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Monjoronson; Serena; Machiventa - Power of Intention - Jul 16, 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Components of Self,
  2. Power of Intention,
  3. You are a Pivotal Point of Realignment,
  4. Accumulation of Experiences.

Teachers: Monjoronson, Serena, Machiventa.

July 16, 2007

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): Greetings. Monjoronson . .. in your invitation to join and offer my contribution into your thought stream. I would take a couple of threads that I observe in your conversation and see if I might weave them into the fabric of our understanding. First I observed for discussion regarding your different aspects of self and your attempt to define and delineate these composite parts into their distinct and different category that you may the better understand the difference between what you referred to as your higher mind, your ego, and your soul. These distinctions are perhaps the human animal's greatest challenge, not only to define and distinguish, but then to control and even master, which we know is at any given time chosen and given latitude and brought to the fore. In your attempts to describe these distinct and different components of the self it is necessary to use words which provide you with the necessary sense of contrast to allow you to feel as though you have identified and isolated such aspects. However, as with the use of any language, there is carried with definitions and denominations inherent judgment that is implied when using terms as "higher", "lower", as "base" and "divine", "animal" and "spirit". In your current phase of evolution you are all about reaching for higher, better, more divine principles, and it is quite natural to then assign those components of self which are less than these qualities a term which grows to imply inferior or less or wrong somehow. I would encourage you to monitor your observation of these terms so as to not overlay any negative connotations to your efforts to simply define and distinguish. As was mentioned, if all these aspects were not necessary and part of your divine composition, then they would not be with you.

Father has all aspects included in your composition and does not refer to any one as unnecessary or inferior or inappropriate somehow. For instance, one may refer to the aspect of ego and declare that it is in contrast to the higher mind and therefore needs to be dominated and perhaps even eliminated. This would be an inaccurate assessment of the value contained in such an element as you refer to as the ego. The part of you thus referred to is quite a necessary component in your current material experience. If it were not for your ego and its attempt at self preservation, you would not be here, as your ancestors would have been killed off due to their passive natures.

Your ego is a useful tool for propelling you forward and motivating you to action, although it is quite true that there needs to be balance between your various components so as to bring into serviceability each aspect. If allowed to run rampant, any one aspect will cause an out of balance situation and will be unhealthy. You are living in a material realm and therefore your ties to your material existence serve you well. However, you are encountering the reality before you that there are other components of the self which are desiring to move you ever in a spiritual direction. Your soul is, of course, eternal and only encapsulated temporarily in your physical combination of atoms and as such is destined to transcend and travel beyond this material existence.

Ironically enough it is your ego that comes into play which you may use to motivate you to pursue spiritual avenues of pursuit, and therefore your material component can be an assistant to your spiritual component. The goal is that there not be struggle between the various aspects of self. The goal is that there is harmony and balance and that the different components of self may be as a musical chord, complimentary to each other, not as in discord where one of the elements is out of synch, out of tune, with the others. We should bless this diverse nature that you enjoy, and, while it is good to make attempts to identify the distinct aspects, the larger goal would be to unify the different aspects of self. I would also pick up on the thread in your conversation regarding the power of human intention to contribute to the matrix or the grid as you were referring to an upcoming event.

There is no single greater contribution that a mortal of the realm can make than to offer their intention and their energy in service to the whole. It is not necessary to know exactly what it is you are doing when you are in the act of donating your energy. If you align yourselves with your divine parents and offer to be a volunteer, then you most certainly can trust that your donation will be directed to its maximum potential and focus where it is most needed. It is not required that you know the mechanics of this or the results, but rather that you act in faith, particularly as an agondonter of the realm, for when you do this you are indeed a potent force, a light whose beam may be directed on high. Together you are as a chandelier whose light dispels much darkness. Have trust and faith that this is so even as you have trust and faith that in this hour this discussion between us is so.

