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Michael; Mind, Spirit, Soul - Hope & Hopelessness - Nov 27, 2006 - Marin TM

Michael—November 27, 2006

Marin TM Group—Mill Valley, California—U.S.A.


  1. (Michael’s Spirit of Truth)
  2. (Mind, Spirit, and Soul)
  3. (Hope and Hopelessness)
  4. (Relations with Unfriendly Folks)
  5. (Giving Thanks to Your Spiritual Family)
  6. (How You See the World)

Dear Michael and Mother Spirit: Come join us, and help our spirits receive and experience yours. This kind of direct communication with you two is still rather novel to us, but we are beginning to understand how your spirits, and our Father Fragment, have always been with us as an integral part of our human reality. So we thank you for initiating the Teaching Mission. You’ve informed us you look forward to the day when almost everyone will be able to receive your direct transmissions of spirit. Amen.

MICHAEL: Good evening, my faithful children, this is Michael, your Creator Son/spiritual father, and your brother too--of shared human experience. It is in both of these relationships with you that I will always be your friend. I offer, and promise, to give you all of me you can hold. For this augments my being; this fulfills my purpose; this enables my joy when you can feel that I am a part of your life.

(Michael’s Spirit of Truth)

My spirit poured out upon your world does help you in a very down-to-earth practical way to realize truth. For what is truth to a human being like yourself? We who are closer to our Father, in the sense of his spiritual nature, do see this question from a more spiritual viewpoint than someone whose mentality is more of a physical body/neuro-chemical type of functioning--which is why we emphasize that truth is more than your physical sciences, even when you add in all of human psychology, all your mental reasoning and understanding. For the seeking and the experiencing of truth strives to be all inclusive of spirit too, which is why it is so contra-distinct from what you might think of as mere knowledge, simple facts and their relationships in your mind. How does my Spirit of Truth encourage you to look for, and experience, and understand truth? This has been the focus of our recent lessons on the nature of spirit, including your own personal spirit--the spiritual part of your personality. Once you have some experience of this by trying as best you can to let the physical and mental aspects of your consciousness subside, you get some inkling or notion of what is left. What is this sensation? What is this experience of yourself apart from your physical and mental activities? Partly it’s your sense of the value you’re constantly both discovering in, and putting upon your life. In these processes of both discovery and creativity, you do begin to see how spirit--value permeates everything.

Think of a purely mental function such as recognition, the process by which you are constantly and instantaneously comparing all the incoming sense impressions of your body and your physical mind with all your past experience, with your memory. Look about the room or the outdoors you find yourself in, think about all those billions of little sensory nomena that go to make up the single living phenomena in front of you, and consider the recognition going on. In a same way you’re imbuing all of that recognition with value, in a process that is generally just as unconscious. You may have to stop to wonder, what is the value of that chair over there, or that rock or tree? I’m not sure I recognize any value there. But believe me, my children, if this value within your present consciousness would begin to diminish ever so slightly, if your life experience suddenly began to become valueless, you would experience this as an onset of insanity, or losing your mind--if the experience became deeper and more profound. For in your present human condition, being the complex creatures that you are, your experience of meaning and value are inextricably tied together. Your personality unites these two facets of your life--mind and spirit-- into one feeling experience.

Often you feel a diminishment of value, a kind of spiritual loss, more as a loss of meaning. You often interpret a loss of spiritual energy as a psychological or even physical fatigue. But as your Urantia book, and now I, seek to inform you, spiritual energy, just like the physical and mental kind, is used up in the act of living. In fact this will continue for quite a way on into your coming Morontia life. Only high spiritual beings are totally self-sustaining and do not need spiritual rest and recuperation, whereas you and your coming Morontia friends—other ascendant humans--will.

