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Monjoronson; Elyon; Michael - Memory Loss & the Next Realm - Jul 29; Aug 05, 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
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  1. Transformation of Energy and Unknown Parameters,
  2. Focused Attention and Enlarged Awareness.

Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon

July 29, 2007

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): Greetings. I am Monjoronson, once again to join your lively discussion, to add my contribution to your rather extensive thought streams. In witnessing your conversations it is obvious that you have, each one, encountered the very realities that have been part of our lesson plans for some time. After having encountered some measure of personal experience with these principles, they then become yours to own and to use as you navigate your way through these arenas of spirit. Truly I witness to you that the nature of your discussions carries morontia tones, and that you are each one digging deeper and deeper into your wells of spiritual awareness and possessing more and more of the truths contained therein.

So many good threads for discussion were offered, but I would inject more energy into the thought pattern that was offered around the idea of the use of this transformation of energy that you focused on as healing and the component aspect of that is required in the process of the state of receptivity of the receiver in the process. As you have well stated, it is not that spirit is not there, it is merely that you may be unaware of its presence.

It's not that healing is not possible, it simply may be that you are as of yet are unable to access it. And in this process of discovery of the flow of this healing energy all the way to and through this recipient, it is necessary to embrace the role that the receiver has in completing this circuitry. It is often discovered among the mortal psyche that there are unknown parameters or conditions established -- I say unknown because they are as a result of your cultural influences, your media representations, your family and friends, your jobs and all of these things attempt to portray to you what is real and what is your condition.

So, a life lived among all these influences is conditioned by numerous projections upon you of how things are or at least how things are understood. It takes great faith and trust to lay down, to set aside, this set of preconditions and pre-notions about what is real or genuine to allow there to be room to accept what is as yet unknown but nonetheless real. Each one of you is quite familiar with the things in life that you don't know, and you fully grant that they are as real as the things you do know.

Brain surgery exists; you conceive that it is real although you have no direct personal experience with this skill. Likewise there are things that you do not know yet that you do not know, that you have not allowed a place to exist because you have yet to be introduced even to the concept. You are, however, wading into these pools as you discussed in your experiences surrounding healing, and you are discovering through your personal experience that there are parameters that exist.

You may not understand how or why, but you are accepting now that they do exist, and this is the first step, to simply accept the reality of such. So it is with this healing circuit. If you do not at first allow there to be room for something that you have yet to contact in your own personal experience, then there is no space to make allowance for such. And as well if you insist on approaching the whole arena with complete understanding you will fall short in your experience.

But if you can remain open to potentials that exist, and you can remain open to receiving in the absence of understanding, then you can take the necessary steps, and as a result the understanding comes. It is very similar to your extensions of faith that have brought you to this hour. It is the faith that extends you into the new arena wherein the understanding is attained. It is the faith in healing that brings you to the arena of the transformation of energy you call healing, and it must be the faith that you rely on in this process of receiving as well.

And having demonstrated your faith and as a result of your faith, then receive your confirmation, your rewards for having extended yourself. It is a universal principle that the faith must always come first, and then the acts of faith are apparent, which then bolsters the faith for next time, which is why you have all arrived at this step along the way.

You have repeatedly demonstrated the extension of your faith, and it has proved sound, sound enough to take the next step on this staircase. And so it is that we travel together step by step, as in this hour building upon the foundations of understanding and wisdom but extending onto the next step where we will gain more understanding and wisdom before the next step. Thank you for your attention and your devotion to the lessons and this greater mission before us. I welcome your participation. I allow for others.

* Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon charging out of the dugout onto the ballfield. I greet you all with a high five. I am going to speak about focused attention and enlarged awareness, and I am going to use your sports as an illustration of my point. When a batter steps up to the plate and positions himself in the box and readies his body for the pitch, he is one-pointed and focused in his attention. As he has had a few pitches tossed his way, the next one to be received he is singularly focused upon. To be good he mustn't distract himself with the results of the past pitch. In order to make the connection he ignores all the players in the field and focuses intently upon the approaching ball. Likewise the pitcher does the same.

Regardless that the prior pitch was outside the zone, he winds up anew and throws again, intent upon the catcher's mitt, intent upon passing that ball through the vulnerable zone where it can be hit to his detriment in order to succeed in passing it by. So the catcher is one-pointed in his focus, not distracted by people in the stands but attentive to the pitcher. He is, all three are, in a primary focus. The other players are in secondary, reactive, focus as well, awaiting an action.

Upon a connection of bat to ball, suddenly there is a shift in awareness and all give attention to everything occurring on the field. This is more greatly illustrated when more batters are on base, as there are more actions occurring once the ball is in play. This is an expanded awareness. It is true with your football, with volleyball; even your racecar drivers are focused upon their car, their movement forward and keenly aware of all others around them.

Some of your emergency situations are likewise the same. You may be focused upon a specific undertaking of your own when a crisis breaks out in the larger arena, and your mind expands to embrace the interactions of many. Stillness is stepping into the batter's box. It is placing that one-pointed focus toward God, and you focus exclusively that you may make the connection. But when the embrace is had, when the blend of the divine and the human occurs, you then expand in your awareness to embrace all your fellows.

