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Monjoronson; The Voice; The Adjuster Series- Adjuster Recognition & Relationship - Feb 15, 2007 -Teleconference

February 15, 2007
Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2-15-07 Adjuster Series
Teacher: Monjoronson, the Voice,
Mark Rogers
T/r: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine parents we come to you in gratitude and love and in joy in forming this union once again. We would invite you to participate with us, to come among us and be with us in this process. We welcome your influence as we attempt to grow closer to you throughout this process. It is our sincere desire to reach for you and access you in this hour to come and be with you. So, we open ourselves up that we may be in your presence even in this hour.

Monjoronson: I will accept your invitation to join your group, I am Monjoronson and many of you are becoming quite familiar with my energy signature, my presence. In your group I have desired to be a regular participant and visitor and contributor to your group that we may form a partnership, both a collective partnership, an agreement to join at these times together and form our energy reservoir, and as well there is an aspect of individual partnership that I desire with each of you. We come to the classroom to be provided with more layers of awareness and understanding and then we must as well do our lab work in the field.

I refer to the fields in which you all live and have your being. These concepts and principles we discuss in class are only theory when they are taken in by the ears and understood by the mind but when they are taken out abroad and practiced in the field they become real and tangible to you as you go through your daily process, your daily lab work. One of the biggest concepts we are wrestling with is to come to a point of recognition and then a point of relationship with your onboard partner that has agreed to be with you for this journey. You have a number of manuals and texts that you may use in your attempts to make this identification and realization but just as with anything learned through the conventional mind process, to become firmly seated as an aspect of your being it must be experienced and used in your lives.

So while we may, this evening or any evening, gain much in the discussion and portrayal of this aspect of your being, it is not until you each one determine to take your work out into the field and test these theories that they will become your actual experiences from which you may draw your most profound awareness's. Your texts attempt to describe the composition of your being by delineating your component parts and this may be useful to the mind in its attempt to organize this information and process to the limit of its ability the relationship described, but all of you have in fact had direct personal experience with your divine component and have been engaged in your lab experiments for most of your lives while not understanding what it is that you were observing in the process.

In fact all of you can recall times in your lives where you have seemed to be in the flow with spirit. Perhaps you have provided counsel to a friend and you have provided words that were nourishing to the soul that seemed to just flow from you. Perhaps you were inspired to provide a variation on an idea, perhaps you were even inspired to promote an ideal. You may have had an insight as was described earlier as to how to resolve a difficulty. You all have had epiphanies of understanding. You all have experienced moments of increased awareness. These all were times when you were acting in partnership with your divine fragment and while you may not have attributed the event to this partnership, makes it none the less just as real.

That brings the question to mind, are things real if you are unaware of them? If you are inspired and have words of wisdom to speak and you are unaware that they have come from your higher side, does your unawareness make those words any less real? This question is important to consider when we are wading into an arena where each one of you will be required to make your own assessment of the truth contained within any statement. As more and more of you begin to accept your relationship to your inner voice and begin to express yourself in partnership, there will arise this question of authorship. Who said that, was that you, was that more than you, was that divinely inspired, did that have any aspect of yourself contained?

Was it real, is it true? Therein lies our next great lab project, to go out into the world and to look at everything with a new eye of discernment for spiritual truth. Your culture has an obsession with wanting to know who the author is and therefore how much credibility to devote to any given work. But we are entering a time when divine truth will be flowing from every seam and crack and individual that is willing to let it flow. Therefore we must adjust our perception to accommodate that there will be truths coming from even such as yourselves that is no less true or no less real than if it had come from a impeccable source.

This question arises in this process of transmitting and receiving and projecting out that which people are getting from the outside or perhaps even from the inside. There will be misidentification of authorship. Was it Monjoronson, could it have been Michael? Perhaps Machiventa?, perhaps it was a combined sentiment from "the other side". Does that matter in reference to the value contained, to the truths represented? If it is applicable and truthful and righteous, then take it, accept it as the gift that it is from on high. If you are uncertain of the authorship, does that change the validity?

If a man on the street offers you a smile and words of wisdom do you discount that because he is not at a pulpit? No. We are growing beyond those limitations. You need not be at a pulpit, in front of a group of individuals that have conferred authority upon you. You need not be anything more than sincere and willing for you each one to be a conduit of truth. You may stumble because you are not certain of the origin of this truth. You may be unwilling to move forward because you have not had a bold proclamation as to who would have you deliver such truths, But my friends, truth is truth and whether it is delivered by the most highs or a stranger passing by, if it is in your presence, likely it is meant for you.

