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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Are You Ready,
  2. Two Centers of Operation,
  3. Love: a Transparent Luminosity,
  4. The Voice Within You.

Teachers: Monjoronson, Darid, "The Voice"

May 21, 2006

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): I am pleased to have this opportunity to greet you once again. I am Monjoronson here to establish familiarity with you and become closer to you in this process of sharing. You have all been noticing that the lessons are growing in depth and strength, and this is as a direct result for your efforts at understanding and applying that which you are becoming familiar with into your daily lives. The statement was made earlier in your discussions: are you ready? I am here to affirm for you that you are in fact as ready as could be expected of any mortal of the realm. You have engaged in training for this pursuit for longer than you are aware of. You have heeded the call to seek, and you have found that which your heart desires.

You may not recognize that your prayers have been answered, but I will plainly affirm for you that you are in fact each one ready. This observation is made from my perspective of understanding what is required for one to be ready to assume the roles and responsibility of ambassadors of the light. I see you all as having earned that which is required for you to fulfill such roles, but it is not up to anyone other than yourselves individually to make the final determination; the final consideration of readiness rests with you.

We can offer lessons; we can bring you encouragement; we can foster your development, but until you come to a place of accepting your position then all the training and exercises are laying in wait pending your decision. I ask you to consider this week this most pivotal question because very, very soon there will come the need to act as my mission -- in fact, our mission -- is about to proceed apace, and it will be necessary to have the involvement of all those who are ready.

I put this call out to you today to consider what will it take for you to be ready to herald this new age with me. What is it your heart desires to enable you to fulfill your spiritual destinies?

What is it that may be lacking that you have not embraced for you to consider yourself worthy? Are you listening to that part of you which yearns to be about the fulfillment of your spiritual destiny? I urge you to consider these issues from a different perspective. Attempt to minimize the impact of your processing center of your thinking construct and ask yourself this question from a deeper center.

Your physical being may seek to identify all your perceived limitations for you, but there is an aspect of yourself which is unlimited. Whereas you may consider in your minds that you are unable to be so grand, there is a part of you that is so grand. Consider turning over more of yourself to this unlimited and ultimately capable part of yourself. Consider this question of worthiness from the perspective of the desires of your heart.

Attempt to not allow your mind to diminish your greatness. Attempt to put aside known patterns and parameters in favor of operating in faith and trust in that part of you which knows and can do anything. This is perhaps the most challenging exercise such devoted students as yourselves may face. You have heard repeatedly these universe principles of going within, of trusting, of faith, of being that which you know, following your heart's desire to be great, but these are principles exposed to the mind and not yet embraced by the heart.

Your minds serve you as one of the greatest of your tools for navigating your way through this process, but they are also limited in their capacity to understand that which they have not experienced before. Therefore sometimes your desires, your faith, and your heart, must lead the way because your mind has not experienced the path before. It is, from which seat you will function, the seat of known parameters and restrictions and definitions or the seat of faith and wonder and trust and that which may even be unknown to you? Perhaps this week you may contemplate the distinction between these centers of operation.

You will of course require the use of your mind in this exercise, but attempt to traverse the distance between that which the mind would have you know and that which you only attain by faith. In order to operate in the realm of faith it will be necessary for you to override the signals of the mind when you reach the limitation of experience. The only way to travel beyond that which you do not know is to reach out in faith so that you can know. You are quite accustomed to the mind leading and the soul following. I ask you to attempt the reversal of these roles and allow your soul to reach beyond that which your mind currently understands. This is what will be required when we move into an era which is previously uncharted.

Your minds will not have the experience in their database to provide you with adequate comfort zone, but there is a larger part of you which does know, which will extend in faith and reach out beyond these zones of comfort to encompass that which is currently outside but that may become contained within your zones of comfort as soon as you are exposed to them. There is nothing for you to fear in this process of reaching and discovering that which is outside your arena of understanding, rather it is a thrilling opportunity to expand yourselves beyond what you know yourselves to be.

In this new phase of undertaking we will be confronted with the boundaries of our comfort zones as defined by our temporal understanding. Seek to distinguish when to operate from which of your centers, that which you have familiarity with and is known to your processor, or that which might be outside of your known database and requires the use of your faith to achieve. This is our current challenge, and I invite you to consider from both of your centers of operation this question because it will be required of you to operate from both of your centers relative to that which is demanding of you as we proceed.

Thank you for sharing energy signatures with me that we may become more familiar and be able to operate as needed as we foresee the demands upon us just before us. Your minds may harbor uncertainties, even doubts, about what is ahead, but there is an aspect of yourself which is eager to be about this great expansion and development of the greater part of self. I withdraw now to allow for others. Thank you.

Ginny: Thank you for this information. It's a great comfort to hear you say things about what I have been thinking all week.

* Darid (Jonathan): It has been recorded, love your neighbor as yourself. Love, the ultimate expression of God, may be likened to a transparent luminosity, one that is itself selfless, for light is not seen, but that which it illuminates is seen. The love of God resides within you, and this being illuminates your inward parts. Fusion of soul with spirit is the removal of that distinction of filament and light. Accept your divine placement. It is from that point that all your surrounding frailties and faults are given proper context, are illuminated and seen rightly, are judged truly in the order of the will of God for your life. This is Darid and I am much pleased to be dwelling among your mind circuit. Let your light shine that all may be blessed by the love of God that dwells within you. Be as a candle lighting another candle, soul to soul. Thank you.

* Mark's Thought Adjuster (Mark): Greetings. Once again I push my devoted associate to the brink of his comfort zone by my desire to commune with you through this process. He has identified me as "the voice", and this is because he recognizes that I am associated with the voice of higher wisdom, the voice of support for that which is of the highest nature, the voice of confirmation when there is an act of trust and faith, even such as this. My desire in today's communion with you, each one, is to affirm your voice, to acknowledge the greatness within each one of you, and to commune directly with that voice within you. This communication transcends that which your ears may hear and your mind may process and your brain may understand. It cuts directly through to the very heart of the matter, and it allows you to know, to
be of a certainty, to act in assurance. You all are partners with this voice, else you would not be here now. You have all followed the promptings and leadings of your higher self that is me, that is us. You have all acknowledged the correctness of your seeking, that is the voice of authority.

You have all been prompted to act in service. That is the voice in union with you. You have all been drawn with desire for that which you knew not, that is our desire. You have all known of a certainty, when you have been exposed to universe principles, of the validity of these principles through the confirmation of the voice. When you have arrived at a deep understanding it is a union with the voice. In all these ways and so many more have you acted on impulse, on desire, on drive, on commitments, with the voice. In this way you have already functioned from your spirit center. You have chosen the leadings of the voice.

You have been confirmed in your process by the voice, and now your seeking is augmented by the voice. Will you not desire to direct more of your resources towards that aspect of yourself? It is your key to overcoming all limitations of the flesh. Would you not take this key, so freely offered, and use it to unlock the universe of treasures before you? Of course you will. You would not be here if it was not your heart's desire to access this aspect of yourself. We may use many words to attempt to identify components of self, but in fact you already have direct experience. It is only for you to recognize and choose that enable you to wield such
a potent key to your ascension. So even now I expose you through your faith, and your mind will follow. The way to lead beyond the material is through the spiritual, and then the material may follow.

Accept these truths even in your mind as you know them to be so in your hearts. Free yourself from the fetters of the flesh through your active choice to function in spirit. It will be so. It shall be so. It is becoming so day by day even now in this hour. Thank you. Farewell.