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Monjoronson; Evanson; Unidentified - Healing - Forming Deeper Connections to Higher Being - Aug 26, 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Working Energy Systems-Healing,
  2. Deeper Connection With Higher Beings,
  3. Skills Enlarge to Powerful Applications,
  4. Real Impact is in Your Dimension.

Teachers: Monjoronson, Evanson, Unidentified,

August 26, 2007

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): Greetings, Monjoronson here once again to embrace the use of this platform that you so willingly create and offer for this purpose. Once again it is my pleasure to add some color and perhaps some tone to the thought-stream that you have offered this morning in your discussion. I would suggest that you stand for a moment from where you gaze out upon your spiritual progress and look back. I have not been with you from the beginning of your spiritual curriculum, and you will recall that in the beginning for you there were the most basic of spiritual lessons that were used as a foundation whereon you built greater and greater platforms of understanding.

You will each witness that this process has taken years for you to accumulate this base of spiritual understanding and awareness to bring you to ever new arenas such as this new phase that you are all curious and interested in. First you had to learn that you were spiritual beings. You had to be given the tools to build upon this awareness. You had to be taught the importance of stillness and the devotion to the development of your spiritual side. The more this process drew on the greater your footing was in the spiritual realm and the more you reached out for higher and greater understanding and awareness. At each turn when the students were ready the teachers arrived with the lessons that were needed to bring you forward to a new level of growth.

Such is the case once again. You have been engaged for some time in the practice of your growing awareness of spiritual energy, and you have learned how to use this cosmic law to assemble yourselves into working energy systems. Even though you may have been uncertain as to their effect or impact, you do in some deep place know of certainty of their reality. Having been exposed to these principles and having given them some dedication and practice, you then hunger to know what else there is, what more can be done with all that you have been given in terms of your seeking and finding. And now you find yourselves looking to gain more command over these energy circuits and systems, and you are discovering that there are energy systems within and energy systems without and that they all function in very predictable and reliable patterns.

So it is that you turn to the avenues of healing for your internal energy systems and even desiring to project your own capacities in service to others, as you desire to learn how to be the instrument of manifestation for these energies directed in a healing capacity. It is quite typical that one considers first the desire to be of service to others and to gain some mastery over the skills which enable you to direct these life force energies to aid and heal another. But there is another component and that is the internal energy systems and directing your energies to achieving balance and flow of these energies within your own energy system. And as well there is a larger picture.

Having gained some familiarity with this principle and process you may then desire to direct your energies at projecting healing out to all your brothers and sisters, even to your environment, your divine parents, your universe as a whole. All of these principles are virtually identical; it is merely their application that differs. Once you have learned the basic principles of energy, how it flows, how it manifests, and how to direct it, you may use it on any one of these levels that you choose. There are appropriate times to focus this healing energy within. There are appropriate times to direct your co-creative potential towards another. There are other times when you choose to join together in this pursuit and direct your energies as you so desire. And as well there are appropriate times to devote your awareness and your projection of these divine patterns out to be used by those who may direct them beyond your awareness to where they are needed. This is why you are experiencing success, whether it is success at your efforts to pool together and fire the grid as you call it or whether it is your effort to project these energies toward the healing and re-patternizing of another or whether you choose to access these cosmic laws and principles for your own individual benefit.

All these are merely redirecting the same energies, the same techniques, the same principles; the same universal laws apply. But it took you years to even grow to the awareness that these principles existed, that you were a part of them, and that you had some element of control over these principles. But now you have arrived at this place of awakening to the very realities that have been present around you all along. You are part of these energy systems, and as a part you are composed of this same energy. Though the drop is not the ocean, it has the characteristics of the ocean, and it has a relationship to the whole the same as you do. Standing at your vantage point now you can clearly look back and see the progress you have made. It has only been in recent times in your scale of time that we have joined together in our ascension team to take us to the heights.

But you have since you can recall been on this trail to reach even the base camp where we were able once again to set out to new heights. Every once in a while it is good to stop in your efforts at ascension and gaze back at the progress you have made. On this day I stand at this place with you and look back with you at all that has brought you here with respect and appreciation. I will conclude my remarks to allow this platform for others. As always you have my devoted affection and my loyalty. Farewell.

* Evanson (Jonathan): Hello, I am Evanson. I welcome this opportunity to sit beside you and acknowledge your growth, your maturity. I am working to effect a deeper connection in my associate, and I make you aware that such endeavors are also being undertaken with each one of you, for the time is here to drive the grounding rod deeper into the soil that the divine current may flow with a solid connection.

