoldment and make the same attainments.

The universe came about because the Almighty God chose to share and therefore an entire universe came into being because that is the extent to which God shares. All that was manifest sprang forth from within God and you are a micro replication. As you share your being you reveal all that is within you and you become what beforehand to your mind's eye is more than you thought you were. It is my desire now to receive comments or questions.

Q: Elyon, earlier today I was listening to a piece of music, I think it was a Mozart piece, it was beautiful and it confirmed in me certain music or harmonic vibration or whatever labels we use to describe, that can create changes in me. For example it will help still my mind, help me focus and although it stills my mind it can also stimulate my spirit. This particular piece I was listening to created a change in me. It's hard to describe what I mean, it like my pores opened, it opened certain portals for me. It stimulates my spirit for sure. Could you talk a little about the harmonics or the vibration of music or what it is that might cause this stimulation, it's kind of an enigma to me.

Elyon: Music reveals a paradisiacal pattern and it is a fitting example of the workings of supremacy for within it is the harmonization of diverse factors, it is a model of time and space. You recognize that short and long notes, loud and soft notes, notes of different pitches and multiple coordination of notes create the music.
Any one by itself is monotonous, all too many altogether is raucous but the coordination, arrangement and presentation reveals a beauty which stirs the soul as well as pleases the ear. This soul stirring is the recognition of that supreme quality wherein all of the diversity of time and space is in beautiful arrangement.

Q: The piece that I listened to today is the marriage of Figaro and of course there are many pieces of music that create this feeling not just this one piece. Thank you very much for your answer. [You are welcome.]
Q: Elyon, hi. Thank you for your lesson. I'd like to ask a question that relates to the adjutant mind spirits. I gave a presentation yesterday and so I was thinking about them. Relating to the rebirth, calling upon you to be reborn, born of the spirit and there is a reference in the Urantia Book that God recognizes two types of people; those who do His will and those who don't. You were just talking about the light and what constitutes the spiritual attainment that being like the dimmer switch, is a combination of will, coordination, conducting and so I was wondering if you have a theory or response as to whether perhaps those that God can't see are those that have not turned on their switch by having a reverse which is to say that they would be functioning with only the first five adjutants if they have not attained an attitude of worship yet even while academically there are people who metaphorically speaking, worship money or pleasure or other lesser gods. I wonder if those are just not even recognized in the cosmic scheme. Anyway it's just a philosophic question and I was just wondering if you had any commentary on this I would be very interested, if not that's perfectly fine, thank you for your lesson.

Elyon: This spiritual birth... may be metaphorically continued. All human beings are much like the preborn child in that everything has been provided for the birth of the soul, the moment of decision to ascend, the supreme survival decision and the adjutants are part of that preparatory package. All seven adjutants do function even in those who have not yet been born of the spirit and you have rightly surmised that the adjutant of worship and wisdom are merely wrongly applied to things material, to things self aggrandizing but the power of The Mother's gift is still present in order to bring about the transformation, the rebirth and just as when a child is born is full in itself with all that is necessary to become an adult, so it the soul.

It would not be quite appropriate to label one who has yet to undergo this rebirth as one who is stillborn and unable to begin the spiritual ascent. It would be more rather a delayed birth until that individual sincerely rejects the options of birth. The adjutants in a spiritual sense are the preconditions that promote the awakening of the spiritual dimensions in a human's life. Those who recognize The Father are those who have The Father's indwelling presence and have begun the relationship. Those who do not recognize The Father most often do have the presence within but have not initiated the relationship. The Father calls all but you must be willing to respond and it is the adjutants, who while The Father pulls you toward Him, the adjutants push you towards Him. They are the support structure behind you that encourages you to reach up and to embrace.

Q: Thank you; I appreciate the example of the fetus almost as if it was the caterpillar in the cocoon prior to being released from the flesh to the butterfly existence of the morontia life which can in fact take place here. We can begin our morontia growth, in fact we do early on but we just aren't always cognizant of it. Perhaps this is something that could be theorized in terms of the seven psychic circles then, because ultimately we attain a point of being able to commune directly with our adjuster. That certainly as you were talking about, is spiritual attainment as compared to lights on, nobody home kind of situation or those who just are so dense they are not spiritually inclined. Nonetheless The Father loves them, has battalions of angels who watch over them but they are not necessarily fully engaged, their dimmer switch is not fully cranked up to maximum.
Elyon: Yes indeed and both the caterpillar and the fetus are as valuable as the butterfly and the newly born for the potential for that unfoldment is there and at any time may occur and I will also draw in our discussion of music; a little child will sing a tune and likewise would an opera singer sing. One might consider the operatic singer to be accomplished and the child merely cute but The Father recognized the beauty of the expression in both.

