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Jessona - Exercise in Connections & Uses of Energy - Jul 22, 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Exercise in Connections,
  2. Stillness and Energy, Use of Energy,
  3. Universal, Eternal, and Infinite-Subject, Object, and Verb.

Teachers: Jessona, Serena, Monjoronson, Elyon.

July 22, 2007

* Jessona (Mark TR): I am Jessona, here to offer an exercise in connections . .. in order to facilitate projection, transfer of energy. The first step has already been taken; you have all provided the energy necessary to allow yourselves this time to focus your intent, to make the call and ready yourself, to provide yourself with the posture necessary to engage yourself with this activity.

I see that you are all quite willing to provide the necessary to complete this step quite adequately. The next step is the combining of the energies, the encircuitment of the parts with the whole, creating a new living energy system that is the result of all your individual contributions and desires that this be so. Having created this vortex where your combined energies meet at a point above all of you and connecting all of you by a web, this vortex of energy may be expanded with divine grace, because when there is created this new system, this new living system, there is support from on high for pure intentions and positive motivation, and therefore your contributions are added to, and there forms a column, an anchor of light. In a case as today where there is a desired focal point, it is then possible for each of you to envision the projecting in specific direction to a sister, for instance, as in today's exercise. You may allow yourselves to visualize this beam of energy, beam of light, being projected out to the location of a dear loved one, a sister, and see this light as reaching her and bathing her, surrounding her, as engulfing her with your good will, your good intentions and the good intentions of the others and the good intentions of the Father and Mother who add theirs to yours.

It becomes a boat of hope, a carrier of energy that may be directed where it is necessary. If you have access to the specific need, as in this case where there is a hip, you may further visualize directing this light to the effected area, warming, soothing, calming, relaxing, and even go further by visualizing the dissolution of matter back into its energy state similar to the light that you send, free-flowing and flexible. Then you might add your petition, your prayer, your suggestion, that all be collected once again in a perfected state, that energy be reorganized into matter in a more divine state, divine pattern.

Then in your process of visualizing what it is your energy is doing, there is the appreciation of accomplishment, which is an aspect of your faith that this be so, and to be thankful for what you believe, what you know, what you understand about this process and all that you don't yet understand. We have just been through the process of attaching links to the chain, lighting up the component parts so that energy may be directed, may be applied, may be administered, may be received. As well we are assuming that our participant in this process has granted us permission to be engaged in this way. Therefore we have caused this alignment with our very intention to do so.

So it is, these connections have been made; so it is that this energy may flow; so it is that each of you, all of you, are beginning to know that this is so, beyond belief, even beyond faith, in fact even as a result of your faith. You are beginning to know of a certainty that this is so and not just hope that this is so or wish that this is so. It is known that results are given to those who exercise their faith, not to bolster their faith, but as a result of their faith. The faith comes first, then the results which increase the faith. Thank you very much for your desire to perform this circuitment in this hour. It is a pleasure to offer some direction as to what it is you are doing, how it is that it is being accomplished. These descriptions are crude, elementary descriptions, but they provide you with something for your mind to grasp while your soul is in process of being engaged. I withdraw to allow this forum for others. Thank you.

* Serena (Kathy): Stillness is essential to the use of energy, as you have discussed it. We find that your bodies are able to turn into another level of energy when in the practice of stillness. It is not the usual level of awareness that is used in your everyday life. The energy level needs to be lowered as the process of stillness drops away from the stimulus of your senses and opens up another level that is more available to be used in contact with those of us who are here to access this space with you.

Be assured that the practice of stillness leads to contact with Michael, Mother, and those of us who are sent to aid you on this planet. We are able to use your intent to augment the energy systems in your body. This increases the effectiveness of any energy work attempted. Be open to the experimentation with these energies; it's a natural part of your mortal experience.

