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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 4-06-06
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
T/r: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine parents, you know all things and therefore do you know of the desire of our hearts to approach you in this hour, in this manner, in this fashion we have before us. Please join us in this process that we may feel your presence. Please let us hear your inspirational words and please help us to be open and receptive to your loving energies. We are your little children who seek nothing more than to approach you and be close to you and we will seek and search and find any way possible including what we attempt in this hour. We know of a certainty you will find us there as well.

Machiventa: I welcome the opportunity in this hour and this manner to greet you. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I am carrying out my mandate of training to your world, our world, and I have many students who have been with me a great deal of time but I welcome any students who would willingly sign on as these devoted and faithful ones have.

We are engaged in a process of ministry wherein we are providing the concepts and principles necessary to navigate through your individual spiritual journeys as well as our group processes of evolution. Your primary mission is always to your own personal growth that you may come closer to the Father and grow in your awareness to the relationship to the First Source and Center but along this way there are many twists and turns in the road and many opportunities present themselves and having some familiarities with basic universe principles you are afforded an opportunity to be more creative with your own individual journey.

You are beginning to experience what we have discussed, the increased pressure to our planet. The increased spiritual pressure is bringing about the opening up of receptivity of individuals to discover about their spirit component and pursue matters of spiritual importance. There will be this surge of interest as there awakens within the individual the desire to express that aspect of themselves and here we are preparing to undergo this journey together. It is my privilege and role to assist you in this process and I have remained steadfast at my post for a very long time and I plan to see this project through in service to Michael.

As well I perceive many of you would be in service. I perceive the desire of your hearts to make a difference to do something that matters and as you so desire, so shall it be. The vast resources of the universe can become accessible to you with the proper orientation of spirit. You will learn to wield great powers in your time as a direct result of your desire to develop spiritually and your subsequent actions to foster such a desire. Each step that you make spiritually brings you new senses of awareness as more and more of you become awakened to your potentials.

We have a grand and glorious opportunity arising before us. We are privileged to be at this juncture, at this intersection of time when we have been given a mandate to implement great spiritual changes upon this world. We have awaited so long for such instructions from on high and now we have received them. We may move forward. It is in this time that the changes will be made and it is through such as yourselves that these changes will be brought about. Do not expect that you will be assisted by material elements but rather you will be assisted by spiritual circuits.

It will not be up to another to be inspired and make a move, rather it will be up to each of you to be inspired and to put yourselves into movement wherein you may be directed. When you are stationary it takes a great momentum to put you in motion, but when you are in motion it takes but a small nudge to redirect you into service. Therefore be in motion and be receptive to your inspirations and desires. It is there you will find your direction, your confirmation. It is in fact your mouths, your hands and your feet that will bring about these changes.

We absolutely require your active participation as our mandate does not allow us to create what you do not desire. What you desire and begin to create, then all the forces of the universe might come into play. Therefore be this link in the chain for us. Be this final connection between spirit, divine and material. It is you that represent that flash point of connection. It by your will and your choices that you activate that circuit. It is necessary for you to choose to be a part of this circuit and then allow that your choice provides you with the ability to do just so.

Be willing to act as if you believed because when you do act as if, then so shall be it. These are times as our world has not seen before and we are privileged to be here in motion together. I pledge you my commitment and my support in this process, in fact you have far more resources than mine but I as well look to you for your commitment and support in this process. Each one of you are qualified to function in this capacity. If you hear these words they are meant for you. You are able sons and daughters of God and as such you have as your birthright, a connection to the First Source and Center. You may access this connection. Indeed you will and until then there are all of us around to aid in your learning process.

It is my privilege to share with you in this forum. Would there be any interaction that could happen at this time, questions or comments or suggestions?

Q: Thank you Machiventa for that inspiration and as you define be in motion and act and it shall be, I recall a phrase I once heard from a Master teacher..."see the work, do the work, stay out of misery." My question is, in that endeavor, how would you define soul to soul communication and what prescription could you give of how we can do that and improve upon that style of communication?

Machiventa: Every aspect of the paradigm are different facets of energy, different vibrational levels that are able to join each other and commingle energies. In fact we right now are engaged in just such a process. We are availing ourselves of telephone circuits as well but we are commingling our individual energy signatures even now as we speak. We are forming a circuit between us, our energies are commingling. Likewise spiritual communication has no particular restraints of time or space. True spiritual communication is the commingling of energies which happens via a number of established circuits.