Q: Yes, it reminds me of the importance of potential as well as actual.

Elyon: Yes, and it allows for the forbearance of the experiences of others when oneself recognizes that there are higher methods of, may I say, spiritual behavior.

Q: I appreciate that addendum Elyon, thank you.

Elyon: To our most Holy God I draw our focus. We express our love and we give our gratitude for that which you have bestowed upon us, as us. Even before we think to ask you have given and now we, born of the spirit pledge and endeavor to unfold those talents that we may be fulfilling of your will in the revelation of another soul in this universe and may we continue to fellowship our spiritual experience with one another and create the harmony of brotherhood. You have given us a worthy conductor, our Michael Son and we will look to Him that we may know how to function, where and when and why. Praise be to you and in that joy, love for all fellow beings. I thank every one of you for your attention to me. I will now withdraw, goodbye.


Teleconference October 18, 2007
Subject: Lightline Teleconference 10-18-07
Teachers: Michael, Monjoronson

T/r: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, you know all things and therefore do you know that we gather in this hour to come closer to you in this process that we have created. Help us to join you in this hour, help us to receive that which you would bring through your emissaries that we might receive your grace from on high. We petition that we be used and activated as conduits, individual light anchors that your grace may flow through us and into your world, our world. We would do this with intention and purpose in this hour. We have once again given expression to the thought that this is our desire and we intend to follow through the word and into the deed in this very hour. Please join us in this process or rather help us join you in this process, thank you.

Michael: My dear ones, please come gather close to me, I am Michael and I am your Father. I would stand and address you as your Father in this moment and you may gather close to me with the very extension of your faith and your will that this be so. And so, I feel you gather around me and I look out upon you, bright shining souls each one, eager to approach me and come forward and I would draw you all close by my side that I may speak words of encouragement to you and express to you my love and bring to you my peace.

My dear ones, I cherish this relationship of parent and child as I see you grow up right before my eyes; it brings me such pleasure I simply cannot describe. To watch you grow is the satisfaction that every parent seeks in this process and you all make me so very pleased and proud to see you unfolding your potentials and becoming such splendid children. My dear ones, I cherish this moment that we share together, these moments that we come together as family and I would offer you my assurance that I will always be watching over you as the parent who dotes over his children. There will never be a time when I am distant from you-no rather I will be watching over your shoulder and you as developing little ones may turn to me and say "look what I can do" and I assure you that I will notice your actions.

I will witness your actions and they bring me such great pleasure. The children desire to be assured by their parent that they are seen and noticed and cherished and I assure you in this moment and always that you are seen and noticed and cherished and every action is adored by your Mother and Myself. And I am as well pleased that you desire to approach me, even to follow me. As I go about doing my routine you would follow and you would seek to imitate and this warms my heart as well. The relationship we have, each one is unique and special, no two are the same and therefore your individual relationships to me are sacred and adored. As your Father I will make every effort to guide you and foster your development and I implore you to seek my counsel when you are out and about engaged in your affairs and you desire to be granted insight and direction. Simply turn to me, I am right over your shoulder looking on and I will offer you the guidance you seek. Likewise I will stand by you in your uncertainty and be there when you glance in my direction. This is my solemn vow to you my children, I will never forsake you.

And now as I savor this moment and this union between us and as I gaze out upon you my good and faithful children I would desire to take my seat among you and I would like to address you this hour as well as your brother as it is my prerogative to do so. As one who walked the very earth that you walk and had the very dust on my feet that you have I share your awareness of what it is to be a mortal of the realm, indeed a brother and I cherish this relationship with you as well; the relationship of friend, comrade, associate, of brother of all who are involved in the work of spirit and I would go out with you and walk with you as you will allow.

I desire to work in the trenches with you to go out and labor in the fields side by side with you and in this relationship that we have, again I vow to be by your side. So whether you would seek my counsel as brother or as Father, I assure you I will answer your call and I will volunteer my services in the hour as they are requested. It is my greatest desire that you seek me all along the path, all throughout the journey, not just on special occasions or under special circumstances but in your everyday comings and goings and in your everyday doing of The Father's will. It is my desire to join you in this process and I perceive that it is your desire to join me so let us join forces together.

Sometimes I will counsel you as parent who loves you beyond measure and at other times it may be appropriate to address you as comrade, as fellow servant of the light. Either way it is my joy and privilege to simply be acknowledged in this process, to be welcomed into this arena that we create side by side or from above and below. It is not my wish to create in your absence, rather it is my desire to create through you. It is my desire that you create and that I assist. Either way we are in partnership and as such it matters not which direction the energy may flow at any moment in time.

