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Michael; Serena; Elyon - Your Manifestation of My Nature - Dec 10, 2006 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Your Manifestation of My Nature,
  2. Adjustments in Small Shifts,
  3. Mind is a Filter.

Teachers: Michael, Serena, Elyon

December 10, 2006

* Michael (Mark TR): Greetings, my dear ones, I am Michael. I am the Michael that you are aware of to the very core of your being, and I am charmed into responding to your observations about my coming through individuals. I ask you all to question, who do you think I would have portray me, portray my likeness, my characteristics, my traits? You know in your hearts it is you individually, each one, everyone, because each one of you will have experienced me distinctly and have your own reflection of who I am, what my characteristics are. In your efforts to portray your understanding of me you shine forth a new angle of who I am to all the world. I do not ask that each of you portray a similar viewpoint, in fact, I delight that each of you knows me in a personal and separate manner. When you demonstrate to your brothers and sisters that you have awareness of me, you have knowledge of me, you even possess friendship with me, then you glorify my mission and yours. When you portray who you think I am, what I might do, what I might say, then you are bringing me into your very life equation, you are choosing to make real what you have come to experience in your lives in that moment. Each one of you is as a prism who will reflect the light energy and cause a unique demonstration of your prism and your focal abilities to direct that beam and focus it. It is a delight to hear my little ones declare that they know me personally and with certainty that I cherish. I take this away from you as the gift that it is. Thank you for following me to this point where you truly know me, truly can represent me to the others. It has taken you some time and some effort to develop this personal relationship of certainty, but you have applied yourselves, and now each one of you has as a personal possession and certainty of this relationship that strengthens you to portray any aspect of this that may be appropriate for your moment. It is quite normal and natural for mortals of the realm such as yourselves to feel inadequate to this task, to feel as though you cannot truly portray something so large, but you need to realize that at any given moment you have a fragment within which can reflect the entire whole, that it is not necessary for you to consciously assemble in your mind that which you desire to portray, rather is it easier and more effective for you to just let out that which you know and that which you are familiar with about who I am and what my characteristics are.

I appreciate the fact that you each desire to do your best by me in this way, to serve me to the maximum of your capacity, and I assure you you are, you do regularly serve me. You do me quite proud with your expressions relating to others my nature and character. We have a large task before us to modify the current understanding of a jealous or wrathful parent into one of a loving and devoted parent, but you all are shining these truths out in your everyday lives for all to witness. The truth of what you portray is so attractive that it will simply crowd out the misunderstanding of my nature. You are the ones who can proclaim the goodness of what you have found in me free from the pressure or conditions that would have you believe that I wish anything but the best for you. I thank you for your sincere and earnest discussion of this process.

You are indeed experiencing modification which will enable you to function more suitably as the spiritual pressure around you is increased. Simply do what you are doing, my little ones. It is spectacular. It is miraculous. It is exactly what we need here and now. I love you each and every one for your devotion to me, for your attention and devotion to my brother who is most excited about having you to work with in conjunction with this mission. I withdraw from you now only never in spirit. Remember my hand is on your shoulder. Remember me in this way. Farewell.

* Serena (Sheila): I am Serena. I too would like to thank each and every one of you for your response, for I am with each and every one of you in various moments speaking to you, sending you my light, my love, and although you may not remember or recognize these moments, you each have responded in a way that tells me you have received.

Again, as it goes with being a faith creature, you simply do not have understanding. Sometimes you feel unaware or think you're unaware, but I will say this to you, that this mission that you are on has not slowed down; it has not paused. There is a continual rise and adjustment within each and every one of you that takes this course just as it was divinely planned. Your discussions of a shift, through your discussion tells me that you are all indeed aware of the continual progress.

There are times when your stories are not accurate in describing what you are experiencing, but your stories do not interfere with the truth of the matter. Even being associated with this particular mission we are on does not disregard the individual adjustment that is going on. Yet as a group you continue to [Sheila: I'm seeing that huddling together where we are still going up that staircase as a group.] It is, as Michael said, miraculous to watch this web of powerful personalities to join together and create the way you are doing so. I am perfectly aware of a recklessness, and I can say that this would be similar to [Sheila: I'm seeing the rubber band being pulled back on a slingshot.] to assist in the ability to adjust to the taste or vibration that is coming your way.

If you were not to adjust in small shifts the higher vibration could create unfortunate reactions. However with the babystep adjustments that you are all making, even though you will feel the faster pace, the higher vibrations, the higher tone, you will be able to adjust. There will be a definite awareness simply by the observation of the outside. There will be a sensation of different worlds, the one you see on the outside and the one you experience on the inside. If this were to be defined incorrectly it would feel close to . ... When correctly defined you will simply know you have just received and are adjusting to the next higher vibration which is your natural inheritance. Because you have the advantage of this knowledge -- and I do not say understanding, I simply say knowledge -- of this experience and because you have this support within your group, this web that we view so tightly together, you will after a short time of adjusting yourself be able to help others. This can be done by simply saying, "Do not be afraid, this is our natural process".

* Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon speaking. I am happy to be here as I always am, with my friends, my fellows, those so dedicated to this mission of upliftment. You have been taught that the spirit of God is lovingly and carefully accompanying you in all experiences, that in partnership you build your eternal being, that as all those numerous temporal experiences pass through you the treasures of heaven are accumulating. You may liken your mind, and I speak of it in its broadest implications, to a purification filter. At first one may think that a filter's primary purpose is to remove unwanted impurities. That is really its secondary purpose. Its primary purpose is to allow through what is desired. With a mind that is too tightly filtered in the form of judgment, prejudice, fear, that which ought to pass is not allowed. And if the filter is too loose, a filter of license, of confusion and uncertainty, then more passes than you may wish. So it is for you to determine what you will allow to pass. You may ask, how can I know the degree that I must establish for the proper passage of spirit benefit? You have been well instructed today by Michael as to how to adjust your filter. You also are instructed as to the changes of vibration, of energy, of your physical, mental, and spiritual configuration. I have often encouraged you to undertake the practice of stillness. These energy changes on a large scale are the effects of the ministering spirits who seek to assist you in the upliftment of this planet. Stillness is the same function internally. It is the back flushing of your filter, discarding what is of no worth to your spiritual welfare, unplugging that more may pass that you have decreed to be of worth, that you accept as the will of God. Make time, please, to do this necessary undertaking, for a clean filter passes more of what you want into your being. Thank you.