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Michael - The Power of Forgiveness - Sep 07, 2006 - CCC Teleconference

LightLine Teleconference September 7, 2006

*Teacher*: Michael

*Transmitter*: Donna D'Ingillo


  1. The Power of Forgiveness -
  2. Grow in Mercy, Compassion and Understanding

Donna: Before we get started, I was in stillness. This is Donna. Just to acquaint some of you who are not familiar with what I have been doing at the Center for Christ Consciousness [Editor’s note:], Mother and Father have been coming through in a way that is very experiential in the transmissions. The way in which I have been encouraged to transmit is to hold the space for people to have a very profound body experience of Michael and Nebadonia within them. And when I was in stillness preparing for this session tonight, I got a very distinct impression that they want to bring more of their presence, or their essence, into the participants in this phone call.

So I would like to begin with setting a prayer and setting an intention, and setting up a visualization so that everyone is encircuited in Mother to receive the maximum supply, so to speak, of Michael. And then sometimes there is a question and answer period. This is the way I have been doing holding transmissions when I do it for my transmissions for the Center for Christ Consciousness during the conference calls that I host for members of the CCC.

Mother and Father, thank you so much for this opportunity to minister your spirit presence into your children as we continue through these very challenging early times of your correcting phase. We ask you to weave us together as one mind, as one body in our Father. We set the intention for our hearts to open, for our minds to be embellished with your truth, for our bodies to be opened to your healing, and we thank you for the gifts that you so freely bestow to us at any moment’s notice when we are attuned to you. Thank you.

Michael: Good evening, my beloved children. This is your father, Michael. As you know, we are in the thrilling times of change on Urantia. And it is no small undertaking to bring all of my children into the fullness of the destiny of this planet and into the awareness of their divine heritage. It is truly a monumental undertaking, even for those of us at our level of awareness. We see such a broader view of reality than you can see. The paradise grand scheme is quite unfathomable to you, and yet you are all being asked to participate in this adventurous time of correction on Urantia.

And you have all been very lovingly guided by your superb teachers under the watchful eye of your Melchizedek instructors, leaders who have been collaborating with me for many, many, many eons of time so that this correcting phase could be implemented with a minimal amount of disruption to your normal lives. And you have all so valiantly stepped forth to be of service to me and to your brothers and sisters who are now in such dire need of spiritual nourishment, spiritual support, spiritual guidance.

And it is you who are being entrusted with this monumental undertaking. And so it is necessary for you all to be trained and honed into teachers and leaders who are able to carry this message of love forth, not only through your word, but through your action, through your very lives, in living a different kind of a life that will serve as an inspiring example for your brothers and sisters. In a similar fashion to the life I led as Jesus of Nazareth, so too are you being called to live exemplary lives. And I know each one of your struggles. I am with you each and every moment. You have only to turn your attention to me, and I will fill you more and more with what you need to successfully carry on the tasks at hand, both in your material lives and in your spiritual upliftment.

With this being said, I wish to invite you now into a deeper experience within your body, within your physical self, of the presence of love, my essence, my truth, my peace, my being within you. If you are all willing to open yourselves, simply invite your Mother now to come into you, to expand you through her breath of life, and allow my presence to go wherever in your body you have need of my touch of love within you. Invite me in, my children, so that I may renew you in spirit.

Feel me, my children. It is my desire that you would feel me in the deepest part of your body, in the deepest longings of your soul. Just to feel me is to be filled with peace, to be filled with joy, and to be filled with a hopefulness that will strengthen your reserves and your resolve to be more of usefulness to your brothers and sisters through this transitional time on Urantia.

I need each and every one of you now. I need each and every one of you to be mindful of what it is that you are creating in your life as you journey with me and with your Mother. Your indwelling Father fragments are all so majestically poised now to enter into your mind wondrous news and information that will give you so much hope and joy at what is transpiring on Urantia. Open yourselves more fully, my children, to your desire to feel me and be of service to your brothers and sisters.

It is through your passionate commitment to feel me and to have me in you that will give you the necessary stamina to help your brothers and sisters uplift themselves through this transitional time. And there is no limit to the amount of my presence you can ingest into your being, you can incorporate into your body and mind. And so, again, allow me to stir in you and to fill you with more vibrancy, more life, more faith, more peace, and know that all of these endowments, being seeded into you will bear good fruit in time. Receive me now.