This is the love for God and loving your neighbor as yourself. We have come here as teachers; we play that role and our purpose is twofold: One, to increase your individual spiritual awareness, orientation, to stimulate your growth drive, but also to enlarge your sense of placement within the world, even your planetary system, that you may more fully be enriched as you live your singular life in this orchestrated harmony with the many about you, with the enlarged awareness of the progress of even the entire local universe. This is a big picture, and often you will find yourself required to focus intently upon the pitched ball and not be distracted by the stands, the stadium filled with people.

But it is our hope that you do see yourself integrated into this enlarged arena of players. Single, one-pointed focus and all encompassing expanded awareness may be called two sides of the same coin. I will bring a close to my comment and again remind you to undertake batting practice, to sit in silence, to have your quiet time in stillness with God. Thank you.



North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Reach Beyond,
  2. Edge of Experience,
  3. Contact from the Dead,
  4. Memory Loss and the Next Realm,
  5. Mind and Brain,
  6. Fire the Grid. Teachers: Michael, Elyon

August 5, 2007

* Michael (Jonathan TR): I am Michael. I extend my arms around you all and share in the joy of our mutual recognition and the certainty of our fellowship. You have come to believe because you have experienced, and this causes you to know that you are in my fold. Just as fruit that ripens on the vine becomes sweeter over time, your experience of our relationship does likewise. I cherish that togetherness and will ever foster our relationship. But you know from your studies that I manage this local universe, and you will sometime be sent on your way to the greater circles of experience, and I, just like the vine-master, will send you off to be taken to new lands that you may serve and grow. So, while you have come to believe, I am also keenly observant of and willing to minister to that which you do not believe, for this is the edge of your experience, the line of uncertainty, and the realm for the potential of attaining new levels of being, deeper insights, and broader vision. I often say that "peace I give you", and I do desire that all my children have that sense of belonging in the Father's house, of being cherished and loved and cared for. But I also seek to have you experience uncertainty, to encounter disruptive, unsettling, experiences -- not that you may be harmed -- but that you may refresh your perspective and adjust your understanding and seek that you may add new wine to your wineskins. I told of the parable of the talents wherein one was too afraid to invest that he may lose his coin and disappoint the master. That is residing solely in belief, where the ones who took to the uncertain and invested, while each reaped a differing value of reward, both succeeded in the eye of the master, for they pushed that boundary and they attained a new level. So, my children, when you do pursue new arenas, know that I support you. I will caution you and I will be your guardian, but I encourage you to reach up and beyond, for it is my goal that you reach up, out, and beyond even Nebadon that you may experience our Father on Paradise and in Paradise. I am one with you always. I will allow for my ministering associates to share with you.

* Elyon: Elyon here, greetings. It is my desire to have dialogue with you, and so I seek your questions that we may pursue topics of your interest. We have gained trust in one another, and you know that I never look askance at your honest petitions. While I cannot reveal what you must come to experience, I can at all times assist you in the discovery and suggest approaches which may ease your investigation and hasten your attainment. But you know that all growth is had by oneself, and there is no substitute, no surrogate experience that another may have for you. I am open and receptive.

Mark T: How did Michael's address to us relate to our pre-lesson discussion?

* Elyon: For your records, you spoke of the viewpoint of the scientific mind and the viewpoint of the religious mind and the nature of reality as experienced both subjectively and objectively. Michael did express in his lesson a pattern similar to your discussion. Both orientations of human perspective benefit when they are willing to venture into the unknown, be it the theological investigations of a philosopher, be it the deepsea explorations of an oceanographer. The compilation of understanding builds a legacy for generations, but it is the discovery at any time, in any experience that is of Supreme value to that individual and subsequently of value to civilization. Regardless of your role as a human being in your cultures, this principle applies. You know that the playing of a song written by another is a wonderful experience but that the composition of a piece of music on your own is also extremely special. So this applies to all fields. A preacher who teaches from his word, his scripture, does well, but if he fails to enter that edge of experience and explore for himself, he misses the opportunity of an expanding spiritual experience even though he is an expert at conveying the truths expressed in the past.

Evelyn: Throughout history people have felt that they got contact from departed loved ones. In the Urantia Book they say, no, you really don't get contact from the dead. Has anything changed in that? Or is there perhaps an indirect route messages are sent from the departed?