If you begin to look at life as potential truth everywhere you will open up vast opportunities for growth and understanding. If you wait to get your truth until the next time we meet, for instance, then how many days will pass where you are not looking for truth, not receptive to the truth in your own laboratory experience. I encourage you to be prepared to find the truth anywhere and everywhere. The Father will use all means available to reach you, to comfort you, to provide you with that which you are seeking. It need not be in any strict form that you should wait to receive it in, rather the true master knows that the truth abounds everywhere and is readily available to any who has eyes to see and ears to hear.

I encourage you to practice this discernment of truth, not take every statement made as righteous and divine by any means but run each statement and every action through your filter of discernment to glean from those instances what truth may be contained. Your culture has told you to be wary of all things, to trust nothing until it has been proven to you, until it has been given authority. But I tell you that is not how The Father operates. Each of you are receivers and each of you are transmitters of truth as well to the degree that you will allow this to occur. So as you go out and about in the fields of your lives, develop your sense of awareness that truth may be at every turn, at any turn and whether or not you can identify to your satisfaction the source of this truth, the authorship of this truth, make every attempt to not overlook it.

You have an accurate filter within. If it is of divinity then it will resonate and ring your truth bell internally. If it is questionable or marginal then you will not have such a profound response and you are also all familiar with the response provided when you encounter things that do not at all resemble righteousness or divinity. You are well aware of the many times you have encountered things which do not sit well with you, that you do not accept and you need now to trust yourself in this process. I say trust yourself but you are not alone in this either, even in your process there is one with you who will confirm for you the validity of the truth contained or will decline to affirm for you that this is material that is appropriate for you.

You all have an instinct that needs to be fostered as to what is true and right and good and what does not have those elements, but you cannot practice this and do this accurately if you do not accept that there are many avenues to be examined, that there may be found in any number of sources [things] that do not appear to have divine authorship. Still there may be truths and if you even glean one small aspect of truth contained within a body of work then you have exercised your discernment and you have grown wiser in the process. Be gentle with yourselves as you begin to feel the promptings more clearly in your lives, be gentle with yourselves that these are real.

They can only be real if you will accept them and the moment that you accept that they are real they become your possessions and these truths build the one upon the other and become your wisdom. You have demonstrated your ability to expand your perception box that has brought you here in this hour; now as you go out into the field, practice demonstrating expanding your perception box to include that truth may flow from another unsuspected and as well from yourself. Do not overlook that this is a valid avenue available to you by your habitual pattern to first reject until you have been convinced and approve of the channel.

Rather observe the channel before you reject, expand your perception box to at least try to perceive what the truth content may be in anything that comes your way and fear not that you will be grossly mislead because those of you who are devoted to the truth are developing your abilities to discern exactly that. There is nothing to be feared, there is nothing to be lost in the process of looking for truth anywhere and everywhere because only that which you allow in becomes real to you. The rest of it is subject to your approval and cannot adversely impact you for having contacted it. You are quite secure in your inner self where you and your voice dwell. The outside world only becomes real when you choose it as reality, therefore you have nothing to fear of being overtaken or dominated or corrupted unless that is what you choose.

I appreciate this evening, that you have chosen to be here, that we can discuss more about these characteristics and principles, that we can share these principles in the classroom to ready you for your field assignments. I would contain my remarks at this point and would allow for any to extend the curriculum with questions or observations. Would there be any tonight?

Q: I have been working with a friend who is a healer and he has lost his faith in himself because he has had many psychic attacks. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can inspire him so he can start healing again and helping people?

Monjoronson: I would remind him of what I said just a moment ago that he is completely safe within. There are no forces in this universe that can assault an individual unless they have opened the door to this assault. That is, if he feels assaulted, if he feels alone, if he feels a victim at any time, to partner himself with whatever divine personality he is familiar with: to ask for assistance, to ask for this friend to come and be with him and assure him that he is in fact safe. That he has ultimate control over this situation and he may need to adopt different techniques wherein he creates a safe environment for him to practice his skill.

This attitude of creation and manifestation is one that we all must navigate in this process. To create another reality is quite a simple task of choosing to do just that. Empower him with the knowledge that he is not alone or is not a victim to be assaulted, he is a powerful co-creative being who can manifest any reality he chooses. That is true with all of you here tonight. You are all powerful co-creative beings that know not of your power. If you only understood what you are capable of your lives would manifest quite differently but your life has patterned you to accept your position, your condition in this life. Are you sick, are you well, are you rich, are you poor?

