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Monjoronson; Unidentified; Jessona - Show Your Light - Feb 04, 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Healing,
  2. Show Your Light,
  3. Breathe: Let Go.

Teachers: Monjoronson, Unidentified, Jessona

February 4, 2007

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): I love you all as well. I am Monjoronson . .. to enter this arena of spirit. I have heard the words you have said and I am with you. What good is all this spiritual learning and advancement in class if we are never to put this to the test? What good is it being tied together as we ascend if we never need to test the ropes? Therefore do I proceed boldly in the direction I perceive you all desire. I feel that you all are willing to participate with me in an exercise, and I proceed with that assumption based upon your steadfast attention so far. You have mentioned, yes, we are encircuited, and we have built this circuitry over some time now. It is strong; it is viable; it is useful. Now, my dear ones, let us focus and direct our energies. John, my assistant, would you please rise. Would you be willing, as I know you are, to be the conduit of directive focus and energy on your sister and associate Sheila? Would you rise and stand behind her where you may place your hand on her shoulders. You are now installed as the conduit for this group's focused attention.

Now if each of you will join me in focusing our love, our wishes that all is well, our compassion, and our understanding for exactly all the phases we must traverse individually and collectively. Feel as if these are your hands on your sister. Create the reality within yourself that you are holding the rope firm.

Do this in this moment with me. Since you are able to, request of your Adjuster Presence, of your inner voice, that they as well connect in this effort. Imbue this entire moment with the flow of spirit and proceed in faith. Pause to feel this moment. You yourselves each one now drink of this cup. Savor this circuitry. You are such great light beings that together your brightness is well beyond your comprehension, but you do have faith to exercise these muscles. Now, it is required that your sister accept this flow of mortal and divine combined energies. Let us create the circuitry that not only reaches her but passes through her on its way to grounding out into your Mother. Then a short moment in intention. Breathe your purpose in. Receive your energy back. Channel and focus your being in this moment with this friend. Each one of you takes away from this experience that you have been a valuable contributor.

Each one of you has felt this circuitry in this hour. Each one of you has strengthened your access to this circuitry in this hour. Each one of you has grown before our very eyes. While you do not have all of your family of humans to share this joy with, be at peace that you have each other; certainly you have all of us who are in observation.

We are in awe as well. We have just witnessed yet another miracle that you have demonstrated for us. Thank you, my dear ones, for once again rising up to an opportunity that is before us, that is even within us. It is a joy and a pleasure to work with those so eager to follow where we might lead. I acknowledge that when one advances to a new level, a new platform of understanding, part of that experience is the departing from the previous level of understanding.

Each level that you attain may very well become a comfort zone for you, but that is only because you are unaware of the next and greater level before you. You are as the child who clings to the parent not to be dropped off at Disneyland and then discovers there is great fun to be had there. Be kind to yourselves, be gentle to yourselves as we are with you. Be loving to yourselves as we are with you.

Be supportive of each other as we are with you, and be full of faith in yourselves as we are with you. If you could just see yourselves as we see you you would change your entire attitude about who you are. But that is the slow and evolving process we are involved in. Be at peace in this process. You are making a great climb, and not every step you take can be sure and solid. There will be stumbling, falling, needing to grab onto the rope for support. That is as it should be, as it will be throughout. Be of great faith and all else will be shown unto you. I withdraw to allow the magnificent connection for use by others. Thank you again, farewell.

* unidentified (John): Cats meow. Engines roar. Bombs are dropped. Souls leave this planet. Souls are born into this planet. People evolve. People stay at certain stages. Money rattles. Humans seek peace and silence, joy. Still the spirit rises, ever evolving, ever returning to the Source, for these are the activities of the children of God who have chosen to experience the outward and, finding them unsatisfactory, go back to the inward and bring those experiences with them.