Your Mother is weaving new strands of spirit into your being. Some of you may perceive them, some of you may notice some stirring within your body, some of you may not perceive anything at this time. Regardless of your perception, simply feel your desire for these new strands of spirit to go deep into those places of resistance within your being. Your body contains many ingrained patterns that have not yet been properly spiritized, and it is my desire for you that each thought that you have that is out of alignment with our Father’s will to be fully embraced by spiritual energy, power and love. Simply invite those places in your body that are resistant, whether you feel them or not, to open and to receive the kiss of your Mother. Let your body relax. Control your body’s mechanisms by simply telling your body to open up and to receive these endowments of spirit into the places where there is resistance. She will stir in you and begin to move those places within you into alignment with the Father.

Now as you open yourself up, ask for the life affirming power of forgiveness to infuse its properties into your cells of your body. Simply invite forgiveness to enter. We will take it from here, and help your body incorporate this into its being. Simply feel your desire for this, and allow it to come in and to seep into the deepest places of your being like a sponge absorbing all of your pain, all of your resentments, secret and known, just allow this forgiveness to enter into you. For you will need this as the transition continues. Forgiveness paves the way for peace and harmony and understanding to unfold on Urantia. And it is my desire that my children learn the significance of this power of forgiveness and to begin to embody it, not only in thought, but in deed. So as this begins to infuse your body now, my children, simply invite your body to open to receive it, and it shall be so.

My children, during the coming days I encourage you to come to me in this way, and I can infuse you with those qualities of love that are vital for your growth and your sustenance and your abilities to relate more lovingly to your brothers and sisters. The power of forgiveness that is now being seeded in you is something that I would ask you to allow to grow within you by spending time in stillness each day, and asking for your Mother to grow that wonderful quality of mercy, compassion and understanding within you.

You will need this more than you realize. And I am asking you to all grow in this now so that you are able to withstand the opening of more truth as it emerges into the consciousness of the Urantian mind. For truly, that which is beginning to blossom is the glorious future that awaits you. But you will be going through a period of transition when the legacy of the rebellion will seem to be at its most fierce. This is only a transitional phase. You will add to the beauty and the glory that is growing on Urantia through your consistent and deliberate awareness to live in the state of forgiveness, and to practice showing forgiveness to your brothers and sisters who show themselves to you in anger or hostility. I am asking you to embody me now to them and to be my vessels of forgiveness to your brother in need.

So, my children, I have given you food for thought today, in your body as well as your mind. And I will take some questions before we depart. Take a few moments to allow your mind to ingest what has been seeded into you, and when you feel ready I will be happy to address your concerns or questions this evening.

Student: Yes, Mother, can you hear me?

Michael: Yes.

Student: Thank you for your lesson tonight. Its right up the alley of what I have been struggling with this week. I am feeling a little bit judgmental and impatient, and some folks in my realm don’t seem to be measuring up, and maybe its me not measuring up. I appreciate the infusion of the forgiveness. How do I balance a little bit more on that, especially for the way that my mind works, so I can relax into this lesson better?

Michael: One moment please. The key word that you have used is relax. Relax your body, relax your mind to be in a state of relaxation throughout the day, in a similar fashion to what I achieved as Jesus, walking on the earth. I was in no hurry. I was in a rhythm of life. And it is this rhythm of life, this natural rhythm of life, that allows the spiritual energy in you to inlay itself onto your physical system. There is an artificiality in your culture that takes you away from this natural rhythm of life that breeds this wonderful quality of relaxation in mind and body. That is why your teachers have advocated the practice of stillness as a regular and daily habit. So it is important to allow this to develop and continue to do this as much as possible, even several times throughout the day, to practice stilling your mind for intervals of perhaps five to ten minutes.

Another activity that you can pursue is to spend more time in a beautiful natural setting where there is this tranquility that is surrounding you, and to feel the rhythms of life around you. There is a natural rhythm to the earth. And if you are in this place of natural beauty, it is easier for the body, your physical body, to attune itself to the rhythm. And this will help you relax into the energies that are being seeded within you. And when you are in this state of relaxation, especially if you are in a natural setting, call on Mother and ask for her to build more of the forgiveness seeds that have been planted within you. Ask for them to be distributed freely to each cell, and to go into those places in your emotional body, or into your mental ideation, where you still harbor feelings or ideas of judgment or resentment, and ask for forgiveness to be infused within them. Does this help, my son?

Student: Oh, it does. Thank you so much, Mother. I sure appreciate your lesson tonight.

