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Daniel - The Need for Stillness - Sept 23, 2007 - SE Idaho

Southeast Idaho, September 23, 2007
Topics: Need for Stillness
Teacher(s): Daniel
[Ed note: Members stand and hold hands.]


Let the love flow.

Let your hearts be calm.

Experience the oneness.

Be at peace.

Greetings, I am Daniel. We appreciate the opportunity that you are providing for our presence and interaction among you. Tonight we discern that a group stillness practice might be most beneficial.

We desire that you maintain physical contact for a part of this stillness, and then we will continue in a seated position. Physical contact is most beneficial to the stillness exercise, for it engages energy currents that calm and relax the physical being. Emotions are part of the physical, and so these currents are calming to the emotional part of the mind and body, allowing for greater spiritual receptivity.

My dear friends, you all do very well. We do so appreciate your fortitude, your perseverance, your constancy. At this time we perceive that you most need the experience of sustained stillness more than any other type of encouragement or reminders that we might make. Your libraries are full. Our words have been many. Tonight we wish to sit with you. From time to time I will interject to assist in keeping you focused. And then I will draw this to a close. Please return to your seats at this time.

Adjust - become comfortable. Allow the oxygen to flow in, to fill your belly and to be released. (Pause)

Maintain the recognition of the physical energies that you experienced while holding hands. These energies remain present and are flowing counter clockwise through you still. Maintain the connection. (Pause)

Recognize your ability to remain centered, to feel the energy flow even as outside sounds intrude upon your mind. [Phone was ringing.] Move that flowing energy so that it is centered in your heart region if you are not feeling it there, yet. (Pause)

From your heart region allow it to widen, still flowing counter clockwise, so that it seeks and centers in Mother Earth and extends beyond your heads. It has color. See color. Watch the energy flowing through you become colored. (Pause)

When the exercise is over you can discuss among yourselves the colors that you saw, as I first asked you to recognize there was color.

And now I wish for you to experience colors of the rainbow. Let each color wash across you in turn. (Pause)

And now let the light become golden. Let it form a ball. Send that ball out. (Pause)

And now return your thoughts back to the room. Bring your focus into the space between you. Feel the energy slow. (Pause)

And when you are ready, you may open your eyes.

It has been my privilege and delight to share this experience with you. I am available for questions or discussion if anyone desires interaction of a personal type tonight.

If there are no further comments I will release you. I wish for you first to have a discussion before you leave this evening. If you then desire a closing prayer, we are here and there is one who would share in this manner. However, it is your call. I will take my leave expressing once again my high regard, my love, and my affection for each of you. Until next time, farewell.

[Ed note: The group discussed this process of the connection and light and colors observed. This was not recorded.]