I come to you tonight on the eve of what you all perceive. I would address your question stated beforehand and confirm for you that which you already know. We are engaged currently in a process of great change and flux but I would bring you my assurance that all that would transpire is well within my grasp and I am here to assure you, well within yours as well. Change brings with it uncertainty and destabilization as you are confronted with the unknown; but fear not my dear ones, I have just given you my solemn commitment to be by your side throughout. When you experience the shifts in energy you may be unsettled. This may occur in every dimension from your physical vehicle, to your emotional stability, to your collective consciousness, to your planetary vibration, to your universe and its very configuration.

But all of these changes are simply shifts in pattern. If you would keep in mind that you are held in this divine pattern then it should matter little to you when you observe these shifts before your eyes because you are assured of your survival and your safety and I have told you that I will be with you. There is nothing that will transpire that can shake these truths. If you will hold firm to your conviction that this is so you will certainly ride out the waves and endure the changes in pattern that will transpire. Remember my dear ones, all that is of value is saved; that is, all that is of spiritual significance is impenetrable and the only shifts that will transpire are in the transformations of vibrations.

Everything that you perceive is in a state of vibration and these vibrations are what are shifting and you are picking up on these shifts in vibration and naturally they may bring you some doubts and uncertainty but always come back to your center, to your impenetrable spiritual citadel of the soul. There we meet, there you are safe, there all that is of value is resident. It may be difficult for you to embrace that all the changes you will witness are for the good as you witness apparent harshness as these patterns shift and individuals attempts to cling to patterns which like the shifting sands have changed, but I assure you that all that transpires is part of my plan and my plan is part of the plan of the First Source and Center; to bring you into higher vibrations, greater awareness, more spiritual capacity and enhanced realization of your being.

But to do so there must be shifting and changing because as you recognize we have some way to go in this process. There must be the shifting away of the old and the repatterning of the new. But just as your seasons appear to give way to change, so does your universe cycle, so does your individual cycle, so does your collective cycle and while it may appear that the leaves wither and die, there is rebirth already inherent in the pattern just awaiting the signal of the season to bring forth new life. So it is with this era of materialism. It is in its fall and the leaves have turned and they are beginning to drop and we will see what appears to be a period of great transformation as we prepare for our next signal to spring into new life.

I will remind you over and over again to fear not, only believe, only trust, only have faith in that which you know within and when in doubt, seek my counsel. I am with you always and will never fail to comfort you and remind you that this is so.

I would address another question offered, and that being- is there some collective good that can be accomplished with the meeting of great spiritual light workers? To this I emphatically say yes, of course, by all means. Every time there is intelligent application of your intention there are results which far transcend your abilities to perceive; and so you are correct in your observations that it will be greatly beneficial to pool together as many light anchors, as many light workers, as many purveyors of spirit as you can assemble anywhere, anytime. You need not wait for some far off event. If you are inspired and urged then this is a calling you might follow. Even a group such as this, apparently small, is great in the eyes of those who can see the light for each one of you acts as this conduit that you mentioned and when you are thus positioned we may then work through you, with you.

When you act collectively such as in this moment there is an exponential power, a gridwork that we can infuse with spirit and that can act as a web to anchor this entire country in spirit. It is not how many and how great an audience, it is how devoted the few who assemble are and your devotion provides the necessary latitude for us to use your energy and direct and focus, adding our energy to your circuitry and as you have been told when I so desire and when you so desire as well then we so desire, then certainly all things are possible. Mistake not the power that we have in simply aligning ourselves in this way; both collectively here and now and individually as you may find yourselves out in the real world and positioned just appropriately to be used, then all things are possible. So form any and every opportunity you can, individually and collectively, form yourselves to be used in just such a way and you will be used in just such a way. Those who rise and volunteer are those who are used as it is never our way to commandeer the will of a single individual.

I invite you to flip your concept and as time proceeds and you feel these changes in vibration, which you most certainly will, to see them as a gift. They are a cosmic reminder to you that grace is flowing from on high. The very changes that you perceive are as a result of this grace, are the very manifestation in your world of divine pattern and repattern. So when you perceive them, thank The Father above. Be in an attitude of gratitude for that sense of discomfort, for that sense of unease because these are the precursors to the real change that is at hand.

Rather than see them as uncertain and causing doubt and even fear, stop, and flip your awareness and be thankful that you are in a position and at a time to receive such confirmation of grace bestowed. Even, when you witness what you would judge as ungodly changes, I assure you they are quite godly and well within the scope of what is planned and what will be executed on your behalf and on behalf of your species and your planet- your Mother. You all are aware that in order to get to a state of healthfulness it is sometimes necessary to endure a fever and I tell you it is the same principle if when you got the fever, you were thankful that the process was underway, it would go much smoother for you rather than being at odds with the circumstances because they do not appear friendly or welcome.