* Monjoronson (Mark): Greetings I am Monjoronson. I would pick up where these threads have led us today and discuss more about energy. All things are energy in different form. You are simply a collection of energy in divine pattern. You are a mass of individual energy units collected together and formed into pattern. Likewise your food is, as well, energy collected into pattern. This energy that you take in passes through you, becomes you, passes out of you, and sustains the organized energy that is you. Likewise your water is similar, energy in particular form which you take in. It passes through you, out of you, changes its nature and composition, and it is taken up by the higher energy form and is released back into the environment as waste. Your sunlight as well is an energy in a different form. It is quite necessary to the functioning of your organism of self. Everything that you know in this material realm is comprised of energy that has been transformed into its pattern, much of it appearing to you to be static or unchanged, but in fact those things you consider to be permanent are in fact still changing, simply at a slower rate.

The stone does not change at the same rate as the flower. Both are comprised of energy in a state of flux. You are learning that there are many types of energy and many manifestations that you may come into contact with and even learn to direct. Whereas you may not create sunlight, you certainly have found ways to focus it and direct it, to shield yourselves from it, to take advantage of it in your growth cycles. It is not necessary for you to understand the creation of this form of energy as much as it is you understand the use of it and how to exist with it and even how to maximize its potential, as you do when you plant your garden accordingly to take advantage of the season of the sun.

As you venture into the spiritual realm and contact a whole new set of energy parameters, you will learn how to exist with these universal principles, and once again you will find that it is not necessary for you to understand how these principles are created or how they are there to be used, but rather that they are there to be used, and you have a part you can play in their direction, in their use, in their focus.

So if you begin to see all things as energy, then it becomes easier for you to consider that as an energy yourselves, as a combination of energies, you have relationship to the various forms of energy, the various wavelengths of energy. Because you are a child of the greatest energy of all, the First Source and Center, you as well have some influence over these various energy circuits. As you practiced in your exercise today, you may take and direct these energies, you may send them out, you may focus them, you may project them as you will, as you do in your daily lives, and these energies are as real as the energy that comprises the stone.

That is the difficult one for mortal man to grasp, something so untouchable, unsolid, may in fact be as real and as definite as something that seems so static and permanent as stone. But they are all energy in different forms, providing different functions, adhering to different patterns. They are all real; they are all genuine. So think not that your activities in focusing spiritual energies are any less significant than your activities in focusing material energies in the work that you do, the actions that you take.

These are all directed energies; they are simply in different form, adhering to different pattern. That would be my contribution I would add to the pool that we are creating of wisdom in this hour and understanding. Thank you for your devoted attention. I would withdraw.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, this is Elyon. I will begin my presentation by drawing upon some terminology expressed in your Urantia Papers. You have been informed of the names of the First, Second, and Third Sources and Centers, they being Universal Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit. Father is the uncaused cause.

All things, beings, reality forms, are derived from this uncaused cause, the universal cause of everything. The first most objective existence or being is the Son. That first object is eternal and has never been truly "caused" but has always been. You and I and all things around us are subsequent objective projections. But just as in your sentence structure a subject and object have no meaning without the relationship of a verb, and this is that Third Source and Center. The relationship of Trinity is love. Love is the action, and that love is infinite. It is for all and everything. In your world and my world of relativity we have many relationships, ways to connect selfhood with others and other things.

I draw again upon your sentence. If you have "John" and "dog" what does that mean? There is an infinite amount of possibilities. John sees dog. John trains dog. John chases dog. And on it goes. You have addressed the issue of health and physical well-being. Physical conditions are objects, and you are the source and center of your being. Healing is the adjustment of the relationship, the changing of the verb. This is the secret; this is how you heal. It is the energy, the transformer, or more correctly, the transforming. I will now address another focus of all who aspire to spiritual attainment, that being stillness. Within you is the Universal Father, and you objectified is the Eternal Son.

Stillness is the attempt of taking the objective human being back to the subject source. Stillness is silence in action, it is wakefulness, attentiveness. It is embrace. It is absorption, and it is love. You lose your life that you may gain it. You sit at the far end of the table that you may be taken to the head. You give to the little ones and by so doing you give to Him on high. And so you learn to love your humanness as much as you love the divine within, for all three is trinity: the divine, the human, and the embrace, the oneness, the unity.

Thank you for your reception. I am finished.