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Michael - World Being Readied for a Great Uplift - Jul 15, 2007 - CCC

Message Received from Our Divine Father

Center for Christ Consciousness

July 15, 2007

Beloved one, child of my heart, this is your Father Michael. As many of you know, your world is positioning itself for a great uplift as many hearts and minds join together for the purpose of bringing this world back into the universe family. My will for your efforts conjoins with your intentions. My desires for the transformation of this world are yours; know that your Father is behind you as you prepare your efforts for this manifestation.

The conjoining of divine and human wills is the way of the universe. Always will you be free to exercise your own will in accordance with your own desires. Always will you manifest the outcome of your own desires of your choices, and always will you see the outworking of these in your material life.

When you align your desires, your choices, and your intentions with MY WILL, always will something greater and more beautiful transpire to delight and inspire you. Always will you see something more within yourself manifest itself to the world. Always will you be filled with peace and faith as you share your desires with me that I may participate with you in making your dreams a reality. When your will combines with MINE, always will the ways of LOVE take you on a journey of wonderment and joy.

Journey with me now, my child, into the light of truth and goodness as it is ready to pour forth upon this world as human and divinity conjoins its wills together. Your choice to align your will with mine will allow you to see the hand of Heaven in the workings of humanity and the beginning of the blossoming of heaven upon earth. Surely what we do together is the collaboration of the highest form: God and Humanity as ONE!