The levels that are achieved are earned by the children of God. Activities go on separately together. It is shared throughout the universe, and yet each path is sacred with the companionship of God Himself. This yearning, this quest to reunite is a natural process. Oh great ones, such a struggle, such a magnificent struggle, climbing, climbing, through the ascension process towards the light core within. You are all being successful in this evolution through the ascension process, through the experiences that you encounter each day through the light that is increasingly showing through your physical essence. You walk with power. You glow.

You talk and your vibration touches many people, many brothers and sisters who have not yet allowed their light to shine through. You have given them permission to say that it's okay to show your light, to show your love. to show your connection to the Father. Oh pioneers of the great resurrection of this planet, we salute you, and we encourage you to show more and more of your light. Do not discount your actions. Do not discount your feelings. Do not throw away the love that the Father gives you, for He truly loves you, and you are finding your connection growing stronger with Him as you find that you truly love Him, that you are one and the same. I will step back now and allow someone else.

* Jessona (Jonathan): I am Jessona and I am here also to assist in the collective focus toward healing. I will follow Monjoronson by asking Mary to stand and place her hands on the shoulders of Mark. I ask that each of my brothers and sisters in this circle be aware of your own neck and shoulder connection. Make it clear in your mind's eye. Note its concreteness, the aspects of rigidity, and the elements of flexibility combined in such a beautiful work of biological art. Each one of you, feel in your own hands increasing warmth, divine energy accumulating. As you are now in touch with your physical structure, project that to the anchor point of Mary and Mark. Focus on Mark's neck and shoulder. Sense that flexibility and that definiteness of physical structure. Let the energy start to tingle and agitate. May all that definition, that specificity of all the physical elements, begin to blur on an atomic and molecular level, below the level of cell structure. See it take no form, as does your TV set on no signal shows a snowy picture, all the material elements freed from organization dancing about, becoming fully energized, spaced to absorb the divine power. Now through these hands visualize all those atoms recombining and redistributing into a corrected, healed, condition; that constrictions unwanted are gone, that ease of movement is restored, that the vital energies of the body may flow again as designed by our Creator. Everything settles back into its proper place and function. May it be so.

Sheila: I'd like for it to be known that to the best of my ability I have received. I am very grateful to each of you. Thank you for your support and for being on this journey with me. I love you all very much.

Mark: I thank you all as Sheila has. My petition would be to thank you for all the healing that we all have in store for us. Even in advance of our awareness that it is there, it is ours. I thank all the forces, the many links in this chain of love and healing, not the least of which is my material friend links, my associated peer group. I know the value of all of you, and I thank you.

* unidentified (Mary): Okay. I feel time . .. and invite you all first of all take a very deep cleansing breath. All the way down to your belly, breathe a great big, noisy if necessary, deep cleansing breath. Shake it up. Lighten up. Blow your nose if you need to. It's okay to make noise and have some movement here. If you feel better standing up . .. as you cleanse your body with breath, with stretching. Take a moment and release and let go. So many times we seek in terms of the struggle, the striving, and it is true we use these terms because this is the feeling we have.

We are in a battle, a struggle. We are going up. We are trying. Now let us stop and let go. . .. in our ascension, in our struggle, just being where we are and look around. We are here. The view is awaiting our appreciation. The view is sweet and it's bright. It is . ... I am searching for the poetry to express the potential of this moment to appreciate, absorb, and receive the beauty, the texture, the colors, the lightness, the buoyancy, the effervescence. Let go. Lay down. Stand up, whatever it takes to alter your perspective at this moment to be one where you are openly appreciating the love, the beauty, that truly does surround you and dwell with you. Enjoy the camaraderie as we do have that compassion that we are in a time/space dimension. Within this time/space dimension is the . .. of . .. eternal joy and oneness. Might I request another deep breath?

As you take that deep breath feel your spirit rise in joy of worshipful oneness. . .. the Great Source and Center of all this beautiful . .. and joy that we call life. Father of lights . ... Fare thee well . .. and light.