Society, your culture labels you in these ways, you have been injured and therefore lo and behold, you are. In this process of discovery you will find that you can manifest any number or realities by simply activating your choice, by directing your intention, by manifesting your purpose. You need not be what you were labeled, poor, sick, a victim, attacked. Those are all material restrictions and limitations imposed upon you in the material dimension. Your soul is none of those things. The greater part of you has nothing to do with any aspect of materialism that is restrictive whatsoever.

If you were to look at life from the part of you that is eternal, the big part of you, the forever part of you, the divine part of you, then you will begin to see that all these temporal things are just that, temporal manifestations of conditions in your lives. They do not define you, most of them don't even exist. But many will live their entire lives believing that they exist, accepting that they exist and therefore, once again, they are real. That is a good point to make. It may not even be true, but it may very well be real to the individual who accept it and embraces it.

The truth is that you are a divine creative being but you may in fact accept another version of who you are and for a while, that version that you have in your mind will be real and you will manifest that thought about yourself. Your thought and your words and your deeds are what define you as a creative being; therefore in this exercise even today we must be conscious of our thoughts, their limitations, their expectations because our thoughts condition the very reality that we navigate and here is the key. Your thoughts are not fixed and neither is your reality.

Change your thoughts about who you are and you will change your reality about who you are. You will manifest your new creative prerogative, you will reflect what you project. So not only to your friend who has seen himself assaulted, but to all of you, be concerned over the vision you have of yourself. Do not shortchange yourself, do not bring limitations to who you are in your thought process because that is exactly what you will experience. You literally are creating your life whether you know it or not. So now that you know it, what will you create? What will you choose?

I encourage you to choose your loftiest ideal, your highest notion, your grandest vision of who you are. Settle for nothing less, be determined. Project those thoughts and you will find that your world will change and conform to support your notion of who you are. You are not out there buffeted about by life's circumstances, reacting to the ways of time and space. No, my friends, you are divine beings who are creating the circumstances and the storms that may arise around you. You may also create the calm. You choose, you decide and then you be. I hope this inspires you to seize control over your creative capacity and the origin of that which is your thoughts and to use these as your greatest tools for becoming that which you are destined to be, divine creatures, creators and children of the First Source and Center.

Q: Thank you Monjoronson, I appreciate that.

Q: Thank you Monjoronson. I like what you were talking about, the reality of the world seems to shift with what we place mental emphasis or note on and would you talk a little more on that subject? I appreciate your address tonight, thank you.

Monjoronson: Well it is I who appreciate your interest my friends. Without the students there is no classroom and there is no reward for the teacher to have developed the curriculum and delivered it. It is exceedingly pleasing to have individuals wake up to the realization of their potential and that is what you are experiencing in this association. It is not that this potential was not present and resident within you each and every one, it is the awakening of your realization of this potential that activates it in this time, in this place. All of you will experience this awakening. It is not a matter of if, it is only a matter of when and the sooner you arrive at this place of awareness through your diligent efforts, the easier your journey will be because you will learn to step up and take the wheel rather than seeing yourself as the passenger in a speeding vehicle through life.

You will want to move over and take the controls yourself, realizing you are capable, that this is what the plan encompasses, that you will seize control of your destiny at some point, take your own wheels and your experience and journey at that point will be far more rewarding to you as you will understand your relationship in the process, even your authorship in this process. You need not feel as though you should go this journey alone, at any time you have a devoted guide and assistant who comprises your crew as you take the wheel. If you will develop the technique of listening to this guide, asking this guide for assistance in your decision making process, in your projection of that which you would choose to be real, then this partner infuses your choices with divinity, with righteousness, with awareness and what seemed like at first a journey of uncertainty and doubt turns into a thrilling exercise of expression and conviction.

Where at first you felt or may feel subject to the conditions imposed upon you after your liaison and partnership is developed you will view the same opportunities as great potentials before you for a thrilling and exciting journey where doubt has been replaced with certainty and assurance, where misunderstanding has been replaced with awareness and then you may truly manifest your purpose and express your true being in the process. Have patience my dear ones, be kind to yourselves. Be gentle, give yourselves room and space to make these observations and sit with the progress that you make on a daily basis frequently returning to this well, to this reservoir as often as you need to bring you the stability and comfort that you so desire in your journey.

Q: That helps substantially, thank you very much.