We have experienced great adventures in engaging with you in your deeper mind wherein resides the portal of spirit contact. Each of you has experienced the touch and know in your own way the meaning of two souls, yours and your personal assistant. It is not our intention to simply lead you by the hand down the path; you know that it is your path to walk and ours to help, and this is mutual, for we also walk our path with your assistance. Part of the program designed for this planet included establishing such partnerships, not unlike those of the early planetary headquarters, the association of a Jerusem citizen with a Urantian human. But your engagement is of greater difficulty, for you do not have the physical assurances of sight and sound.

You work through interpretive sensations, the sense of presence, the ethereal whisper of message and meaning. And you have exhibited great faith in tuning toward that indicator and acknowledging a validity in the connection. Your world has many tales of connection with higher beings, much of a stupendous occurrence. The flash of light, the dazzling of presence, and these descriptions are not so much of the celestial but rather of the experience of the human witness. You are engaged in the even and steady interconnection, a blending which is of the same pattern as the eventual merging of your personality with the Divine Spirit presence, only ours is for a duration in the accomplishment of our mission: to once again bring Urantia into the conscious participation with universe development, to freely intermingle with those of higher orders, and to do so free of the sense of being over-lorded, of being swayed by the magical; to come to accept the ordinariness of our presence.

You have been taught much about the value of stillness, and while it is the sacred ground between you and the divine, it is also our point of connection. It is your will as to the purpose of any sitting. We await for your acknowledgment and engage at your request. The time is arriving when many will look for clarification during confusing episodes. You will be greatly relieved to have done your homework and established your standing, to have acquired your enlightened perspective. But you will also be . .. in deepening your understanding for the times ahead are new for everyone. Teacher and student alike are being retrained and enriched with what is already attained. a lesson learned gives the reward of attainment, but as it ages, ripens, matures, it returns again and again greater reward. A lesson understood transfigures into a lesson experienced and soon becomes the person yourself.

There are orders of beings upon your world who span the spectrum of grandeur from your midway associates to even the Creator Son. Numerous are those who are so akin to you in stature and development. I am one. And we will stand ever pledged to be your friend, to go with you into the adventure before us. All of us are learning from our Magisterial director, and we are all experimenting in the healing of Urantia. Continue your pursuit of awareness and continue your application of understanding in experience. Our team is getting stronger every year. Carry on everyone. Thank you.

Kathy: I got a message that started with a point on a paper. It spiraled slowly out to a very large spiral, growing, and growing until it was going off the paper to a giant spiral growing ever onward toward the edge. There were also words:

* unidentified (Kathy): This pattern is representative of the paths that you have been engaged in during this process. As always we are ready to help you expand in your awareness and skills. These skills have been enlarged through your efforts and will continue in ever-expanding and increasingly powerful applications. You need not be totally aware of the results. It is enough that you attempt to wield this power, even in small increments. As with any other skill, this will increase in time and with practice. We encourage you to step out in faith, that your capacity will begin and continue to increase. Be determined and use your intention to start developing this skill.

* Machiventa (Mark): Hello, Machiventa here to take advantage of this splendid platform and to echo the words spoken here today, perhaps distilled down a bit by asking the question who are the great messengers of this time? While each of you has had the privilege to grow in your awareness of celestial personalities such as we who greet you here today, you are all also growing in your awareness that all we do is coach you, lead you on with what you seek, provide for you the next rung on your ladder, but it is each of you who must make this real in this world. It is not until you actively manifest what you have been taught, what has been presented to you, that it becomes an actual reality among the family of man. We have discussed in the past about thought streams and collective consciousness, and, as was eloquently stated here today, it is you who are the final links in this chain from what are the messages being delivered through the various messengers, myself being one, and then yourself being another. When you have embraced all of these abstract theories and principles as your own they become real in this world, and others may contact them through you.

As a possession of yours they are part of your personal experience and part of your group experience. As you all have learned there is as much to be gained in the sharing back and forth of you, the earthly messengers, as there is when you seize on a concept or principle you have been shown from one of your celestial friends. The real impact and effect is had not from our dimension but from yours.

We may offer lofty spiritual principles all day long, but if there is no one to grasp them, to embrace them, to become them, then they are merely opportunities that have yet to be accessed. So I would suggest that you are the messengers of your realm. While you may consider yourself privileged to hear from other messengers, nevertheless few will know of those such as myself, and many may know of you as they are able to see you, contact you, witness you, hear your words of conviction that these principles are so regardless of where you may have heard them or contacted them.

When you make them part of your everyday lives, your lives speak far greater than any words you may choose to express what you are doing. So it is that we do not bring this illumination to your world; we bring it to those who will listen and act as messengers to your world. Consider your role in this process, and I offer you my gratitude for your role in this process without which we would not be made real in our efforts to promote these principles and understanding. Always fall back on your own personal experience with what you portray to the others, because one cannot dispute another's personal experience, whereas facts and conditions may be argued and disputed. Your personal embrace of these cannot. Thank you. I withdraw. Farewell.