So this is something else to think about: spiritual energy, spiritual sustenance, spiritual exhaustion, especially when it is not recognized as such, when you experience it more as a kind of meaninglessness. I ask you to think about this a bit and see if you can recognize this facet of your human life. A lot of Mother Spirit’s lesson last week was on how to recognize fluctuations in your consciousness, and their cause, when from a purely psychological standpoint this would be like asking you to pick yourself up by your bootstraps. How can you use consciousness to evaluate consciousness if it itself is fluctuating? The answer is, of course, by way of spirit. Yet now here I come telling you that your personal spirit itself is fluctuating. It seems you are getting more complex by the minute. (laughs)

(Mind, spirit, and soul)

But here comes your soul to the rescue, aided and abetted by its co-author, your Father Fragment, by the very kind of adjutant mind that Mother Spirit originates--that you employ, and by my steady stream of the Spirit of Truth. What we are saying in essence is that what you know of as your mind, the connection between your spirit and your body, these dimensions of consciousness that rest on an electrical-chemical physical ground, and yet touch spirit in the higher reaches; this mind of yours is partly us. It is not only a physical-material neurological manifestation. When you seek to feel for your consciousness itself from the standpoint of personal spirit, it is our commingled spiritual presence within you that gives you in addition a feeling of the fluctuations of your own personal spirit.

Just as time lapse photography gives you the moving vision of, shall we say, a flower coming into bloom in a few seconds, so your meditation over a period of time gives you an ever deeper and more accurate sense of your body, mind, and spirit. This is so valuable, my children, for your inner strength, your inner self-confidence, indeed for the whole of your inner life. This is how you can tell when you are simply spiritually exhausted and the value seems to have gone out of everything. You’re actually hurting, or tired, in a way you can’t quit put your finger on, but the experience is intensely meaningful. I’ll say that again. The loss of spiritual energy has itself great meaning, and can be clearly understood if you can recognize it.

So: spiritual energy comes and goes; you use it up. The question becomes, how do you get it back? Where is it? What is its source? Its source, my children, is partly you yourselves. This is another aspect, another dimension if you will, of your own personal creativity. This is something you generate yourselves over time, and often occurs while you are replenishing your bodily and mental energies in sleep or relaxation. In addition consider your recognition of spirit in the living physical world around you--God’s creation– and the value it has for you. The recognition of God’s creativity– an exterior source from the standpoint of your own personality—also feeds you. It underlines all your moment-to-moment present consciousness of your own co-creative spirit, co-creating your reality along with God’s universe creativity. You’ve had this spiritual counterpart all of your life. You have not only the meaning, but also the value of all the people you have ever known--all of this in your soul. As Mother Spirit mentioned in considering the fruits of the spirit, hanging like real fruit from the branches of your personality tree with all its appreciating leaves out there to soak up the spirit-light coming from God, you have the deep roots of your being buried in the rich soil of your soul.

This is why we mention that your soul is so contra-distinct from your own physical/mental memories, and how you have to relax your mental busyness to make room in your consciousness for a few minutes of pure soul reality to be experienced in all the fullness of the original happening. You have all known these moments when, for what you generally feel as an oh-so-brief instant, time seems to stop and open up, and once again you are five or six, or ten years old, with all the marvelous fullness of even a few moments of that time. Multiply that by all the years of your life and you have the value this gives you instantly of the fullness of a single human life--yours.

These glimpses into your own soul are real experiences of a personal nature that spirit respects and cherishes. These moments are supreme sources of spiritual energy. This is that sustenance you have earned. This is that reminder that however fragile-seeming your fluctuating consciousness, and even spirit, there is this continuity in your soul like a steel cable tying your deeper, true reality together. That steel cable of your soul is alive with the spiritual energy you yourself have earned, allied with a fragment of God.

So I invite you to think deeply on these concepts. Let them come alive in you and see if you can recognize within yourself the realities that I’m referring to. You have…one might even say, you are these dimensions. Mother and I invite you to bring them into your consciousness. Enjoy them. Find assurance and self-confidence in their blessing.