Michael: This is Michael who is addressing you now.

Student: Thanks, Michael.

Student: Good evening, Michael. My request to you this evening stems from my desire to be of service to both my family and to my community. And I have been wondering if this balance and relaxation of forgiveness of those around us, and for ourselves, will contribute to our physical response to any emergencies, social emergencies that I feel that are coming my way, and that I should be preparing for in a preventative manner. Could you speak to that kind of service through alertness and trying to prevent situations of discord?

Michael: Yes, I will be delighted to address your concern, for what you are articulating is something that is in the heart and mind of others. And this is a pivotal question that is full of ramifications on many levels. And my answer will be very simple, for you all need a very grounded experience of forgiveness to anchor you in a steady flow of love that then can proceed from your being, from your essence, into another person that will help to stabilize them. The quality of forgiveness that is being imbued within you is meant to be used at various levels of your beingness, would be the word to use here.

You are all multidimensional beings with various levels of energy, and my essence, my very life presence is able to infiltrate all these various levels and layers of your being through the life force of your Mother. And it is not as important for you to intellectually understand all of the ways in which this forgiveness operates within your being as it is for you to feel the desire, to feel that you need this forgiveness to be infused into you, so that you are able to share this with others through your heart center, to have an open heart and to allow me to flow into you, into your heart, and into the heart center of another person, the person before you who either has a conflict or has some emotional turmoil, or a very perplexing question within their mind because of the changing nature of life on Urantia.

I encourage you to think about this answer carefully, because it is taking you out of the realm of trying to figure out what it is that you need to do in a situation, to the action of allowing me to flow into you. You are exchanging your mind for my mind so that I can feed you with what you need to help that individual, and to help yourself, for both parties benefit when you are in alignment with my mind, when your mind is able to be fully opened to what I wish to give to you. Does this answer your question, my daughter?

Student: Father brother, you know I always have more questions, and I say that will all humor and also with the knowing that you understand me better as my creator than anyone. I begin to get a glimmer when I need to, we all need to, tell me as I am going, I speaking for everyone, need to not think of each thing that I need to do, be it put gallons of bleach away to sanitize water, or whatever. but to moment by moment be your hands, your vessel of communication, mind communication, or an electric wire through which you connect with that person in front of me, because there are no situations, there are only people in contact with each other. Is this closer to allaying my desire for business and tangible results of things that I become so enamored with and caught up in?

Michael: You are beginning to appreciate more of the dynamic of living in the moment and allowing the current, the circuits within you to be open to the inlay of information that you need from me, from your indwelling Father fragment, from your celestial teachers, from your guardian seraphim to help you think the thoughts that you need to successfully carry out what is required at that moment.

The more you feel how much you wish to be in alignment with the Father's will for your life by your desire, are you able, are you opening those portals within your mind to be infused with what you need to carry out the task successfully. And this is what is meant when you are exchanging your mind for my mind, you are opening up that circuit of information so that what you need is able to be given to you to a greater degree of your capacity to receive information, and always will you be expanded. And you will be given experiences to test what you have been given through your mind. You will be given situations and circumstances in your material life to show to me, to your self, to your Father in Paradise, that you have indeed been able to live what you are being shown and what you are receiving in your mind.

This is quite challenging at times, for there are still pockets of fear and doubt and confusion, and this is going back to my earlier response to your brother about being in a place of relaxation and taking your self away from the artificiality of your culture, and being away in communion in a beautiful setting as much as possible to get more into those rhythms of life. Those rhythms of life are the natural rhythms of your body, and the artificiality of your culture has short-circuited your body's rhythms and put them into a state of static so that the physical sparks within your body that are capable of receiving spiritual information become hardened and lose the grasp of life that it needs for proper cellular operation. When you are in the outdoors, and you’re quiet in your mind, your body begins to re-pattern itself along those natural rhythms, and in time it will get easier for you to hear me, to perceive me on many levels of your body. And then the exchange of your mind for my mind will seem effortless, normal, natural and graceful.

Student: Michael, I rededicate myself to your calling, your calling me very clearly during the year of my confirmation when I was very young, and the perception that I, the intention, the willingness that I had to be tapped on the shoulder by you and acknowledge you, and acknowledge the work that you had for me to do, I now accept quite consciously, and I thank you for that calling, that alertness to this correcting time, and I pledge myself to helping others.