Likewise, when you see these changes before your eyes, no matter what, I invite you to see them as the precursors to the health and welfare of all. Hold fast my dear ones, to your inner certainty and security that you are loved and cared for, that you will never be forsaken and that truly all is well and getting better and better. If you maintain this attitude, your journey through transition will be far smoother and easier than if you are at odds with what transpires. Know that you are loved beyond measure. You cannot conceive the degree to which you are loved and nurtured and cherished, each one, but one day you will come close enough to US to feel our embrace and know of a certainty that which you must now embrace in faith. These are my words and I would leave you with a profound sense of peace in this moment that you may take with you as your possession, keep with you at all times and reflect upon as you so desire. It is my gift to you my dear ones and it is only the beginning of all that I desire that you have. Please take this gift, even now. I would take my leave now, only in voice as I have stated, I walk with you moment by moment and will rejoice every time we are engaged in partnership, farewell.

Monjoronson: I would greet you as well, I am Monjoronson, inspired by the embrace of your Father/brother. Truly there is no greater love than what we have just witnessed in this hour and I have no words of any significance that can rival the messages of love and peace that were offered. I merely would add my commitment to the commitment you have already received that I too am here to work with you. You are the avenues through which this work will be done and I am honored to be in the capacity of one who has been chosen to oversee such work. I will as well be steadfast in my commitment to be there for you as we plow new ground together. There is much work to be done and there are not as many workers as we might desire; therefore are you all the more cherished in the roles that you play in partnership to be the ones to channel the spiritual energy out and abroad.

Take to heart these words of comfort and assurance for they are your stability and your peace throughout the process you find yourselves in and know of a certainty of your connection to this process. We are indeed coworkers and will grow to be familiar comrades in service together. I would no longer interfere in your experience of relationship to your Father/brother but simply bid you adieu and join with you in savoring this experience and these moments, thank you, goodbye.

Mark: This is Mark and I have no more teachers lined up at this time to speak, however they are all present and should any one of you have any desire to interface with them then so be it.

Comment: Thank you brother Michael for your assurance that you are with us during this repatterning time to partner with us as we appreciate the experience as mortal beings of the...grace flowing so strongly and apparently, so apparently as to catch our materialistic attention and I thank you for the comfort of flipping my perspective, my position to recognize these coming adjustments as being precursors to planetary brotherhood of oneness and reaching up and outward into the universe as members, as more conscious universe cosmic brothers and sisters and I feel your hand on my shoulder as I walk through my day, thank you.

Michael: My dear one, statements such as that truly warm my heart. I am pleased that you sense my hand on your shoulders that is my desire and if you have sensed that then my desire has been realized in your life and it is I who thank you. It is not necessary that we thank each other but I accept your gesture and I offer mine but my dear one we are family and as such we should be secure in the love for each other and I am touched that you are touched and I join you in your attitude of gratitude, thank you.

Comment: Oh, then let’s get to work and stop fiddle fallying around. We can link arms and yes, be quite brotherly and sisterly about arms around the waist and faith to the work and that is wonderful and I don't think irreverent attitude toward the immense amount of energy coming at us from on high and the peace that you give us that welcomes this energy, this grace to pass through us to the world as we walk around and not a feeling of awe or humbleness or exhilaration. Yes, we're all linked in family, our arms are linked around each others waist and arms are linked together, we are all walking out into the world and I thank you for welling up that spirit feeling in me. I'll pass my thanks to The Father because as you say, you're part of The Father's plan. The next time we come to a nexus, an intersection of this kind of godliness it might be many transition worlds away, mighty messengers stuff away, but this is such a bonus to be able to be experiencing this grace passing through us while we're still in a mortal body. I'm so thankful for that.

Michael: Me too my dear one, you can't know how thankful I am and how much joy it brings me to observe your statement. Yes, let us go about this with joy, with exuberance and excitement. Nothing would please me more, nothing. All the reverence and solemness in the world does not brighten the day as joy and love and exuberance. Those are the qualities that truly lift the spirit. So yes I will join you hand in hand, arm in arm. Let us be about this in great joy, even showing our light and our love when others are not joyful that they might see it and be raised.