All these dimensions assure you that you--are—even if only in this one aspect do you participate in the Absolute. Infinity and Eternity? Well, my children, not yet: those are two other things you will spend forever embracing. But for now, in spite of all these living fluctuations that make up human experience, there is the absolute existence and continuity of your personality, of your very being, you can get to know. You will find it interesting: the closer you get to yourself--the more your spiritual home base expands and swells forth, the closer you will find yourself to Mother Spirit and I, and to the presence of God within you. Come join us.

If you have any questions or comments this evening, let them come from this newfound sprit you’ve been enjoying. (long pause)

As always, my children, don’t feel the need to say anything if you do not wish to. It’s certainly not required.

Student: I experienced something recently--what I’m hearing you talk about, Michael, was for me really something. I was in a car, overwhelmed with circumstances—family, happenings--and for the first time in a really long time I had this sense of hopelessness come over me. I just said, what’s the use! But the thought no sooner left my lips when I looked at a bumper-sticker in front of me--never seen it before--and it was a giant hammer with big red letters: "Build Hope. It’s good for humanity." And instantly I changed my thinking. Instantly it was a sense of, oh thank you universe! Thank you! Yes! Yes, I am hopeful. It was the sense of hopefulness I normally have--what I’m hearing you talk about--the replenishing. I mean when I have that hopefulness, it’s a sense of no matter where I’m at now, I trust things are evolving to a better state, whether for me or for the whole planet: I just have a sense of hopefulness. What I felt when you were talking was, that’s where the replenishment came from.

I can’t say I didn’t earn it, because I choose to suddenly switch my consciousness, and be grateful, and say, thank you universe for that bumper-sticker. And then I felt myself again. I felt full of hope and optimism, and back in love with the world again. So I hear it as hopefulness, not hopelessness, and a way of feeling one or the other. To feel hopeless is a sinking, horrible, give-up feeling.

The other thing that I need lots of to have is patience, patience for people I would normally get short with, and hurt their feelings, and say something just mean, or something. At this point, with what I worked on--having hope, I can have that patience for the most trying person, the most trying neighbor, or someone who’s always keeping me in check with the negativity coming at me. I’m patient and hopeful they too will see things as I see them. I expect to be pondering what you said all week, because this is very, very important—the sense of living with hope or hopelessness. So thank you so much! Thank you.

(Hope and hopelessness)

MICHAEL: Yes, my daughter, you’ve seen right to the heart of what I was saying. You can find spiritual strength and sustenance in the outer world when you are ready to receive it because, in a way, you’re surrounded by bumper-stickers of hopefulness. But you have to be ready for it in your inner reality where you recognize this bright red flag waving at you. In terms of your patience, this is where your own inner creativity, we’ve sometimes referred to as a little fountain bubbling inside you, can lead you into giving of yourself, even, sometimes, disciplining yourself, making yourself do this or that for the sake of another. This is exercising your own innate creativity to produce what is needed.

The third source I mentioned, your own soul, may be more subtle. You may not be consciously remembering some success of hopefulness, but it is there. Your soul does have its influence upon your ability to recognize spirit without and within. Finally, too, you are getting a maturity to realize, wait, I’ve been here before. I’m not only mentally fatigued, but I’m also a little spiritually exhausted right now. The last few days have taken a lot out of me spiritually and I need to rest with my soul awhile, and let all the rest of my life nourish me once again.

Student: I just want to add one thing about a sense that came over me recently. When I was being kind, and caring, and helpful, I felt expectations that, well, somebody should appreciate this. And when I had a sense that these people weren’t, I just thought, why am I so addicted to fixing and helping people for anyway? Let ‘em figure it out themselves. I had that sense come over me of like, every man for himself!

But then a deeper part of me said, no… No, no, no, no. Find the maturity to give without expecting results. And I think that is the true sign that I am maturing--caring for the sake of caring, versus condemning, because it is either/or. I take your words to mean it is either/or. We’re caring for someone or we’re condemning them. And that’s my comment.

