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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Topics: Communication with the Divine Spirit

Teachers: Aaron

April 1, 2006

* Aaron (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Aaron. I am excited to be present and to have this little reunion. You have been good friends of mine for much time, and I am stirred today to be in such contact. It is good to see your maturity and to know that the efforts of our program are proving worthwhile and successful. You will recall that upon my introduction to you I was as yet an unfused ascending mortal and that soon you received word of my change of being as a fused mortal. There are many changes in one's being subsequent to such an event, but the event is more an experience which could be described as a coalescence, a coherence, a congealing. Rather than it being radically new it is more so a great apex. Everything you undertake for your growth of soul contributes to that eventual moment of divine oneness in permanency. Yes, you do begin a new life, for you are born anew, but is the result of all that preceded. Today you pray, you receive and transmit. You worship. Each one of these actions draws you ever closer to that fusion moment. I have an exercise to have you undertake before I continue, and it is to have you now ask of your Divine Presence one question.

No question offered in sincerity goes unanswered, and I ask you now to ponder two things: what you feel this spirit would answer, and I ask you to also answer that question yourself.

The intent of my exercise is not to bring clarity to the content of the answers but to bring notice to the orientation of the mind. The secret to your communicability with the divine presence is to learn to sit in the seat of God, to not look toward as much as to look from the presence. All the lessons given to you by your teachers are intent upon this achievement and necessitate teachings that temper the ego and strengthen the soul and fortify the personality, to be able to honestly assume such an orientation. In my view you are all humble people and are not inclined to assume an inflated and overly dignified stature. The day will arrive when we can honestly say, "I and my Father are one." To achieve this oneness you will of necessity shift from looking toward the divine to the full identification as the divine, and I know this is hard for a human being to accept, knowing all your frailties and faults, your quirks. Those don't go with you in the shift. Those are seen from the other side.

Ask again another question and respond as the answer.

Each response is another accumulation in experience of divine partnership, and it is not the content that is important; it is the connection. To question and to receive answer is only a dynamic, a context, wherein you are afforded the opportunity for unity. Remember in your years gone by the many, many questions that stirred your souls and perplexed your minds about reality and truth, and what you were doing and where you were going. How many are answered today? How fewer. How more satisfied you are. Were not some of the answers even discarded in the years subsequent to receiving them? The content is not the import; it was the attaining of the sense of being a spiritual personality. It will continue on into fusion where the question ceases and the answer is ever present. You may ask if such an occurrence is so near to your human level and your ascension is such a long journey to Paradise, is there not more to learn? Indeed there is, but the context is entirely different. You are no longer in partnership; you are one. To put it in your terms, it's an all new ballgame. When you undertake that leg of your journey you will be no longer one who harbors the divine spirit but one who is divine spirit in the experience of humanity. Then you will feel you have the credentials. Now you will not, but now is the time to become capable of such. Your teacher Elyon speaks of stillness; it is an ideal undertaking, for it is one of the most effective and direct means for removing the distinction of your human self and the Divine Indwelling. I love to engage with my friends and I will now let this be the case. Please make comment as you are inspired.

Harold: I recently read where Jesus said that ideas are sensations. As such they have a source outside of us; we receive them distinct from thought, which is something we do when we receive an idea. I am curious about the source of ideas. I know that how they resonate within us determines how much value we place in them. But I wonder about their origin.

* Aaron: Ideas have complex origins, for they are the result of accumulations of experiences and sensations, of knowledge, and they are also constructed with insight and intuition and intellectual ability. They are also formulated through aspiration and inspiration and the critical central element of creativity. Thought is the energy that sets an idea afloat. You speak of having thoughts though really you have but one thought, and that is the energy from which you set many ideas into action. You may think of an idea as a solid form of that energy, something more discrete and describable; for the energy, the thought, is less definable, less tangible. When spirit inspires, thought flows and ideas formulate from many contributing aspects, as I have mentioned. If I may make a note, the reception of spirit contact has raised doubt in many a mind, for there is the tendency to identify that contact with an idea, the concrete content of thought, the energy which is in itself merely a repercussion of spirit. So, your ideas are less important than what initiates the energy of thought. As minded creatures you will of necessity be required to sort through ideas to discern in the patterns of ideas that force of thought. In that thought you will meet the Thought Adjuster. That adjustment is not in many directions; it is one adjustment unto itself. The ascension to Paradise will be the expression of this oneness of thought again into a new field of ideas, and that will be the unfolding of your ascent, your path, to Paradise. This is what is meant by the "narrow way". You are not to conform to a curriculum; you are to, in oneness with God, develop the path and to proceed up that path. Today ideas would draw you closer to God as you search and seek. After fusion ideas will be your conjoint manifestation from which you will create your path to God on high. How often have you held in your mind a thing, . .. speaking, but are unable to apply word to give description to that? Ideas are much like words; they are description of a subtler form of consciousness. Ideas can be helpful for context, for clarity, but they can also be a hindrance, for they may fixate and stall the investigation for new insight. I hope this addresses your inquiry.

Harold: Yes, it redefines thought and idea.

* Aaron: I will use an example as well. You are familiar in your discipline of chemistry that many compounds may be in solution and imperceptible to your senses. Yet change the conditions, and you can have a precipitate that appears out of nowhere yet was there all along. Now there is verifiable evidence to the senses. Ideas are much like this.

Mary: Are ideas the precipitate and thought the changing conditions that cause this?

* Aaron: You have offered a good description. Yes, and it does illustrate the power of thought in its positive and its potentially negative effects.

Harold: One of the questions I was asking which you requested was: is pure thought accessible to us at all times? In other words, do we know everything now, just that we have filtered it through our minds and not accessed it? Is that what you are talking about that thought is the underlying access?

* Aaron: Yes, and did you receive answer?

Harold: Yeah.

* Aaron: Wonderful.

Mary: When you asked us to question our adjusters I experienced, at just your asking, an internal response of expansion and presence. I searched for a question; I couldn't come up with a question I didn't have an answer to. When you spoke of sitting in God's seat rather than looking toward God, in these times when one recognizes and feels the expansion and presence there is in that communion the sense of knowing. At other times one does have questions and wants answers one isn't able to grasp. Seeking stillness and connection with that feeling of presence and expansion is where those answers are found. I appreciate your facilitating that experience because I am trying to be in stillness and suddenly I felt able to access a different space. I feel gratitude and appreciation for the interface of different personalities sharing our ideas, our thoughts, methods. We help and encourage each other and are inspired by each others' ideas. I felt the facet of God which is sweetness, the design, the pattern that we all experience of touching each other.

* Aaron: Thank you for your expression. I would also make note that what you experienced had little if any to do with the question or the answer, that it was the communion that was soul satisfying. That is the goal; the questions and answers are only stepping stones. Misguided souls mistake the answers and act wrongly, forgetting that the connection is the true purpose and will run off with the development of an agenda, some to evil purposes, others merely to the lesson of awakening to the realization of the error and a return in humility to the presence. The more you invest in that connection the less important the questions and answers, while at the same time the more potent are those answers. It is a delight to be in the company of such beautiful souls; to have the spiritual maturity you do is so beautiful. To see you so receptive and at the same time accomplished is striking. To have such attainment and still be so inquisitive is a valuable trait. It is your power. Thank you for listening to me and engaging in my exercise. I will return another time.