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Michael; Monjoronson; Journey Back To Awareness - Mar 04, 2007 - North Idaho

Subject: No. Idaho Team 3-04-07
Teachers: Michael, Monjoronson
T/r's: John and Sheila Graves

Michael: [Sheila] I would request your understanding for Me and that through your self uniqueness, through the choices that you make, the style that you are, the goodness that you portray, that I would reach the moment I have intended. I does please Me and entertain Me and overflows my heart with joy to watch you act out for Me and now I ask you to allow Me to act through you. Allow Me to flow from you and this will manifest through you in your own personal accent.

My dear ones, there can be nothing more beautiful than the dance that we do together. Receive for yourselves young ones. Fill yourselves up so that the flow, the overflow will effortlessly be moved through you. I am most grateful for our relationship, for your dedication, for your willingness. I wrap My arms around each and every one of you. Thank you.

Monjoronson: [John] This is Monjoronson. These are great times children. These are times to pay attention to the great magic that exists in your lives. It is time to feel the energy of gratitude and love. It is time to release the denial of your divine origin for all comes from The Great Father. You will begin your journey back to awakeness. You will begin to feel your higher true selves, you will begin to appreciate that part of you that has experienced for lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, who has been so brave to come from a place of higher vibration to experience the grand illusion and creations that has taught you through experience the wisdom, the gift to The Father.

It is time to release all the intellectual logic or the old way it was done, with bouts of magic of your higher awakened selves. Appreciate the little one, the aspect of yourselves that has so courageously and bravely gone into the world to discover the potentials that The Father has instilled in you all. It has been coupled with the uniqueness of each personality, each flavor, each color as you have enmeshed within yourselves a symphony of sound and color. What a song have you broadcasted throughout the universe. It is lovely to behold this grand unfolding of the new citizen of this new world.

It is time to stop reacting to the old and to sidestep it and to start creating the new world. Your potentials are unlimited, your self discovery will exist throughout eternity. We are all one. Just think of a world where magic is the norm, where newness is in each moment, where love is the energy that feeds all. It is the recognition of this energy, it is the use of this energy, it is the gratitude of having this gift from The Father that allows us the greatness, the great power that exists within each one of us. Yes we are coming into your lives for not the first time. It will be a reunion of grand stature. It will be a celebration that has never existed in the universe before for it is not only in this planet that this magic will exist.

This magic will exist throughout the universe. Be proud, do not be hard on yourselves. Recognize the one who is living this experience. Give that one love and develop that relationship for that relationship is shared between you and The Father and how could not The Father love the child. I will step back from the podium and I am privileged to join in all the magic that is happening in the world right now and that is just the beginning.