MICHAEL: Yes, this is very true. It requires a generosity of spirit to give this way, in these moments when you perceive no reciprocity. It’s a spiritual test, for it’s only after the fact, after you have determined to give like this, and do so, that you find you are rewarded, not by your expectation, but that the exercise of your generosity has made you stronger. (Yes! Very good!) The very act of giving is itself strengthening. You have found your source and you are using it. How wonderful! My dear daughter, be in my peace.

(Relations with unfriendly folks)

Student: Yes, Michael, the challenge I’ve been experiencing the past couple of weeks has to do with my ex-wife. I remember when we spoke last, I brought up how the birth of my granddaughter Chatelaine has affected all these people’s lives, whether they realize it or not, directly or indirectly. It seems my ex-wife has all of a sudden become really angry towards me, and has brought up many negative things to my children that are untrue. But none the less it makes my son and daughter really uneasy. This is supposed to be a time of celebration and joy, but she, for whatever reason, keeps on harping on certain things I did, or did not do.

So what I have expressed to my children is, just, let’s love her. Just be by her side and don’t combat darkness with darkness. Just know that somewhere inside she is really hurting, and she is lonely. And the only way she can come to grips what she has done in the past, with her relationship to our children, is by attacking me. So I haven’t spoken to her at all. All I said in reviewing the message on the answering machine is, "Let’s talk. This is supposed to be a time of celebration, and good cheer."

It’s really interesting because she will not come into the house anymore if I’m there. So all I’ve been doing, in all the different prayer groups I go to, I just send her light and love, and hope, and trust that she’ll come to understand--come to grips with what’s going on within herself. It doesn’t help that she portrays herself as being a psychic healer, being a healer of family issues and things, when she cannot deal with her own issues. So, there is that challenge. I feel compassion and mercy for her. I told my children to express this feeling the same way.

MICHAEL: My son, I agree in general with how you’re handling this situation. It is another living relationship where you have to feel your way along--evaluate from moment to moment--and just be open to what your best wisdom tells you. Hope for things to get better, and be prepared to greet them if they do. I think it is wise to give your ex-wife this space, physically and mentally, and even spiritually--with your love and good wishes, for I agree that any confrontation you might force upon her would only be another melodramatic instance. It might simply feed her own shame in her inability to handle it adequately. She is wounded, and it’s immaterial as to how much or little this self-inflicted. She needs to heal. She needs to find something in the present to replace and put in its proper place--in the past--these experiences as she sees them. So this is what you and your children can offer as delicately as possible--especially your children who have this contact with her—any little thing that can help get her out of herself at this stage, and provide some new experience. At the same time it might help if your children would, as gently as possible, refuse to hear any negative diatribe, which means not indulging or reinforcing this way of her getting attention, but find ways of helping her rediscover herself in the present.

So yes, by all means, keep being open for whatever happens. Avoid any more melodrama. There’s already too much of that sloshing about.

Student: Well I do know, because I was married to her, that when she’s in this dark place there is no dialogue or discussion, so it’s better to give her space. I’ve learned through experience. She always seems to want to separate my daughter and me because she seems to be jealous of the relationship I have with her. But she has to look at her past experiences with my daughter to understand why that is so; and she’s unable to do that. To really subtract from the relationship I have with my daughter, she needs to put me down, and attack me, and say things that are untrue. So that is quite a challenge. I keep on telling my kids, just love her, and don’t pursue any long discussions about me.

MICHAEL: Invite your children to make full use of their own creativity. When they are in contact with her and she is incapable of getting off repeating the same old broken record--as you see it, they have to introduce some new subjects to get her interested in something else. Since these previous melodramas do have reality in her mind, her memories, they have to be replaced with something better. Here is where you and your children are invited to play the part of spirit, never scolding, or condescending, or threatening, but always offering, offering with such a security--as I said in my answer to our daughter here--the offer in itself makes you strong, and doesn’t require a response. I think you are getting the knack of that.

