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Monjoronson; Elyon; Michael -Routine & Willingness To Receive - Jul 01. 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Routine,
  2. Elyon-Michael Exchange, Willingness to Receive.

Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon, Michael

July 1, 2007

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): Good morning, class. I am Monjoronson and I would offer you something different this morning in response to some stated frustrations at the apparent status quo of our regularly scheduled conference call events -- in which we have admittedly fallen into some techniques and procedures which are becoming quite habitual. As with anything that develops into a routine or habit, there is ever present the tendency to settle into a comfortable routine which turns into a habitual pattern and can quite easily become a rather deep rut. As you are quite aware, once you have worn a groove and created a rut it can be stifling to any new experiences, as it requires great energy to bounce yourselves out of the groove and onto any new course of direction. You have all been willing in your past experiences to alter your routine, and you have all seen the results of your willingness to take a new course, else you would not be here now.

When in your journey it was required to proceed in a new, unfamiliar direction you were able to summon your faith that making a change in course was in fact in your best interest, that you really had nothing to fear, and your trust in your leadings propelled you to bounce yourselves out of your rut of routine. With strength and will you directed yourselves into a new course, the course we have been on together and it has admittedly served us all quite well as a process and procedure.

But the human mind clings to routine and pattern and, having found one that has been so serviceable and useful, there exists a great tendency to cling to the new patterns that have worked so well and therefore create a new rut, albeit a higher groove. It may still contain the same elements of conditioning and stifling of anything else which is not contained in this new pattern. As you are becoming ever aware, life is change, and it was change that has brought you here.

Now there is a comfort zone around where you are and the patterns that have facilitated your reaching this place. Your religions have each fallen into the trap of revering their processes and protecting their routines that they have lost sight of the constant need to change in order to grow. Largely this is because they like where they are and the patterns that have brought them here and would honor to the point of crystallizing their belief systems.

At that point they are no longer living, growing systems but a set of rules and regulations that must be adhered to in order to be successful, as they view it. We on the other hand must not succumb to the temptation to stop in our growth process and become so comfortable as to create our own ruts and grooves that we will defend and protect at all costs even the cost of growth and evolution. No.

You all have stretched your faith and bounced yourselves out of a number of patterns and ruts, and if there is a pattern to be repeated it is that one -- of willingness to explore for a new pattern, of accepting change as part of any pattern, of embracing what life will bring to you in this process, and being willing to see it as it is and to accommodate the latest edition of reality into your current working paradigm, your routine of the day.

It is imperative that we remain flexible in our teach-ability and never entertain the thought patterns that the mind will introduce that this is good enough, that we are done in our process of growth, that we've got it and now can smugly cruise in our rut, or that all that we have accomplished so far is surely enough, and we cannot be expected to do more, be more, or grasp more in this process.

I remind you the only limitations present in this process are the ones you entertain and choose to allow as restrictions. So, I ask you to consider the following: Is this good enough? Will we be content to stop here? Do we have what it takes to move forward beyond such a great accomplishment and comfort zone as we have made in this process together? Will faith be able to triumph repeatedly? What fears about change and growth can be brought into the light and dissipated? Can we reconcile that uncertainty exists as part of the process and still proceed? What is, in fact, in danger of being lost? What in your soul's eye would it look like if you were to bounce out of your rut and take a new course? Do you remain open to such potentials? Can change become a welcome aspect in your paradigm, or does it represent a threat to your security? Where will your line in the sand be drawn where you will accept this but you won't accept that into your reality?

Are you willing to accept a more active role in your growth process or are you content to deal with life as it is apparently forced upon you? Some questions for you consideration. There are no wrong answers, as your course is completely up to your choosing and will be honored by a vast universe. As well there are no requirements, only opportunities, and you may choose to stay in any particular pattern or rut as long as you like to glean from that experience all that you need.

This contribution to your thought streams is in response to thought patterns present in my partner and will not necessarily be appropriate for all, but certainly the thoughts exist and the questions may be pertinent. Take what you will into your routine and leave the rest for later. All is well my dear ones. Peace be upon you. Farewell.

* Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon. Though you appear to be far apart in your measure of miles, I wrap my arms around you; you are all so very close. And it is truly love that I feel. It is the love that is the energy that is Nebadon, Michael's divine light transformed into brotherhood, into compassion, caring, sharing. All forms of affection take origin in his being. He is the son of mercy, and that flows freely upon every one of you. I ask you to right now calm yourself, and I will pause and give you time to offer prayer to whomever you wish to give that prayer to. I ask you then to quietly receive the assurance of answer. It need not be by words, but it will be a knowing. Michael, I, Elyon, address you. Though I have stood in your presence many a time, ever am I humbled by your divinity and assured by the strength of the Father that manifests through you. I come to know that just as certain is the stability of the universe so is the stability of Nebadon because of you. The portal of truth from on high is your very being, and you are open so wide that all your children partake freely, and, when done so willingly, we realize multitudes of blessings. The greatest blessing is growth and the unfolding of our ability to know you, to feel you, to embrace you.

* Michael: Elyon, this is Michael. It is indescribable the joy I feel to receive from my children. I cannot express in words how cherished you are. Oh, but that I could have you all on Salvington in my presence! that you may know even beyond faith know, the indescribable beauty of fellowship, the wonder of our communion overshadowed by our Father on high. You, my son have been through much, great pain and pinnacles of bliss. Now you serve unselfishly for your younger brothers and sisters. You look not for merit; you seek not reward, but I do give you those. Mother and I are proud, and we look forward to the ascension of all our children that they may find the level of experiential attainment that you have, and, even if only that, we are pleased. But we know that you and your fellows have a destiny far greater than to arrive on Salvington. I know of that destiny, for I have been in the depths of the Father in His holy house. It is unfathomable to you at this point, but you pursue it ruthlessly; you hunger for it without definition, and this, my son, will take you all the way there. I bless you. I bless the others who witness our exchange. Peace upon all of you.

* Monjoronson (Mark): I enter this arena of communion as well, I am Monjoronson. I would not disturb this fond embrace except to make reference to what has transpired here today. You have just beheld a most magnificent exchange between two celestial friends. Like you, I am in awe of the love and profound exchange that we just witnessed. I would point out that the conditions were right for this to occur, that is, you each and every one were in a posture of acceptance and appreciation. This posture and attitude that you brought to this arena allowed for you to witness to the maximum of your capacities that which transpired in this hour. I also make reference to our earlier exercise of having heard my words through what you perceived as an indirect source. [Mark had read the previous Monjoronson address which he received before the meeting began.] I call you to witness that your posture in receiving any such different or unusual communications greatly effects or impacts your ability to receive such. You have been told that we speak with one voice when we are in service and in communion with you, whether it is myself, your Father Michael, Mother Spirit, your beloved and worthy teacher Elyon, or perhaps one individual's inner voice. There is a shared voice that no matter who is delivering the message and to whom the message is being delivered, there is a constancy of spirit, and that much of your ability to receive is in fact in your posture of willingness to accept from this teacher, from that source, at this particular time, under these particular conditions. Once you expand your arena of willingness, expand your box, you will begin to see that spirit influence is present in all things. Contained in all messages there is an element of spirit; there is a certain underlying truth, and that it is you who rate the significance or importance of these messages based upon the perceived author or the conditions under which messages were received or the manner or fashion in which messages are received. Many outside of this Teaching Mission do not grant what we do here in this hour any authority, and therefore they remain unreceptive to any spiritual messages contained. So I point out to you that we are all one in this process.

On our side we are united in our efforts to commune with you and to bring you spiritual insight. On your side you may be united as well in receiving spiritual communication from any and all sources available to you. I share with your being impressed with the caliber of such a spiritual message as we just witnessed together, but I tell you that this spiritual encounter was no greater or lesser than any other spiritual encounter except in our acceptance of it and appreciation for it. The more appreciation we bring, the greater acceptance we allow, the more spirit content gets through.

Like you, I remain in a spiritually receptive posture, and I was greatly impressed with the magnitude of such a lovingly devoted exchange. But the real challenge before us may be to increase our awareness and be spiritually receptive to the many, many sources of spiritual inspiration which are directed at us. Let us pray for increased capacity to take in any message, every message, all the messages that are meant for us, that are available to us as a result of our opening ourselves up to these potentials and desire of our Father that this be so. Thank you for hearing my words as well as those of the others whom you so revere in this process. We join together in our appreciation and our affection for such a divine encounter. Let us work together to expand our arenas of acceptance that we may share more and more of these divine encounters as we will allow and accept. Thank you and farewell.

Jada: It came to me that we draw the truth we need from wherever, from whatever source. It speaks to our hunger. We will find what we need and we'll grow.

Mary: I feel a strong presence of Nebadonia. I invite you to feel the same surge of energy, of loving light flowing into your being through your crown chakra filling you with light, a peaceful glow, and knowingness that you are loved, cared for, and nurtured.