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JarEl; Can We Tune To Universe Broadcasts - Nov 13, 2006 - Arcadia, CA


Arcadia, California, U.S.A. Monday, Nov. 13, 2006, 8:00 pm

Teachers: JarEl

TR: George Benavides


  1. Praise Is Given for Our Progress as Agondonters.
  2. How Our Lives Are Having Powerful and Positive Effects on Our World.
  3. We Should Continue in Our Quest for Knowledge and Remain Open to New Ideas.
  4. We Are Ambassadors and Representatives of the New Age of Light and Life.


  1. Can We Tune in to the Universe Broadcasts?
  2. Are There Teaching Missions on Other Planets? How Are They Received?
  3. Has the Teaching Mission Had Any Effect on Our World Leaders?
  4. When You Pray for Someone, Does it Have Any Effect?

Prayer: Larry: Dear Father thank you for this gathering. Thank you for all of the blessings that you have bestowed on each one of us. Help us to be good stewards of these blessings. We pray for peace in the world. We pray for the coming of Light and Life. We pray for the materialization of Monjoronson and we would do your will Father in these Correcting Times. In Michael's name, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to be back again and it is good to see friends. For I consider you as friends, more than that - it is truly a pleasure seeing you survive this life. (laughter) It is amazing to look at you and see you grow and it is amazing to see you cling to your faith despite the lack of established religious authority; the spiritual kind. We, of our order, are very much pleased to see the progress of individuals such as you who have taken this opportunity to listen to these messages that we bring forth and you take these messages to heart.

We are pleased with your progress as individual Agondonters; individuals who, despite the fact that there is no living spiritual representative of the Father on this planet, you still believe and you still manage to keep this faith in your hearts. It is very encouraging to see this progress and this sort of dedication that you have taken. I can only speak for myself when I say that I am delighted to be in the company of individuals such as you.

Perhaps at this moment in your own individual lives you may not fully realize what this sort of excitement means to me. It might not be entirely apparent to you the importance that your life has taken. Each one of you here is a soul of destiny in this world. Each one of you has touched, in one way or another, an individual who will be significant in the leadership of this world. Each one of you, in one way or another, has affected the course of this planet. You are powerful beings, powerful individuals who sway much influence over this world. This influence comes from the knowledge that you carry forth; the knowledge that you, yourselves, have taken upon yourselves to acquire. This knowledge that you have sought out your entire lives and that you have finally found in the pages of The Urantia Book. It is knowledge such as this that exists in this world yet many do not bother to look for it. But you hungry souls have sought out this knowledge. You curious individuals have searched high and low for the meaning of your life and those that you love.

In the measure of eternal time, it did not take you too long to find this knowledge. Compared to eternity, the moment you asked the answer came forth. The moment you searched, you immediately found. True, on your world it may have seemed like an eternity until you received an answer. But time is much slower near the center. Even though you feel that it takes forever for an answer to come forth, believe us when we say that it is in an instant that we respond.

Always will your petitions be heard and always will we answer them accordingly.

My friends, I would like to remind you to continue in your quest for knowledge. It is not a process in which you come to a set of conclusions. For nothing is truly settled until you reach Paradise. Nothing is truly consistent until you reach the Source. And nothing is true until you reach the truth of all. There is so much for you to continue learning. There is so much for you to continue searching for. I ask that you remain open to these new ideas and new messages that may arrive. For there are always messages that are arriving. It is not a silent universe that you live in. There are many messages that come. It is simply a matter of you listening and opening your mind to these new ideas. Some of these ideas you already hold in your hearts. You are very familiar with these truths of the universe. But there are new ideas and new messages and only you can unlock those secrets. Only you can pull forth the energy that exists and decipher what is there.