Michael: My daughter, receive the blessings of your Mother and me upon you as you have consecrated your self more fully. There are numerous new endowments that will be able to come your way through this rededication of your will to the Father's will, so receive this now my daughter and know that your request is being honored.

Student: Thank you. I ask that for all of us here tonight.

Michael: And in response to that request, simply take a few moments in your mind and in your heart if this resonates within you, my children, to re-amp your commitment, as it were, and allowing your mother and me to pour more of our presence into you to help you even further with the service opportunities we would bring your way.

Are there any other questions this evening?

Student: Michael, this is J, and I want to thank you for this infusion and ask just a little bit if since we have been infused now with your love and forgiveness to grow in all the cells of our body, will it then appear to become a little bit easier for us to sometimes deal with some of the long-standing issues that people have to deal with in life at a very personal level, and maybe feel a little bit clearer in our minds and hearts about these things? Would you speak to that?

Michael: Yes, my daughter, I shall speak to this presently. But I would ask all of you to be mindful of this question and to put your attention on the word that your sister used – easier, will it get easier - within your mind and heart to practice forgiveness and to overcome these issues.

I wish to underscore several ideas for your consideration. One is how willing are you to open yourself up to me and all of my endowments for you to use? And two, are you willing to see for yourself what you are made of - the sum and substance that is within your mind that is a part of you? For this goes directly to the core of the question J has posed. The idea of bringing forgiveness into your body is the necessary ingredient that you require to overcome those shadows of fear and doubt and deeply ingrained thought forms that have existed in your being through the course of its evolutionary history that has been a legacy of the rebellion.

Allowing these embedded thought forms to come up to the surface of your consciousness will seem to be challenging at times, for you will see more of the effects that it has played or made in your body and that as it has affected your collective consciousness as a planet. This is uncomfortable for humans, this is very unsettling, it is very chaotic and disruptive. But it is also a part of what has been within you. It has been a part of your legacy, but it is not the true part of you. It is a false persona, it is a false image that is no longer necessary or required for you to have resident and operating within your being.

This infusion of forgiveness will allow you to look at this legacy within you with more understanding and compassion. It may not necessarily be an easy thing for you to do, but it is a simple process. Asking for more forgiveness to come into your being will allow more of the shadows of the past to emerge in your consciousness, for you will not perceive them with the same resistance now that you have the power of forgiveness at your disposal.

So this is not something that is for the fainthearted; it is for the most courageous soul. It is for that individual who is willing to lay down your thoughts of doubt and fear, and to rise to the challenge of my truth within you, my peace, my understanding, the understanding that comes with the farseeing vantage point of being at a higher level of reality. And you only need to ask me to take you to that higher vantage point to see Urantia from the vantage point of my eyes, with my compassion, with my understanding, with my love, with my forgiveness. And you shall be able to feel in time more of how I perceive this world. And the shadows of doubt and fear will be eliminated, evaporated, and you will be infused with more understanding, mercy, love, compassion, tolerance, patience to use when dealing with your brothers and sisters, and to handle the situations of your life that are being presented before you. Does this answer your question, my daughter?

Student: Oh, it helps an awful lot, and I can't thank you enough for this tremendous gift tonight.

Michael: And be in my peace, and be in the awareness that all you need to do is to ask me for more of my presence, whatever it is you need of me, and know that it will be given to you. I give myself freely to each of you. You only need to ask. You only need to still your mind for those moments when you are distracted, fearful, doubtful in your heart, and ask your mother to open you with her breath, and take a few moments and pause and ask for my presence to merge into yours and give you what you need. My children, my children, I am here, I am with you always. But now I am asking you to be more mindful of me, to be more conscious of me, and to allow me to give you what you need throughout the day. And this is what I achieved as your brother, Jesus, in my human life to be aware of my Father's presence within me. And you now have the double blessing of having your own indwelling Father fragment and my presence to infuse you. So open your selves up. You have everything to gain and only the shadows of the past to lose, and it is this simple.

Student: Michael, don't you ever get tired of me yammering, and hanging on your jacket, and dragging after you like some sorry little ragamuffin? Help me fix it! Carry me! Give me strength! Blah, blah, blah...

Michael: Well, I would hardly be a good father if I were to shake you off, now wouldn't I?

Student: True.

