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Merium - Support for Local Co-Creative Working Teams - Jul 01, 2007 - Central NM

DATE: July 1, 2007
T/R: Gerdean


  1. Support for Local Co-Creative Working Teams
  2. Pretending / Acting As If
  3. Query as to the Seven Psychic Circles
  4. Revelation Compared to Evolution

[The first three-quarters of this session was lost due to a faulty mechanical connection.]

. . . .

And so here we are, embarking upon a new epoch - not only we who are privy to the Urantia Papers, but all of humanity. For we were ready! You were ready. The planet was ready or the Book would not have come. These revelations do not come until the time is ripe and the time was ripe for this revelation. And so it enhances your knowledge greatly. But you were ready!

When it is time for a child to be born, it is ready to enter the world. And while the Urantia Papers were delivered to you as a revelation -- the fifth of epochal standing -- you who have not yet found the Papers were, even so, ready. And you are ready even now, "quivering on the brink," listening for, anticipating, hungry for, waiting to hear that which will trigger your hunger.

And you will notice that there is a plethora of material abounding that feeds that hunger -- and not only A Course in Miracles and the many movements of the New Age, but also abstract, remote and far-away philosophies and theories which have been waiting for the time to emerge into the light, to add its own illumination to this growing, swelling, expanding reality which is indeed occurring in your lifetime.

It is a very exciting time to be alive. And so those of you who see it happening, who appreciate the broad base from which this planet is being flooded, it is not unreasonable that we should come, too, that you should be able to reach up and in good faith accept our presence and act upon it. In time, our methods and means will evolve as you and your world evolves.

[People] on other worlds that have not been troubled with the Lucifer rebellion, the Adamic default and some of your other minor setbacks, are familiar already with this method of consulting with your superconscious for guidance. You spoke earlier, Esmeralda, of Celene, your personal teacher, to whom you speak but you testify you do not hear a reply, but I say to you "You do! You just don't hear it with your physical ears."

If you question the way of your path and discuss it with your guide, you will be answered and you will know if you are going with or against the guidance you are given from On High as you begin to act upon your decision. It is up to you, then, to ascertain if your decision is in keeping with the counsel you received or if it is contrary and willful. And it will be made apparent fairly quickly… if you are paying attention. In this way you are able to -- as they say -- walk the "straight and narrow."

To the extent that you choose not to walk the straight and error, you have every opportunity to veer wildly and widely, to the left and to the right, and enjoy (or not) experiential adventures that may (or may not) garner you wisdom -- free will being what it is. And so we are all on a faith walk here.

We are all looking in the direction of the Divine for how to proceed, and sometimes not knowing, we pretend, or we act as if. Bring the mind and the body will follow. And it will come to pass that what is divine, eternal and real will become a part of us, while that which is error or fleeting or merely fluff will fade away.

Those who take what they have acquired so seriously as to preclude change cannot stop growth. They can only make a loud noise in opposition to that which they do not understand. And you, too, have the option to not advance, to not put yourself out on a limb with your faith. You can go with the Rock of Ages and not go wrong.

Those of you who scurry ahead, or wish to, are curious and adventurous and will not be deprived of the opportunity to learn from your experience. You will not be condemned or discouraged from your efforts to be eagerly about the exploration of this new dispensation. Have patience with those who choose to stand firm in their faith. You do not have to take abuse from them or anyone who does not appreciate your hunger, courage, enthusiasm, and blind faith.

Sometimes when you watch a good movie or read a good book, you become so involved in the story line, in the emotions of the characters, and in the moral of the story, it stays with you for a long, long time. It may trigger things deep within you -- memories, sensations, and options that cause you to change your ways of thinking or responding. Does it matter if the movie was just a movie, or if the book was simply fiction? If the vehicle was able to give you that stimuli and that stimuli has contributed to your immortal soul, it ought not be disdained as being less than revelation, for in truth it did provide revelation.

And one more thing about this revelation business. Just because you have received revelation, it is not the end of the road; it is the beginning of a new journey. Evolution always has to keep up with revelation, and so just as a nugget of truth can be planted in your brain, it is not yours until you experience it; otherwise, it is simply an intellectual piece of wisdom worth hanging on the wall, perhaps, as a plaque, but not real. It is only real when you make it yours by living it.

And so those who have drawn the line on what we do as a remnant of the ghost cults or unworthy of the true sons of God, you must appreciate their naivete, for your world is still very backward and the people on it are still very superstitious and fear-ridden. Having revelation does not fix that. It only edifies for the next leg of the journey, which still must be played out.

And so consider this: you are playing out your future and the future of your world by your coming to be with us, to join in this configuration of expanded consciousness and creative interplay. The value you receive from your soul's investment is worth the cost of admission.

Yes, that could be said, too, for your workshops!

Elena: So it's worth the cost of admission, by golly.

MERIUM: There is always a price, it seems, which is why the Master spoke about counting the cost. Is it worth it? Only you individually can decide, but on a day such as today, with the clouds billowing, the colors brilliant, everything young and abloom, including your faith and your attitudes, how can there be any question that the price you have paid for admission is a small price to pay indeed for the bounties we know as conscious sons and daughters of living reality, deity itself.

Perhaps we should conclude. [Pause] Bye-bye.