Monjoronson: We mutually thank each other my friend, when we come together we are in fact in service to the one by being in service to each other. In this way we both have benefitted and we both have fulfilled our desire to be in service, even if this service is directed at developing our individual selves, it is a service to the Father. So we are joined in this together, we are on the same team, in fact we are one.

Q: Glory to The Father and Michael's plan.

Monjoronson: Indeed, in which all of you are a part as am I. Glory indeed, joy as well as we perceive glimpses of the beauty of the entirety of this plan.

Q: I try to do a lot of research and we were checking out the abundant hope site and Christ Michael referred to the dark ones as the BBB and the G's. Could you elaborate on this an give us some information on that?

Monjoronson: In short, no, not through this transmitter/receiver who is unfamiliar with what you are describing and has no reference to draw from as to what we are attempting to describe. If you could describe further, perhaps.

Q: I was thinking along the lines of the dark ones being referred to the BB and B's, the G's also known as the Annunuki or the Nephalum that are still here on earth. Does that help at all?

Monjoronson: I'm afraid not my friend. This illustrates a different aspect of the relationship that we enjoy in this hour. Without some construct of understanding in the reference frame of my associate I cannot access information not contained in this data base, the data base I refer to being the transmitter/receiver. Many of you might consider that we teachers are mind readers and able to cross-fertilize between what one human mind has assembled as a data base and another human mind but that is not how this process works and in fact if my associate has nothing to reference in his data base it is not possible for me to provide that in this instance for him.

This is one of the limitations apparent in the transmitter/receiver process and I will point out that this very limitation is what is not present in the connection between an individual and their indwelling fragment. There is an avenue of connection more akin to communion between an individual and their inner voice which can in fact transcend the absence of concepts and data and provide from outside sources revelatory material and unknown concepts but in this instance we have run up against a limitation of process and we must navigate our way through these gaps in information by attempting to use peripheral information when applicable but in this case my associate draws a blank.

This was fortunate to expose as a part of this process because the partnership which exists in this mode of communication is very much dependent upon the human element and we are greatly restricted in what we can project out based upon the data base and the construct of understanding of the given volunteer in the chain we call transmitting/receiving. So we have identified a gap that exists and can be expected to exist with any transmitter/receiver due to the inherent limitations to exposure to available data. That speaks to our earlier discussion on whether or not such information may be real or true.

This T/R has no knowledge or awareness of the references you made. Does that exclude those references from the realm of potential or even reality? No, not at all. It simply means that there is a lack of awareness. The same may be said of any of you when you have reached the brink of your understanding regarding any topic. You may be aware that there are rockets that fly into space but how many of you are aware of the details of rocket science. Does that mean because you are unaware of those details that rockets do not exist? No. Does it imply that because you are unaware of how to perform brain surgery that there are not those who are aware of how to perform brain surgery? Certainly not.

It only illustrates your individual limitations of understanding and awareness. Thank You for providing the opportunity to illustrate this point.

Q: From what you just explained it would appear that a person would then be advised to accumulate as much knowledge as possible on different subject areas so that this person could have in their understanding some gist of subject matter so you would have some basis as a backboard so to speak to develop your illustration. Could you speak to this need for us to be as aware as possible in the event in the future we are required to be T/R'S.

Monjoronson: My friend you have just expressed it quite eloquently yourself. I would only go on to add that you are continually adding data to your data base throughout your lives and this is exceedingly valuable. Language in particular is our biggest obstacle. We must use your words and your words must illustrate your concepts of understanding but even greater than the data which you compile in your lives and the vocabulary that you use to express your understanding of this information, even greater that all that is your personal experience of this information. As was said in the beginning, it is one thing to sit in class and take notes and add to your stockpile of available accumulated information but it is quite another to speak with the authority of experience. You may know of many, many things. You may know of rockets in space and of brain surgery to the degree that you really do know of these things, of yourself you have not fully invested yourself in the understanding and the wisdom of these things. Some of this may not be applicable to you as in rocket science. Not many of you need to know the details of launching a craft into space. It is well enough to know that it exists and people do know the details. It may be well enough for you to know of the various religions on the planet and to know in a general sense how they view the very same concepts we are trying to describe.

But there is a level beyond knowing of, knowing about and that is where your wisdom lies in the things that have truly become yours by virtue of your experience. I feel privileged to work with a number of individuals who have the capacity that they exhibit to use language to express feelings and thoughts and communication but what I am able to bring through one transmitter/receiver will be vastly different than what another transmitter/receiver will be able to portray. Were my words and sentiments and ideas any different or was it the filter of language and transmitter/receiver and partnership that changes and alters the message that comes through?

