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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group PR

Arcadia, California, U. S. A.

Monday, April 17, 2006, 8:00 pm

Teacher: JarEl

Transmitter/Receiver: George Benavides


  1. Prayer from the Urantia Book, Page 1623
  2. Never Doubt That God Is with You.
  3. Turn Back to Assist Your Brothers and Sisters in Their Search for the Father.
  4. Your Lives Are like the Seeds That God Plants.
  5. Everyone Is Searching for the Truth.
  6. I Ask You to Become Teachers.
  7. You MustSeeThis World as a New World &You Must Find a Way to Make It So.

    [From The URANTIA Book:]

Prayer: Stella: From The Urantia Book, Page 1623
Glorious Father and Mother in one parent combined.
Loyal would we be to your divine nature,
Your own self to live again in and through us
By the gift of the bestowal of your divine spirit,
Thus reproducing you imperfectly in this sphere
As you are perfectly and majestically shown on high.
Give us day by day your sweet ministry of brotherhood
And lead us moment by moment in the pathway of loving service.
Be you ever and unfailingly patient with us
Even as we show forth your patience with our children.
Give the divine wisdom that does all things well
And the infinite love that is gracious to every creature.
Bestow upon us your patience and loving-kindness
That our charity may enfold the weak of the realm.
And when our career is finished, make it a honor to your name,
A pleasure to your good spirit, and a satisfaction to our soul helpers.
Not as we wish, our loving Father, but as you desire the eternal good of your mortal children,
Even so may it be.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to be back again among my friends. Welcome to those who have not been here for awhile and welcome to those who are here for the first time. First of all, I would like to thank Stella for that prayer. It is a beautiful reminder when we thank our Father for all of the blessings that he gives us, for all of the wonderful opportunities that he provides to us and for all the avenues in which we find his grace and glory.

There are more than a billion ways to find Him and all ways are accessible to Him. Never doubt that God is with you and never doubt that He is by your side guiding you. For wherever you look for God, there you will find Him. Wherever you are, there He is as well. He shall never leave you alone for as long as you are here on this planet and after you leave this planet you will feel His presence even more, you will understand why you could not at first. You will understand many more things with the passing of time and in your spiritual maturity.

Tonight I would like to like to address you about certain aspects of your search for God. Many of you have searched for God your entire life. Many of you have found God. No matter how good finding God is for you, it only becomes helpful to the rest of the world when you realize that you must turn back to assist your brothers and sisters in their search for the Father. For however passionate your search for God was and however fast it seems that you may have found Him, for some people it takes longer; for some people it takes more work. That is where you come in, to help those who for some reason or another are slow at understanding the realities of a Universe. When you reach the heights and glory of God and you find that spark that is within you, understand the inspiration this gives you and understand how this can be an inspiration for others. When you find something great and powerful, do not hide it for yourself, but rather share it with others. Share it with others who you believe will benefit. Share it with those who you believe are ready to grow. Not all grow at the same rate and not all understand things the way you understand things. Everybody is traveling at their own pace in life and some people are just content.

I believe that all of you in this room, at one point or another, have not been content. All of you here have searched and struggled to find the truths that are in your lives. You sought out the mysteries which have baffled many and you have found many answers for yourself and for your life. Now these answers are meant to be filtered through you and disseminated into society. It is time that this world, begins to grow. It is time that this world, begins to correct itself. With the new truth that you find in your lives, you shall disseminate them into the world and organized them in such a way that all society can benefit from them.

Your lives are like the seeds that God plants, and these seeds shall grow into beautiful flowers of light that shall envelope the earth. You are a part of the Correcting Time. When the flowers bloom, that shall be the beginning of Light and Life.

The level of understanding that most of you have come to, has raised your consciousness to a higher level which most have not yet reached. Despite this, I urge all of you to remember all of your brothers and sisters; to recognize that they have yet to reach your level of understanding. Do not forget them, so reach down and grab their hands, so that they may arrive at a new higher level of understanding. This is the way in which the world shall correct itself by challenging those who are below us, by bringing them up and helping them to understand the spiritual truths which you have lived in your life.

Too, often this world settles on categorizing each other, but the world is more than just categories, the world is a growing organism of ideas and thoughts and men and women. It is in constant turmoil for most of the ideas do not harmonize, yet everyone is searching for the truth in one way or another. It would be helpful for those who are led to understand the higher truths and meanings from people such as you. In turn, they shall be able to make sound choices for the future of humanity.

For the benefit of this planet I urge you to learn how to build bridges with the rest of humanity. I fully understand your human desire to reach higher levels of thought and spirituality. I understand your desire to find the pure essence of God and all of this shall be yours in good time.

Even I, reach back toward you, my brothers and sisters. I find great need in your souls and I do desire to assist you in reaching the next level in your spiritual growth. In the same fashion, I ask you to become teachers and reach back to assist your less spiritually mature brothers and sisters in their spiritual growth. Help bring humanity out of the darkness and into the light. Help build the bridges that will connect these spiritual islands.

Personal questions and answers session not transcribed.

JarEl: TR, George. I would like all of you to know that you shall forever be connected to the Father in heaven. You shall be connected to his son Michael and whatever knowledge comes to you and whatever revelation you receive, learn to share it with others. Learn to disseminate this information to the world. Learn to be a Prophet for there is a lack of Prophets for this Age. It seems like this Age has arrived to a settled notion as to who God is. You shall be the catalyst that shall challenge the status quo of the realities of God and the Universe. But, before you do this you must meditate, ponder, think, wonder, analyze and imagine. You must see this world as a new world and you must find a way to make it so. Until next time, goodnight.