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SEPTEMBER 18, 2006


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I thank you each for your participation in the wellness of our group. It is apparent that you each take a certain amount of responsibility to create peace. Each of you really do have a gentle side. Your tact and humor has this area of our Mission running like a well-oiled machine. I trust that you all had some sort of rest and reversion this week. It is healing in many ways, physically, mentally, spiritually, to rise above your concerns and find rest.

I am MARY. How wonderful it is to be with you again. It would seem that today’s mortal life holds so many issues to ponder. It would seem that the world moves at top speed and even then, to many it never seems like enough. In my day I mostly worried about survival. It seems that the larger issues of that day and age were out of reach for the people. We were deeply involved in tradition and if one person tried to create change, of course they were going against what has always been thought to be right.

Today you have more freedom to break from tradition and search out new and better ways for the quality of everyday living. Technology puts the world’s issues at your fingertips. So much information is readily available. I suppose in my day life was much more simple because of the lack of knowledge. We see the majority of individuals on Urantia as good people, all wanting a just and united world. Unfortunately there are those still bound by old tradition that keeps the cycle of ignorance in motion.

How you live your very lives is the best you can do for our cause. Doing what you think is right and good sends a message. It is easy really. Of course, Father will set you up for special tasks that help in our rippling continuum for the Correcting Time. You can say yes or no to these assignments. It matters not. I do know that time made to clear the mind is always a blank canvas for Father. Stillness is one way to rise above those thoughts that consume your mind. There are other methods as well that refresh your mind and improve your attitude. This is individual and those things you find that help feed your soul are also good for mind refreshment and rejuvenation.

As a young woman I was plagued in mind with those things I needed to do to survive. It was somewhat animalistic and all consuming. How grateful I was to meet my sisters, who finally convinced me there was a better way. At first I rejected their ideas, wondering how would I maintain my self-support? How will I eat? Where will I lay my head at night? It took some surrendering to be open to those seeds that Father was trying to plant. It was a struggle to believe there was any better way and that I could actually be empowered to create it. Surrendering for me was indeed cleansing. I knew that Father knew everything I had ever done and still He was there to help me change in mind. I was reprieved, so to speak, of my past sins and new life was in the works.

This week we want to suggest pondering the issue of surrender and what it meant when the Master said, "He who tries to save his life will lose it and he who loses it for my sake will be saved." Rise above all that external stimulation. Find a time each day to feed the soul. We are so honored to be among you as Kingdom believers. That is all. From Abraham and myself, we bid you shalom.


SEPTEMBER 25, 2006

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am finding your new ideas for keeping your minds spiritually focused at our meeting time very wise indeed. In this fast paced world sometimes we must squeeze the most out of every minute. Your intentions are honorable and for that I thank you. Every day you take those small pearls of wisdom out into the world and try to make a difference. I am made glad to know that you are seeking wisdom and focus from something that you know is to be tried and true. We are grateful you are not standing upon wish fulfillment, which brings us to last week’s topic on surrender.

Surrender is not simply doing nothing. Sometimes it is a grueling effort to forego what outcome you would wish for and allow Father His space. Surrender in our definition is not the same as mans. Surrender is not weak or lying down to be overtaken. Surrender is stillness and faith. We need not be limited by our own capacity for wisdom. We have access to the eternal ages of wisdom. Surrender is empowerment to see various possibilities and find courage to take steps toward actual solutions. Surrendering is more of a mental cleansing. It is rest from the exhaustion from inner struggle. It is hope that you have help always. It is the assurance that you are not alone and it is a rescue, so to speak, from erroneous thinking.

With each generation there are drastic changes and we, as Mission participants, have to be able to see long distances. We are going to require a great capacity to accept the abnormal. Surrendering our own wishful thinking will help to usher in higher thought, more understanding of the past and encouragement for the future. Mother Spirit is quite knowledgeable of the most progressive way to welcome surrender. As we recreate the definition in our minds, let us request Her input. This evening I thought I would take questions if there are any.

SIMON: Yes, I have so many questions on my mind. If you could sift through those and answer the highest level, as you usually do. I am just grateful to be part of the Mission. (Certainly Simon, is there more?) The pearls of wisdom seem to be flowing and sometimes there is some negativity in there that I just want to squelch. There is some pain in my body that I am fighting.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I am not seeing your physical pain in connection with any particular pearls of wisdom. I am seeing you at a stage of decision making where there is a need for maturity. I realize that at times there is still a great amount of fear within your thought process. I would recommend that you risk making those decisions you have so long put off and find out for yourself that these things are not so bad and actually they are leading toward a more spiritual life. Is this helping? (Yes, thank you.)

HARRISON: Abraham, in Urantia Book there is a section where Ganid talks about other religions of the world and I saw in that the good things about those religions was emphasized, but nothing about the Muslim religion. I wonder if you could comment on that. It just struck me as odd, given the situation today with the Muslins.

ABRAHAM: The Muslim religion was not pointed out specifically, but there were some truths that were contained therein. I realize that at one time the Muslim religion was in a more pure form. Over the years man has had too much liberty with the changing of its true practice. It is not what it once was. The Urantia Book at the time it was presented touched upon those religions that were somewhat well-known for that day and age. The Urantia Papers would never mean to exclude anybody. Neither would it endorse anything that was harmful. Our Father is no respecter of persons and He knows many people cannot escape their tradition. There are individuals however that will be forceful in truth and this will bring a slow awakening. Unfortunately great negativity will occur before positive things can be felt. Is this helping, Harrison? (Yes, thank you).