It is the same faith required for you to extend and volunteer, donate your efforts, and then, my dear ones, be willing to receive as those who work in the fields of the Father certainly earn their rewards. It is not a one-way scenario or an unknown contribution. It is Encircuiting yourself and allowing that you can be used as a light anchor, each one, thereby enabling and creating the circuitry necessary for the influx of spirit and light.

[These] threads I observed in your conversation. I desire to grab and pull and weave them into the fabric of our attempts to assemble this divine tapestry that we are working on together. Thank you for your attention and I withdraw to open this forum and allow for others or questions or comments. Thank you.

* Serena (Kathy): This is an opportunity for participation with all universe agencies to upstep the process on Urantia. We have great anticipation of the gathering of energy for the enhancement of the development of the peace process in the plan of reclamation of this world from the era of rebellion. Be assured that your intention is an active agent in the action on this world. You are at a pivotal point in the process of realignment of energy and spirit circuitry. We appreciate all efforts to coordinate with others to amplify the effect of your intentions.

* Machiventa (Mark): I would greet you as well, this is Machiventa. I would echo Serena's words that you are at a pivotal point. You are of course at a pivotal point at every moment of your existence. This particular, this unique now, is the pivot point for all that is to happen after this. It may be used as a fulcrum to leverage the future. It may be seen as a keyhole to look through into potential. There was some discussion about dragging your past with you as part of your identity, and this is very true, for without all your understanding of your life's experience you would not stand as who you are today. Much about you is defined by who you were, who you have been, what you have done, where you have been, what you have seen, what have you read, what you know. These things are your experiential base, and you tend to stand atop these and look out at the world from your pile of experience. It would do well for you to begin to examine the hold that you have on this pile of self.

Do you cling so hard to your past experiences that you are unable to move forward into a new dimension? Is it so important to you to define yourself by the past that you cannot look to the future with the open mind of one willing to see? It is always a challenge for those in your evolutionary process to come to an understanding, even a realization, that all those things that happened before are not who you are in this moment?

They are who you were in another moment which no longer exists, and they are certainly not who you will be in the next moment unless you choose that would be so, that is, that you can project your past into your future, and it will look the same as your past. You can drag this pile of experience and self with you, and no matter where you are you can stand atop this, and your view will be quite similar.

However, if you are ready, at any point you may choose to leave behind as past experiences your collection of self identification and be prepared to open the door on a new version, a new vision, of who you are, unencumbered by who you were. This is a great challenge to most mortals because they cling to those aspects of self that they have chosen to define themselves by, and some have serviced you quite well in your negotiating life's challenges.

But nothing has ever been created or invented or composed in past; it must be done in the moment; it must be done with a new and fresh perspective, one which cuts free from the fetters and shackles of who and where and what that no longer exist and allows you to be who, where and what you would be, you could be, if only you were to allow yourselves to be. But it is much like your having to let go of one rope that you have been swinging back and forth on and you are comfortable with in order to grab a new rope. There is uncertainty. There is overwhelming tendency to remain with what has been safe and comfortable... remains the same, swinging back and forth....

You let go of that one and grab a new one. Your experience cannot change. I see you all as having let go of several ropes and having successfully traversed quite a ways through the jungle, releasing one set of understanding, reaching, for another. And you all will witness that you have gained and not lost by reaching and grabbing for the unknown. There is always an element that is fearful to lose what you have built up, your pile of experience. But if you can simply reconcile that while important and valuable to you, your past is simply in the past and that it does not necessarily dictate your now or your future unless you choose to allow it to do so. Thank you for this opportunity to play with more of these threads and weave a little bit more into this tapestry we are creating.

I will look forward to working with you at this firing the grid event and throughout the day on Tuesday. There is much astir in the universe, much that is in motion and simply needs direction, simply needs pathways to accommodate its manifestation. Thank you all for your devoted attention to these messages and to the lessons provided. It certainly warms the hearts of all of us who are so intent upon working with you and developing curriculums that will be effective in times to come. I thank you for your contributions to these efforts. Farewell.