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North Yorkshire, UK, March 15, 2006.
Machiventa Melchizedek.
Subject: "Be A Pure Channel."
Received by Helen Whitworth.

Machiventa: "If you allow yourself to let go, then I can walk further with you into the depth of true channel and connection to spiritual essence. There are many questions which you return to on the nature of self, and on the nature of reality existence, when we speak to you so often of the world of illusion. This is a complicated subject.

"For the illusion that you create around yourself becomes your reality, and if this is done with purity of intent and clarity of mind, then such a reality may indeed have a great resemblance to reality truth itself, which is not as fixed as you may assume. There would be little point in the creation by the Divine of a reality structure that was never changing, for it would already know itself fully. It is by its evolution, by its change, by its growth and by its destruction, that all things become known, over all time.

"So where then do you start to look to see what might be reality? Firstly, you must throw away any concepts that you think it must be, for by this you limit its potential, as well as your own. Instead, you find reality only through making yourself a pure channel of spirit and matter, combined with the rainbow bridge, and then all that you must perceive must by its nature be reality, since a pure channel cannot hold within it that which is not of such nature.

"So do not go looking for reality outside of yourself, rather work stringently on eradicating the behavior patterns, the thought patterns, the emotional patterns, and the spiritual assumptions which prevent you from being pure channel. This means you may not hold to anything as absolute truth, only to the glory of Be-ing in each moment, and from this, all perception which is not of reality, will by its nature fold, collapse and wither away.

"How do you tie this in with assisting others on their spiritual path when you know that each viewpoint is only that; a viewpoint which exists in order to explain through words what can only be experienced? I say to you that there are many explanations for every phenomenon which may be considered to hold seeds of truth reality, but truth reality in all cases is far beyond this. Do not hold to one viewpoint as absolute truth, but neither deny its value in assisting insight and inner clarity which may in turn (assist) others to become purer channels for Divine Will, so long as they, too, do not consider this as the only truth.

"Guard always your words. Do not speak with certainty, for until you are fully Master of the Divine Within Yourself, then you are not equipped to say anything with certainty, and when you are that master, you will realize that such certainty is part of the illusion which has fallen away from you.

"This is profound teaching, and one that may take much contemplation. Note I say contemplation rather than study, for the understanding of these words is not through the intellect. It is comprehension only available through direct experience of its nature.

"And so it is with you. Only upon becoming a pure channel, not clouded, but shining brightly as the sun unhindered, will you truly find your mind dissolve, and your true self become apparent. This is what was meant within the bible by the words that ‘Man was created in God’s image’. It is what was meant within Buddhism as ‘The Empty Nature of Self’, and it is known similarly in other creeds and belief structures.

"Strive always for this. And we will assist you in your goal, should you so desire. I leave you now, but give you thanks for your continued service as you grow more fully into your true Self.

"I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I am most pleased to make your acquaintance.

"I hand you now to your dear friend and teacher who I know you hold close within your heart; Armesh.

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