As you prepare for this New Age that is about to arrive. Remember that you are the ambassadors. Remember that you have been sent to prepare the way for the children of Light and Life. Perhaps it may not be you that brings forth this time, but it will definitely be your children. You shall help bring forth this age by preparing the soil for this New Age. There is still so much for you to do. There is much enrichment that needs to be done and it is you who helps to do it. It is you who has the knowledge and it is you who has the will. You are the representatives of Light and Life. You are the first and after you there will be more. But it shall forever remain that you were the first. You were the ones who helped bring this New Age. The responsibility lies on your shoulders. It is a great responsibility for the Age that is about to come is just as great. This is a challenge for you to welcome for not every generation receives such a great challenge such as this. Not every generation is privileged with such knowledge as this. Never has this world ever prepared for such an Age. It is a privilege on your behalf to be alive at this time in this day and age in which this world will change forever. You are important.

Are there any questions here tonight?

Dennis: Is it possible for us to actually tune into some of the broadcasts?

JarEl: TR, George. It is a faint message for you; one that you will have a hard time deciphering my friend. It takes great patience and practice to even tune in to our messages. Consider these broadcasts as your current airways [airwaves]. You have devices such as radios that can pick up such airways and can tune in. There are times when the tuner needs to be adjusted; such as you need to be adjusted at times. Consider the messages that I bring to you as a direct line, such as a telephone. These sort of messages are more direct and are a lot clearer, for I am speaking directly to you and not to a mass audience over hundreds of miles. Tuning in to these universal broadcasts is possible, but you will need much help to do so.

Any other questions?

Stella: Do you have a Teaching Mission on other planets? How do the people receive them there?

JarEl: TR, George. First let me describe to you the conditions under which the Urantia Teaching Mission is in effect. It is a commission created by Michael and it is considered an emergency commission and it is directed by Melchizedek Machiventa. These Teaching Missions are in effect because it is one of the only ways that we can communicate with you at this moment. On other planets where they fared much better than you, there is hardly any need for such a Teaching Mission for the communication is direct. In many cases their Planetary Prince and even their Adam and Eve still reside on the planets. Therefore, there is no need for a widespread Teaching Mission such as this. But those planets that are isolated and those planets that have lost their Adam and Eve and even sometimes their Planetary Prince, do need have Teaching Missions such as this. So it is not unique to your planet by any stretch of the imagination. This is a process that has been implemented before on various other worlds and has proven most effective. Therefore, what is happening now over your world is not an experiment of any kind for we know what we are doing and we know that this works for your benefit and for the entire world. So, yes, to answer your question, there are other worlds that do have Teaching Missions such as this and we will continue using such tactics in the foreseeable future on any given world.

Stella: Has the Teaching Mission had any effect on our leaders who have been so prone to war? Is there any attempt to reach them?

JarEl: TR, George. Every person has a Thought Adjuster and as you know everyone has some potentiality of connecting directly with God. And every person in this world has that connection as well. The people of this world have awakened to certain possibilities and your leaders do listen to the people and they listen to their hearts sometimes. It is not a lost cause to pray for your leaders. You should not give up hope for your leaders are human and they do have souls such as you and they can be swayed to do the right thing. So in a way everything that you do, every prayer that you say, does have an effect on those who lead you and those who are in power. Even this Teaching Mission has affected the world in a positive way. Those effects have rippled out and even up the stairs of power.

Any final questions?

Stella: When you pray for someone and envelope them with love, does it have any effect on them, even though it appears it doesn't?

JarEl: TR, George. The act of praying for someone is a positive thing and many times those prayers are answered. However, it truly depends on the person you are praying for to have the capacity to receive those gifts which you are praying for. What I mean about that is: if a person is closed to any sort of positive gift that comes from heaven, if they are unable to open up their hearts and minds to this new possibility, those gifts will remain unopened and it will seem that your prayers were unanswered when, in fact, they were answered and they were effective. But the person that you prayed for could not receive that gift. It is not always so, for most of the time people can recognize the good things. But you cannot change someone who does not want to change. That in no way diminishes the power of prayer.

Any other questions?

Lucille: JarEl I want to thank you for all your inspiration and knowledge and information. We truly appreciate it.

JarEl: TR, George. You are most welcome. It is my pleasure to bring forth these words. It is not often that one has such an opportunity to teach such gifted individuals on this planet. I look forward to seeing you next time; until then, goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl.