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Tennessee, US of A, February 7, 2006.
Teacher Aaron.
Subject: "The Truth within Your Heart and Soul."
Received by Elaine.

Aaron: "All is well. You are not alone in this cold, snowy clime.

"We surround you with our love, our arms outstretched as we form a protective circle around you. Nothing will harm you as you elevate your thoughts. You are safe and warm and snug in your human bed, and comfortably ‘entrenched’ in the Teachings of the Master, Whose examples will always provide the solutions to life’s most puzzling of problems, and the answers to the most probing of your questions.

"Look also for the Truth within yourself; within your heart and soul.

"There you will discover the Truth from one more qualified than I am, to understand every facet of your life, and your eternal path to Paradise.

"Continue your exercises in patience with self, and acceptance of self. Really study these (His) important missions, and with these studies will come the realization of greater Truths—one building upon the other—for only with the strong foundation of acceptance and love of self, as well as patience with yourself and with others, further levels of spirituality can be reached.

"Be at ease, little sister, and remember how much you are loved. May the love of the Creator always guide your thoughts, your words, and your actions. This is your teacher Aaron wishing you pleasant dreams on this white, snowy night. Shalom."

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