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Message Received from Our Divine Father

Center for Christ Consciousness

AUGUST 6, 2006

Sit beside me, my children. This is your Father who speaks to you words of encouragement and hopefulness. This is Michael, and as the creator of your world, I know the workings of your planet in detail. Every soul that has breathed life here is known to me and is much beloved. Truly the love that is encasing this planet during these very vigorous times of change is a wonder to behold. That love is our Father’s gift to you by way of My Spirit that is breathing life in and through the planet by the very breath of your Mother.

You well know that your lives are changing and that change will occur for some time to come. This is a necessary part of bringing your planet into more of the universal circuits of universal family harmony, and your subtle energy bodies are now vibrating with new endowments of spiritual nourishment that foster healthy and productive change. Welcome this more and encourage your brothers and sisters to view change as a helpful instrument that will bring more love and peace into their lives.

When you are in stillness and feel me near you, do you not feel relief from your burdens of fear and doubt? And so you can still recall this experience as you go about your daily activities. See yourself sitting beside me as you cook your dinner, work at your job, drive your car, care for your children…see me with you during these times. Notice what feelings are moving through you when you are in my presence.

I ask you to carry this image with me more and more each day, my children. And when the time is right for you to share what you are experiencing in the moment as you feel me, share this with your brothers and sisters who need an encouraging word and a momentary boost from their troubles. Sit with them in stillness and ask for my love to penetrate the layers of pain that still infiltrate them. Be my healers, and you shall share in the joy that comes by being my good ministers of Spirit.

More and more practice this. The time is upon us for more men and women to feel the call of Spirit. They are awakening. Will you feed them with what they need when they are upon you? This is my request to you, beloved ones. I have well prepared you. Now it is up to you to reap the good harvest and bring my little ones home to me.