Comment: Hello Michael, [hello], how are you? [Wonderful, how are you?] Awesome, I'm so glad as human beings we can share at this juncture in time and space on the verge of so many great things that are happening to our planet. It is quite an experience to be able to anticipate this even before it becomes a reality and to have the faith to believe in it and to witness it afterwards will be a thrilling thing.....[the remainder was unintelligible.] Michael: I echo your sentiments of enthusiasm because at every episode of flux and change there is present in that moment the chance to create, the chance to bring divinity into the equation and you all, we all will be faced with many shifts before us, each one an opportunity to create, an opportunity to direct our intentions for the highest possible good and as you have stated it is nigh impossible to express to others what these potentials are all about. Rather we need to directly experience them and wield our co-creative prerogatives and then we will know of a certainty these will become our experiences, our treasures that we then may offer to the First Source and Center and bring to Him and say look what we experienced, look what we created. Just like the little child, daddy, daddy, look what we can do. This is our moment in time to do and as the saying goes my friend, you have seen nothing yet.

Comment: Well we're waiting with our eyes wide open.

Michael: And you my dear ones will not be caught off guard. You have been told and informed of the very changes that have been affecting your molecular structure and so it is that you know and so it is that you can become comfortable with these changes. But there are many out there who you will need to minister to who have no such awareness and have not benefitted from the contact that you enjoy. They will be disconcerted, their feathers will be ruffled, the sands will shift under their feet and they will not have the conviction that you possess and therein lies your opportunities for ministry. I will go with you and we will bring words of peace and love and encouragement to my other children who have not heard. I trust that you all will help me with my other children.

I love them as well and I would speak to them as I speak to you now. I will speak to them through you when you are in their presence if you will partner with me and it will sound just like you, it will be your voice, it will be your words of vocabulary, it will be your basic understandings of principles but I will be there and I will inject spirit into your ministry because it is my ministry, it is our ministry. This is my desire and I know you each will help me as I desire to do this for all the others as well. And to those as you know, who much has been given, much will be expected and many will approach you because they see the peace that you possess and it will then become your privilege and your honor to share your peace and your love and my peace and my love through you as well.

We will do this not once, not twice, but perhaps for the rest of the days that you walk on this earth. We will do this as often as you can remember and as frequently as you find yourselves in position to do so. This is my desire, this is how I am made manifest on your world- through you, as you. It will be your face they see, it will be your life experience that you share but I will add my tone to your voice, I will add my love to your expression and they will sense that there is something deep and this you will do for me as well as for them.

Comment: Well then brother, now in this circle of light workers tonight on this telephone circuit, pour into us your power of grace and your power of love and your assistance so that when our brothers and sisters turn to us we can reach down and pick up an ordinary stone, an ordinary piece of gravel and have it remind us at that time of this diamond of impenetrable peace which we have experienced tonight in your words and keep in our hearts. Let us remember to pause and reach down and pick up some common piece of the earth when presented with the opportunity that you have prepared us for to speak for You.

Michael: My sister, you know not the power of what you have just done. You have once again created the avenue that you so desire. Your expression and your willingness have completed the necessary circuitry of the thought, the word and now the deed and so it is, I assure you even now. Take this gift as I have stated, even now in this moment. It is my gift and it is my charge as you so desire. You are now encircuited as my representatives in the flesh. As you have made your desire known, so shall it be. It is consistent with my desire and because it has issued forth from you then it is aligned with the universal law of attraction and you have stated your desire and now it may be so.

I commission you, those who would accept this charge, here and now in this moment, to act for me, even to act as Me. This is not to burden you with an obligation but rather to offer you an opportunity. And all that I desire is that you be exactly who you are and do exactly what you do with the addition that you allow Me to commingle energies with you, that you open this door and that you come in with your intention, with your desire and having done so I will assure you that I will come in and as a partner with you, we then may minister. You all minister regularly as a part of your everyday lives. All I am asking is to be invited in to your process that I may add my tone and bring my peace and add it to what you already are offering and are willing to give. That is all I desire, is to follow you in this process and in that way, then you are following Me.

Let's make it so, day by day, hour by hour, every moment a new opportunity, a new circumstance before us, let's make it so. It is not enough that you have provided me latitude in this moment, I accept your offer of this moment but as well you must provide me latitude in each moment because every moment is new and different and you must declare your intentions again and again. Do you still choose to let Me in? Is it still your desire or have you forgotten our partnership in this moment. By re-choosing in each moment you realign yourselves with Me and then we may flow together but I will never assume day to day even hour to hour that I am constantly welcomed into your arena. I will await your gestures and when I see you give Me the nod I will be there sooner every time.

Thank you my dear ones for your dedication and devotion. I take my leave now but as I have stated, I am with you always. I simply would release this t/r and you as well from your patient application to my words. Thank you and farewell.