* Elyon: First I will say to you that upon your exit from this world you have many tasks in which to engage, for instance, your registration on the sphere of your resurrection and the orientation of yourself into a world so unlike the realm from which you have recently left. You are substantially overwhelmed and are greatly distracted, if I may say in that way. The prior life appears faint to you because of the vividness and stupendous reality sense of your new realm. It will take you some time to orient and begin to reflect upon your prior stage of existence. So, even while you have the statement that one is not allowed to make contact to those from the world they have just departed, it is more correct to say one has little time and less interest because of the new experiences. The personalities who remain behind are also growing spiritual beings, and they are attended to by ministering spirits. As you inquired, there are indirect methods whereby human beings may experience the comfort of contact and the sense of closure or a farewell when the departure was more sudden and unexpected. This is for the well-being of the survivors for their spiritual upliftment. On Urantia it is rare to have this occur unless enough spiritual development has been undertaken because your world is fraught with many legends of demons and ghosts and other haunting spirits that are of little value spiritually and are fear fostering. So it is unwise for such a contact to occur under those conditions. The departing soul has much to do and a joyous adventure ahead. While you know that the love they have for you is great and they would love to give you one more hug, they are off on a grand adventure. Their angels and yours are also sensitive to your loss and will assist you in receiving comfort and the sense of continued contact with your departed beloved. I hope this helps.

Evelyn: Excellent. Thank you.

Mark: In the next realm, the morontia realm, is an Alzheimer's victim's memory restored to him or her?

* Elyon: That which is retained upon your resurrection that may be regarded as memory is soul substance, the valuable experiences which cause growth. While one may be tempted to think those values would be few, such as love and trust and other religiously thought of conceptual experiences, it is more complex, for your temporal lives have many interconnecting associations which contribute to soul growth. Many details of your temporal experience will be retained for they are the associative artifacts which reveal the state of your soul being. If there is soul growth while the human brain is impaired by a disease, that memory will be retained, for it is part of the soul. But if there is impairment to growth, then growth is suspended until release from the human form. There will not be those memories, just as many of your earliest memories subsequent to birth are no longer because soul growth was not your important undertaking; physical and mental growth were your primary tasks at the time. Others will retain their memories and they can be shared, but it will be secondary. You will learn about yourself in this manner by the expressions of others who were more broadly conscious during those experiences which you did not retain in memory. So again it must be stated the value of fellowship, of brotherhood, for you each support one another even in this way. I hope this assists you.

Mark: Yes, thank you, Elyon.

* Elyon: I will insert one more comment. Brain function is a physical interface between your body and world and your mind, your personality, and the divine spirit. While one may have a disease, as you mentioned Alzheimer's and brain functions are impaired, there may be direct personality and spirit fragment contact in the realm of the soul which does not require the function of brain. Experiences of that level can occur even while, from the outer perspective, such an individual appears to be static.

Kathy: A recent discussion of our Urantia Book group was about the mind not being part of the brain, that it was operating in a greater area. Can you address that?

* Elyon: Yes, your discussion does draw out a proper observation, and I will illustrate it by also using your nervous system, your neural network. It too may be considered part of your brain, though you know it is merely extensions, feelers, from which your brain acquires feedback and information, sense data, and that the brain is the central processor for all these feelers. You are in a sense one big anemone in a neural way with many tendrils extending into your environment, protected by your flesh and bones that you may come to know what is out there. The mind is the next level up, and it is using your brain as your brain uses your nerves that it may acquire information and feedback from the external realm. But the mind can look inward as well as outward, and so it does inhabit a realm beyond your brain. I would not say outside your brain but beyond the confines of organic function. The mysteries of creativity and the instantaneous awakenings and the intuitive realizations that occur in the mind can be shared in brain consciousness and expressed in physical actions, but their origins are above and beyond the organic link, but not necessarily wholly independent of those links, for it may require physical objects to assist you in the creative surge. Your mind is anchored in Mother Spirit, that is the central residence of your consciousness, and your next focal point is your organic brain center. So you are two- minded in a sense, divinely supported and physically assisted. I hope this addresses your inquiry.

Kathy: Yes, thank you, Elyon.

Mark: Planetarily speaking, how are things looking since the "fire the grid" experience?

* Elyon: It is thrilling to the volunteers of celestial realms resident upon your world now to assist this planet to have so many on your world so willing to pitch in and bring upliftment to the world. One of the prime purposes of our outreach is to instill in you the confidence to bring change and to expand your understanding that this growth is orchestrated and planetary in scope; and that you do not struggle hopelessly and powerlessly as merely inspired individuals but that you are a powerful collective. To have you do this so willingly assures us of the progress of your world and that, where over time in the past we fostered the growth and you would respond evolutionarily slowly, the turning has come where you are now fostering in sympathy with our undertakings, and we are one as a team. The grid is alit and the energy is circulating and will concretize as time unfolds and more humans become receptive anchors and demonstrators of the reality of the harmony of the divine destiny of this world and the human unfolding of awareness. My dear friends, I am just overjoyed to be able to converse with you this way. I am always willing to give you a lesson, but truly it is your own input into our connection that stimulates me and fulfills my goals as your instructor, for it is what you truly seek that I want to be an assistant toward. While I do endeavor to stimulate your thinking and your reach beyond where you reside in awareness, you by asking your questions give me insight into that which is pertinent to you in the current moment. It is delightful and enjoyable. I will now release the classroom. I thank you for your attentiveness. As Michael says, may peace be with you.