MIRIAM: I’ve been reading the Urantia Book recently where Gabriel and Michael were chatting about what He was going to do when He came down for His bestowal thing. Gabriel said you can take care of the Lucifer thing and the Spirit of Truth. Now this is just my impression. When Michael got down here and lived His life as Jesus, He followed His Father’s will and lived it a little bit different than what was planned. That just blows me away how powerful it is and possible for all of us to seek Father’s will. Jesus lived the human experience reaching for Father. That just seemed pretty profound to me. Am I off the wall here?

ABRAHAM: No, I understand. Even the most elaborate planning will need some revisions. All was dependent upon the will of Father. Part of Michael’s gaining sovereignty over Nebadon met with the terms of eradicating the Lucifer rebellion. Michael could have worked in other arenas as far as the Rebellion was concerned, but it was acceptable to take care of that business while Michael was here on His mortal bestowal. The Lucifer Rebellion was taken care of before the pouring out of the Spirit of Truth. The Spirit of Truth was to replace Jesus’ presence and allow each man, woman and child, a chance to know Michael personally. Again, this was helpful in establishing the Kingdom of God here on earth. It helped to put spiritual potentials into actuals and subdue some of the fear from the erroneous thinking from that day and age. Yes, overall, what a marvelous plan. I am in agreement.

MIRIAM: Thank you Abraham. Can I ask a quick follow up—so the Lucifer thing was settled before. The Lucifer thing that happened a few years ago, where it said that he was no more because they made their final decision, is not a cause and effect thing? It just rolled out like it was supposed to? Is that it in a nutshell?

ABRAHAM: Somewhat. The last event was the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion. The Ancients of Days sat in judgment of Lucifer and offered him a plea to redeem himself, but he was to have none of it. He was to continue on saving himself and feeling remorse over nothing. So you could say that Michael’s bestowal captured and held him, and the most recent event had judged and sentenced him. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.)

TECTRA: I understand that all these things on this planet will work out with evolution over time, but can you speak to what is going on with the extreme polarization of ideas around the globe? The terrorist thing, you could go on and on how it is really creating a fearful and judgmental attitude with lots of people. Can you elaborate on the polarization of ideas?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. A while back we had discussed individuals needing to make a decision concerning spirituality. There is the pressure from those On High to bring this awareness to the masses and of course, in man’s own way, he turns it into some form of materialism. There are extreme opinions of this day because there are extreme measures. There are inhumane acts that continue to plague a great deal of so-called civilized society. This is an era for the need of self-mastery more than ever. Man has such a hunger for power and those things that bring him this power. The associates of Light and Life are attempting to reach individuals on a spiritual note and many of the world’s peoples are solely concerned with survival, everyday survival is the most that many can find energy for. The extreme thoughts of today are really no different than those of any other day and generation. You are correct in that it is evolution. The most that we can each do for this time is to live purposefully as individuals, who are in favor of Father’s ultimate good. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you.)

SARAUNA: (Inaudible.) Physical ills connected with spiritual disconnect?

ABRAHAM: I see your health as not being anything out of the ordinary. Many of these things are to happen anyway. The spiritual disconnection is not as bad as you think. You have been a bit too busy at times and are sometimes afraid of the quiet. It is all understandable and building muscles for a more spiritual balanced life. You do wonderful things for people every day. Remember to keep yourself on that list as well. Have not worry. There are assignments every day that Father gives to you to keep you well balanced in all ways.

With that I shall take my leave. I am so honored to be among you as a friend and co-worker. You each are truly unique and wonderful. My love is ever growing for you each. Until next time, shalom.


OCTOBER 2, 2006

I am ABRAHAM. I am enjoying the peaceful surroundings here this evening. I am appreciative of the realness. I believe that your comfort level with one another makes our communication much more smooth and accurate. Your mindal mode is in somewhat of a surrender and you are accepting of my words and open to multiple meanings. Well done.

I am EMULAN. I am honored to be among you steadfast soldiers for the Kingdom. I am always with open ears to learn of your experiences and watch the tides of Urantia turn toward Light and Life.

I know this time of year can be heavy for some of you. On my world we had similar seasons and the closing of warm weather seemed to turn mortal minds to a more serious attitude. I found that my times of seriousness were often times of great creativity. I was at times finding myself writing songs and composing music. We can see these times of creativity as an open door to heaven or a temporary removal of the so-called veil.

By now we can see that our animal surrender is simply a stilling of the mind and desires. To see Urantia move toward utilizing the ability of the higher mind, there must be those individuals who are willing to stay the course, or set an example. Our Mission participants can view their everyday difficulties as challenges and advancement in spirituality. Each one of you are an example of a light and a new hopefulness in what seems to be a chaotic and hopeless world. We do rise above in any circumstance. We can surrender and move forward.

Each day you are in contact with various individuals that view you as someone who has insight into newness. Everyday life will happen. It doesn’t matter who you are. Such is the mortal experience on an evolutionary planet. This experience is why you are here. It is the bridge to the next step in your eternal career. As mentioned earlier, your focus is important. We have to believe in the good. We have to keep faith. All experience, as you must know by now, leads to an ultimate good. I am with the belief that anyone with faith can travail the most treacherous path and become better for it.

This week let our thoughts be simple and only dwelling within our own environment. Take them not out into the world at large. Let us once again be with the mind of a trusting child and make effort to see Father’s hand in everyday life. Let Father help make your lives more manageable. He empowers you with all you need. Have not worry. That is all.

Again, it is wonderful to be among you Kingdom believers. Let us continue to go forth and carry the light. From Abraham and myself, we bid you shalom.