Student: Yes, I always reiterate to my children from my own past experiences, that truth and love always prevail. And this is what will happen here. I have no idea or expectation of how it looks, but I just allow that to be.

MICHAEL: Well, carry on, my son. Be prepared for something wonderful to happen--(laughs)--just in case it does. (everyone laughs)--(Yes, yes of course!) And be in my peace.

Student: Dear Michael, I’d like some general help. I feel my spiritual batteries get recharged when I feel the flow of productivity; and I’ve been reading about our guardian angels and so forth; and I’d ask for some advice. How can I make it easier on my guardian angel and the wonderful Midwayers who have been here so long, and who are so unsung? I do have gratitude for them, but I would like to learn how to make their job a little easier. I feel– almost selfishly– my spiritual batteries could recharge all the easier to be more serviceable to you and the universe. Thank you.

(Giving thanks to your spiritual family)

MICHAEL: Yes my son, you’ve just reminded me of another great source of spiritual energy! I’m almost embarrassed I didn’t mention it sooner. (much laughter) This is worship--worship in the sense of a profound thankfulness that fills your heart and your soul, fills your mind, even fills your body right down to the marrow of your bones, and whatever aches and pains you may have. So just be unabashed, and very forthright, thinking within you, Thank you! Thank you Father! Thank you, Midwayers! Thank you, Melchizedeks! Thank you, all you hard working angels out there in the Planetary Corp! Thank you, Mother Spirit! And of course, thank you dear, patient and loving seraphim of mine! Thank you that I am yours to watch over and—literally--to guard.

This, my son, is how you give back to them. This is another kind of generosity. Devote these precious moments of your life in pure thankfulness. This is your gift to them. This is your spiritual acknowledgment of their spirit, and indeed the whole spiritual realm of connection, of giving back and forth one to another. This sharing of all you are is the very definition of divinity itself--sharing your life in thankfulness. This is the kind of generosity that replenishes you, for this is not any kind of physical causality, nor even any kind of mental understanding dependant upon your current physical health and strength. This is pure spirit, where spending is having, where giving is opening the valve on that bubbling fountain inside you, welcoming and thanking the Source by feeling it flow through you to these other watch-care spiritual beings you’re wonderfully being made aware of.

This is the meaning of worship. And with the help of Mother Spirit’s adjutant kind of mind--which is human mind--this is part of that super-mindedness you have. This is that threshold of worship and wisdom you crossed way back as a child that made you super-minded, and in touch with spirit. Can you feel this my son? Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes it does. I feel it gives me the flowing-thanksgiving to be more unified, and therefore more dependable in service, and safer for the helpers to work with me. Thank you very much!

MICHAEL: You’re very welcome. Always keep in mind that you can simply talk to, you can address any spiritual being in your mind. There is a little "spiritual tag," if you will, on every worshipful or prayerful thought that speeds it on to its proper recipient. Once you know this, once you feel and experience this, this is just one more way in which you are not alone. So just talk to these beings anytime you wish, my son. And be in my peace. (Thank you. I believe!)

So, my children, we penetrate another step deeper into the palpable mystery of what a human being is. It is our hope--even beyond that, our real confidence, that as individual human beings start to feel this more and more within themselves, they will be able to recognize it in others. Then, in this light, the violence and aggression that plague your world will seem all the more incredible.

(How you see the world)

You too can feel rightly hopeful, even confident, that this will come about. Always remember that your personal assessment of the good and the happiness and the joy that are being experienced in the world--in proportion to the deliberately caused suffering, the evil, is largely based on your own inner evaluation of what life is all about. By all means be as well informed, as broadly informed as your current technology lets you be. Always remember you are evaluating everything out there in your inner, spiritual life. Now you can become aware of the fluctuations in your spiritual energy as well, and discover the true Source of its reality.

I leave you in my peace. Good evening.