This form of commingling or communication is far more complete and accurate than establishing a verbal form of word and sound symbols. In fact when you, each one, develop the ability to traverse these spiritual circuits you will realize the vast limitation you have endured in your evolutionary process having to funnel your communication through verbal audio exchange. This is not so very far from you even now. Even now in this hour you are engaged in exporting your energy signature out. I and the rest of us are joining in commingling with that energy signature and forming this circuit of union. This is an example of how any circuit may be formed.

It is through the sheer force of will that we have all come together around this table, so to speak, and having done so we [are] creatively constructing this circuit among us and between us. This type of circuit building is exactly the technique used when on a higher vibrational level you would meet and form and have a union of spirit level vibration where words would certainly not be necessary and one day you will reflect on the great progress you have made in overcoming your limitations of communication inherent upon such a material world. Does this speak to your question?

Q: Yes it does but if I may ask for just a little clarification. Is this, which I referred to as soul to soul communication, occurring regardless of our awareness or is there something that we can do to improve this style of connection and communication?

Machiventa: Yes and yes. It is occurring quite naturally as a result of the being that you are and the fact that your soul is one component of yourself, and it is possible for you to have awareness of this soul communication and it is possible for you to develop greater awareness of this soul communication. It is the development of one of your senses which is undeveloped at this stage. At some later stage it may be highly developed and you would gain more simply walking into the room with someone and sharing spiritually than you would through having some lengthy dialogue with another. It is inherent in your composition that you have this aspect of self.

It is not that it is developed, that is your task to be about, but it is a latent potential and can be developed by all. I would offer you direct technique. I encourage any and all who will listen to assume the practice of stillness. Stillness of the mind for brief periods of time can present you with the proper attitude with which to be receptive to the energies of the Divine. If you form a practice of stillness and receptivity you will find that you are knocking and the door will be opened. You are asking and you will receive. You are praying and your prayers will be answered. This is the technique, the key that you asked for.

Will there be any other dialog or questions?

Q: Good evening Machiventa. [good evening] I would like also some clarification. I am gaining experience in looking at hierarchies or orders of operation at work, I am in communication, and I have read in transcripts that our seraphim guardians can approach us but our thought adjusters are not approachable or contractible by the seraphim. This would seem to me to be another reason why you say that we are such an important component in this chain of work and publist? [publicizing] for the correction time. I would like to have you speak to that. Inter or exclusive sets of circuitry that we if we were participating in through our stillness. Thank you.

Machiventa: You are absolutely correct in your assertion that there are no others who can take your place in this chain of command that was spoken of. You alone hold your position and the entire system in built in this fashion. That is what is so special about you being here now. This is a chance when this chain can be fulfilled, a chance when this chain can be completed, a chance where the Divine can make it all the way down to the material through you. Will you be lightning rods for us? Will you be a strong link in our chain, each one? Will you accept this privilege, this opportunity to bridge this gap? Will you stretch your arms out and embrace all that can become of your role, your purpose?

I think so. I think each and every one of you have as the desire in your heart, to play such a role. Do not be bashful. Do not be concerned that it appears too divine or too big or too much because nothing is too big or too much when Michael has issued His mandate. We are going to co-create what happens next, you and us. So, can we work together, will we be effective, will our mission come to great fruition? I have no doubts of the success of this opportunity we have before us. It is simply to play it out and each one of you are on the team, in the classroom about to go out on missionary and uplift the world. Each one of you is the leaven in the bread. A little yeast rises a lot of bread. This is as it should be and as it will be.

Q: May I ask another question? [please] I hesitate to mention some of my current authors I am reading but I wonder, I hope that you will bear with me, I am rereading because I am so interested in my part in this mission and this team effort. I've been rereading my Tehar de Chardin Phenomenon of man, The future of man, Building the earth, Letters to a traveler and I feel very happy to be aware of Michael's mission. I also feel very happy to be a mortal, a human, a Urantian who is coming up through the evolutionary rank and at the same time I'm uncomfortable thinking of myself as a missionary but rather as more of leaven, that there is a co-creative partnership with our adjuster and ourselves dedicated to this uplift. I'm wondering if in every single person that we pass by we are there to be the lightning rod or the spark or the encouragement for this human or mortal innate effort, longing to progress and that the more we express this longing out loud through the only way that we can which is verbal or written, not withstanding the soul communication, but is it a reasonable belief to act as if there is this desire on every persons part whether they are a believer or not to somehow contribute to the up-lifting or advancement of the whole world population. Is that inherent in us?

Machiventa: There is inherent within you the avenue of choice and while most individuals will end up choosing avenues which are beneficial and positive and uplifting there are always those who will exercise other choices in order to establish the contrast of choice. It is not given that human nature would dictate that you do not have complete freewill choice, therefore must all aspects of choice be available to be chosen and therefore will some investigate all aspects of choice. The real key is not about what another will choose but rather only what will you choose.

We have only these choices to make, only in the next moment, only in this time do we have what is all important choices to make, each day, each hour, each opportunity, each circumstance is a choice. You are entirely and only responsible for your choices. How another chooses to proceed will have to be up to their choices. You may present yourself as a reflection of the Divine to all those who you come in contact with and there will be a great number who will be highly attracted to that reflection but there will always be an element who has not yet arrived at such appreciation and it is not your responsibility to do more than be yourself and make your own choices.

You as a mortal of the realm are first obliged to yourself to fulfill your own spiritual growth and to complete these growth spurts and growth cycles and quite naturally as a result of experiencing spiritual fruits and spiritual growth comes the desire to be of service. This is normal and natural but should never be seen as your dominant purpose. You have only one purpose and that is to find God and to the extent that you would like to help others along the way so be it. Fear not for what any other would choose, only make the very most out of each of your choices.[thank you]

Q: Good evening this is ******.[good evening] I have a thought about audio communication and how little a part it plays in our human dialogue. Quite often the visual element is much more receptive to gestures and body language and such that it is sometimes thought to comprise 80 or 90% of the communication that we are sending and receiving. With that as a context would you say that it might be an additional circuit that would benefit engaging in to augment any sort of spirit and morontia circuits accordingly? We have the option of video linking and I'm just thinking of proposing that to the group.

Machiventa: I would have to say that I do not perceive that to be a wise choice and the reason is these various forms of stimuli that you mentioned have varying degrees of impact on the brain function and the overall physiological response of the human body. Images which are viewed are dominant over the receptors in the brain and require the brain to spend unnecessary amounts of energy to classify and sort and store images that are being played on to the screen of the mind.

Likewise your audio communication requires certain capacity of the mind to interpret, to process and to store what you are engaging in right now. Before it was mentioned about spiritual communication. There are other senses like these first two we just mentioned, this other sense of spiritual communication, actually spiritual communion, is another of your senses. I think that if your desire is to develop this most subtle of your senses it would not make much sense to overburden your sensory inputs of other types while you are trying to develop this most sublime of senses.

That is why the most effective posture is stillness, no other stimulants into the system allowing the brain to slow down and rest and allowing the spirit to rise. It is not a brain function that you are attempting to achieve, it is important to realize that. It is not thoughts that you are going to think, it is the feeling of the soul that you are going to experience. It is not a condition from outside that will bring you to that place, it is fostering the conditions on the inside.

Therefore it is probably most helpful to engage in elimination of unnecessary stimulation so that you can focus on the more subtle aspects of self and perhaps hear the soft elements of self. It is going to become important and necessary for you to distinguish that which is spirit and that which is mind. The two are in fact quite separate. Your mind, your brain, is your tool, your switchboard through which all activities pass and are processed and are stored.

This is only one of your components, one of your organs, one of your tools to use. This is not your enduring aspect of soul. Your soul is that part of you that is in a growth process and which is not bound by the restrictions of time and space. Your soul can communicate through these spiritual communications, through this other sense yet to be fully developed. That is not your mind. Your mind is resident in your skull and is a tool, your soul is temporarily housed in your body.

I would sincerely like to thank everybody who has formed this circuit. It is a pleasure and a privilege to form this energy loop with you at this time. I am infused with the joy of a miracle unfolding, the miracle of the spread of spirit of which I call you to witness this hour. It is truly a miracle and I witness it with great joy. I welcome you all into my classroom. I give you commitment that I will work with you in this process and that together we can function to co-create the miracles before us. [thank you] I withdraw, thank you all.