It is a partnership and I must work with each individual willing to work with me in a unique and cherished partnership. I am aware of the limitations involved, I hope you are as well but I choose to utilize this process with its faults and limitations and I trust that each of you upon hearing my words through any various source will take them into your data base and make them into your truths by virtue of your own experience. No two of you will do this the same because no two of you have similar experiences or data bases in your brains. Rather each one of you hearing my words tonight will have a different reaction, a different response, will formulate different choices and will exercise different options based upon what is real to you.

I accept that it will be different for each one of you even though these words stand as the words that were said, each one of you will hear them differently, will even feel them distinctly and this is as it should be. We are not uniform creatures, rather we are individuals taking in to our data bases in our own way, combining that information with our individual personalities, making those into our experiences and from that process deriving the permanence of wisdom. So yes, take in everything, anything. Put it all in the computer of the mind, the data base from which you can draw. Make your vocabulary as large as it can possibly be because even so it is way too small to describe what we're trying to describe.

But we will push forth and we will use the words at hand in our computers of the mind to project out what is really a sense, a feeling, a knowing, an indescribable by words phenomenon, but that is what we will use in our attempt to get there as part of it and then we must rely on the heart to lead us where the mind leaves off. Thank you for your diligence in the process of accumulating your data for your data base, that you may be an effective ambassador of truth. Fear not, even if your vocabulary is minuscule it can be used for the glorification of The Father. It will be to the degree that you will function in this capacity.

If there are no other contributions this evening I would release this T/R from service and express on my way out my profound gratitude for all of you who are so dedicated and devoted to this process because that is all that is needed to insure success individually and collectively. Success in growth, success in service, success in becoming who you are as individuals and it a joy to behold. I bid you farewell until next time, good evening.

Mark/The Voice: I would like to provide a little clarification. Any of you who are attempting to understand the process; the many times that you hear me pause in the process I am internally running through the dictionary of my terms to try to come up with a word that most closely describes the impression, the message being delivered. They are my words, they are my limitations. It is my fault if anything is unexpressed. It certainly is no shortcoming of the teacher who is working with me. I accept all responsibility for the role that I play and the limitations that I bring to the process.

I will carry on using the best of my skills and ability and it will only be a shadow of the truth. It will only be my explanation, my words, my concepts and I know that it is inspired, it is fostered, it is promoted by virtue of my relationship but in the final analysis it will be me whose words you hear and you would do well to use your own powers of discernment to figure whether or not it has the ring of spirit, the ring of truth to you individually. I believe that I am functioning in close association with personalities such as Monjoronson who we heard tonight but it is only my best try as a mortal of the realm and therefore as imperfect as it can be.

So, I will encourage any of you to go beyond, not settle for the words of the teachers, as glorious as I concede with you that they are, as uplifting and righteous as they are, they are filtered through the human element and therefore subject to error. Your internal voice and your communion with your internal voice is not subject to error, mis-communication or misunderstanding. It is your ultimate verification in this life, in the eternal career it is where you should seek to go always to for your verification that anything coming from the outside is in fact genuine and while myself and the others believe and trust what we are doing in this process we are only human.

There is a greater source available to each and every one of you who will access it and when you do you will not settle for words, phrases and thoughts that have been recycled through a human psyche, rather you will go directly to the source, literally to the First Source and Center. Pick up your "red line" to the First Source and Center, your infallible channel. That is what we are trying to discover in this process and we have to use words, we have to use personalities, instructors, teachers, associates and volunteers. The chain is long but there is no distance in the chain that you have within. It is only one link. It is you and it is also you.

So I throw those thoughts out in closing tonight. Hopefully that's the direction we're going and this other direction is the means to that end and that one day we will outgrow this process, we will not need it anymore. This is only helpful in the interim and I do cherish how helpful this is as do you but we cannot stop here and be complacent about this process being where we are going. It's not. This process is a stepping stone to get us to where we are going, and that's all. As glorious as it is and as thankful as I am, that's all it is. Thank you all for coming tonight and I hope there were things in there that you can take as your own.

Q: There's a lot of energy there, blessings to you my friend.

Mark: Blessings to us all my friend. The energy you felt was a combination of every one of us here on the line and those of them who were volunteering on the other side of the veil. I as well appreciate the reservoir of energy and each one of us should drink this cup. Good night everybody.