Michael: My dear, my patience is not of humanness, it is not what you think, it is not what you experience. Your human emotions are still so largely controlled by your electrical, chemical make up. I am not operating at the same frequency as you, so I am never tired of hearing my children's pleas. But I do ask that you be patient with one another and to open yourself to be more fully so that I can imprint more into your mind and body of the substance you need for a healthful existence.

Are there any other questions this evening before we conclude?

Student: Father, I would like to ask a question if it isn't too late. I am just hopeful that those in error will change their minds and join the human race. And I just remember your words, "They know not what they do." And I really wonder if they know not what they do or if they know what they do? That is the question.

Michael: There are those who are in willful denial of the Father's way, but it is not something that you at your level of understanding can appreciate. So it is important, or perhaps helpful for you to see them as spiritually suffering, as spiritually sick, and to pray for them. Pray for my love and my peace to infuse their hearts. This is where you have the most effect at your particular stage of development is through the power of prayer. And I encourage you in your times of stillness to spend time praying for those who you know to be out of alignment with my ways, whether these are people that you know personally, or those that you perceive in the positions of power on the planet who are out of step. Ask for my love, my peace to infuse their heart. Ask for my mercy to settle into them, for this will help them to receive the forgiveness that they need to infuse within their cells of their bodies and in their minds to allow them to face the consequences of their actions. Some will perceive this, others will need time for this to build.

But the more time you spend in prayer as a group, as a body and as individuals, then my presence can grow in these individuals as well. And this is very important for you all to practice now as the energies of spirit begin to further polarize the shadows of the rebellion's past. You will see more of this legacy come up to the surface, and I am encouraging you to pray for those people who are still retaining these old ideologies so that when they are imbued with their sense of rightfulness in what they are doing, they will be able to perceive a level of understanding of a higher nature and the forgiveness that they need to possibly change course. The more forgiveness that you ask to come into them, the easier it will be for them to change course. But this will require much prayer on your part, for the ingrained willfulness of mis-adaptation of the Father’s will will require a equal degree of prayer energy, and this may not be so easily accomplished by one individual. It may take many individuals to bring this about. It is important for you to organize yourself into prayer groups now, and intersect with some of the other larger prayer groups on the planet so that more forgiveness can be infused into those hearts and minds, and for the forgiveness energy to be pervasive around the planet for those hearts and minds to tap into.

Student: Thank you, father. I know that there are large numbers of prayer groups all over the world who are reaching out to as many people as possible, and they even give the times and dates, and I have always had the feeling that just the prayer to bring people together in love is equal to a forgiving prayer. And I feel very positive about the planetary people getting together now and just bringing you into our lives.

Michael: There is an element of forgiveness that is very beneficial, for it helps the erring person to face the consequences of his or her wrongful actions. Love is encompassing of so many qualities of the Father, but the particular quality that is of love that embodies this forgiving nature, this forgiving attitude, will be most helpful to be seeded into that individual, for that will soften their resistance and make them feel that they can let go of their erroneous belief and not be condemned, and still be loved, and still be appreciated for who he or she is. This is a very important distinction to make now as you grow more mindful of the levels of the Father's will, and the interactions of the Father's will into human life. Do you understand my meaning, my son?

Student: Yes, I do. I appreciate that very much. Thank you.

Michael: Be in my peace.

My children, it is time to bring this session to a close, and I would ask for you to now spend a few moments in envisioning your beautiful world, fragile Urantia suspended in this jeweled canvas, the universe of Nebadon, the universe of my making. Envision your world suspended in space, and imagine that there are numerous lines of spiritual circuitry now weaving, intersecting, holding this sphere in the very fabric of the heavens. Now, with your power of intention, as one body, ask your Mother to coalesce all of your intentions in your mind, and focus on the power of forgiveness, and ask for it to be infused into the very fabric of your planet, going into the hearts of the children who are in error, who are suffering in confusion and doubt, in their own willfulness of spirit. Spend a few moments in feeling your desire for forgiveness to be the operative energy binding humans together, for it is a cornerstone for peace and for compassion and harmony and unity to grow. Feel your desire for this, my children, as your celestial friend. Feel this and feed this into the very fabric of life through their intention. Let the forces of heaven and earth combine to bring about more forgiveness and to build a lasting peace on Urantia, and to bring the family of humanity into the universal family of harmony, unity, into the love of our First Source and Center, our Paradise Father. Feel this now, children, and know that it pleases me and your Mother to participate in this with you.

Good evening, my beloved children. Rest easy tonight in my embrace and know that your Mother moves within you and build you more into my peace. Good evening.