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FEBRUARY 27, 2006


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am sincerely grateful for your support. Your acknowledgment of our beginning efforts here in this region was indeed kind. I know there is a great deal of controversy about concerning our Mission, but I truly believe that the truth has been firmly planted in the soil of our collective faith. What is true will grow and become common or natural. What is false will be revealed in time.

Those that have committed to truthfully drinking the cup of our Correcting Time have been trained to recognize and promote truth as it is--no frills, simply an evolutionary planet gaining experience. I realize that this idea can seem impersonal and on such a grand scale, but as Mary said some time back, that when she felt equal in the Father’s Kingdom there was not need to be set aside as special. I appreciate your efforts to keep our Mission close to earth.

I am seeing the greatest change in you that have made effort to bring meaning into your everyday lives. It is wonderful to see you live your lives as close to truth as you can. Many mistakes that have been made along the way are now simply lessons. We know there is a true humility at the base of our belief system. This makes us teachable and striving toward spirit.

It is easy to become overwhelmed in the busyness of the world. There are great demands on people simply to survive. How blessed are we in this day and age to know that there is meaning in all we do. There is value in all experience.

It would appear that as we learn to become spiritual individuals, the fight of the mortal or animal becomes more fierce. As many of you have tried to make spiritual progress, it would seem that the mortal life becomes a bit more challenging. Those in the Christian fundamental movement would tell you that these challenges are the works of the devil. We are so grateful to know that is complete rubbish and are with a common sense definition of adversity.

This week let us think about how material life is a bit more challenging. In a material world, how are you somewhat forced to play the game? How did the Master view the rules on living in the material world? How did the Master stay strong when it seemed the whole world was against Him? What did He do to maintain balance in mortal life while advancing in the spiritual? That is all.

Again, these words happen because of your support and friendship. I am with unending gratitude to you each. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.