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Machiventa: Welcome all to this forum, this is Machiventa. I have been on your world, I have had your dust between my toes. I know how the human heart longs for understanding and for certainty. I as a Melchizedek am also quite experienced with such needs as my own order must often recon with uncertainty and instability. We are a lot of beings who are inclined to address issues about Nebadon which are not clear in discernment and which bring debate and which even have led to rebellion. And we have learned that while it is comforting to know a clear course to pursue, that the greatest benefit to the human soul, in your case, is to grapple with the decision, the choice, for once you have stepped forward, the choice being made, much follows in an order, in a process that conforms to that initial decision.

The growth progress unfolds in nearly an automatic manner until you reach a new decision event. When you reach such a crossroads you are best situated to deepen those spiritual traits that are essential to every step in your ascension. Those traits include trust and faith. They also include the development of a discerning mind. Subsequent to the selection of a course to pursue, trust and faith and discernment narrow in focus to accomplish goal[s], but until that choice is made, trust, discernment and faith are wide open broadly canvassing cosmic reality for insight, for feedback and it is at this point that the soul opens to revelation.

It is a desire in the human nature to have a settled state wherein you understand your course yet it is of great contribution to your strength spiritually to face those uncertainties to come head on into quandary. Our Michael knew this well when he permitted the three rebellions in His local universe. When mind submits to questioning then does the soul grow. When mind [is] fixed in inflexible certainty, then while one experiences temporary satisfaction and stability, one postpones further growth. In balance you will cycle through these two stages regularly for it is helpful to have a time of leisure in your spiritual ascent and it is likewise of great importance for you to be unsettled and stimulated to reach beyond your current level of being.

When I was here in your human form I came with a directive and that was to instill in the human thought stream the perception that the almighty God is one of your Gods', that is not in the sense of your religion, but in the sense of your own individual relationship. Having this core experience makes it possible for you to face unsettling times and not be lost and not be shattered. Alas the human tendency is to organize a system of thought, of philosophy and doctrine around a teaching as simple as mine and the result is the removal of that direct personal experience. It becomes qualified by the system through which an individual accesses truth.

Many a poor soul has been turned away in faith because the system to which that individual belonged failed or fell in its standards. You who have received my teaching through your current revelation are blessed with that route certainty. You are even able to hear even the debate about the origins of the papers for Urantia and know that you are in the arms of God, that all else is merely a manifestation in time and space and that the infinite variations of Father's expression all coalesce and converge at His Paradise residence.

All throughout your ascension you will experience greater clarity through sharpened focus, a singular orientation of God, but simultaneous with this orientation will be your ability to comprehend all differences. To embrace them not necessarily as yours, but as an evolutionary requirement for all souls to ascend. Having come here to your world following my preparations for His visit demonstrated this pattern and His continual retreat to be with Father, to strengthen that single purpose and His constant reaching out to all His fellows anywhere, anywhen for He knew that within Himself, exposure to all kinds of personalities enriches ones self. And it is in this enrichment that you experience the stability of trust when uncertain, of faith when insecure, of focus when confused.

The mind and the emotions align beneath spirit, and spirit overshadows, comforts and illuminates. I share these thoughts that you may benefit therefrom and I open now to dialog with you.

Q: Thank you so much Machiventa for those words, this is R****. I would like to ask you how in our daily work and interaction with our brothers and sisters in the world we can incorporate these newer revelations about the Planetary Supreme Urantia and her personality and not to preach or set up a system but to encircuit ourselves consciously with her in the service of our fellow fellows.

Machiventa: I share your situation for I also experienced the same when I taught those around me when I came to teach the higher way and witnessed such reactions that seemed to disrupt that which I intended to instill yet I was successful for my teachings so modified survived. You are encouraged by me to present yourself in full radiance. You in so doing will maintain your conscious alignment with spirit and while this will be invisible to another soul there is the divine receptor within, deep behind that individual's mind which will encircuit you. The effect, though not felt immediately, begins to grow as does a new germinated seedling.

You are one of many who understand the projection, the future course of Urantia and you know the multitude of beings who have taken up assignments on this world to help. This as you know it, while populated by many diverse individuals, is in its own right a single entity. Just as Michael encircuits all in Nebadon with His Spirit of Truth and Mother Spirit with Her Spirit presence and Her adjutants, so each world has its own singular encircuitment and as you are conscious of that, teachings begin to develop a platform upon which others upon your world will stand as well, all in time. I hope this helps.

Q: Yes, yes, thank you so much. It is so interesting and wonderful to listen to other people knowing that they and I are encircuited in Urantia herself. Then we all are looking to the future and working for the future and to encourage the future is so hard sometimes.

Machiventa: To one who has never experienced a dwelling that is equipped with air conditioning it is a baffling grasp to have that described to them and this is much what you experience when you do reach out to those who have [static] this experience.

Q: This is J*** and I wanted to thank you for asking that question and Machiventa for your wonderful response to it, it certainly spoke to me.

Machiventa: I enjoy such cosmic efficiency.

Q: Sometimes I felt that happen and could not understand what was happening so I'm so happy to hear that explanation.

Machiventa: There is great power within each of you, and as you grow comfortable with the experience of that power you will more readily remain open for it to issue forth from you whereas in times of prior growth and immaturity, the sense of that power was intimidating and causes one to close down for the human self to regain control, but in your experience of the beauty and the goodness that comes from the allowing of this power to come through you, you have and are developing the key sensitivity to making situations develop and opportunities arise around you for more of this to be experienced by your fellows.

Q: Machiventa, can we apply this point of view on a wider scale when we listen to the news in a positive way by acknowledging the suffering disappointments and the chaos in political, economic and social situations and at the same time acknowledge the change in the throes of change that each culture, each continent, each ethnic group is going through in order to rise to pre-light and life and to encourage that by acknowledging it as growth, planetary growth?

Machiventa: Yes, you have described well the insight that across your world there exist many stages of spiritual development which reflects in your political, economic and social conditions and you know that a parent is tolerant of a child’s behavior at one stage of their maturity and more corrective of that behavior at a newer and higher stage. So it is [static] for every individual who has advanced far, the tolerance and understanding and patience while other cultures, societies and individuals progress. It is difficult to bear, I know for I have been here, but that perspective, that overriding viewpoint will emerge in what appears to be a hectic confrontation from all elements. Monjoronson is here on your world today because his mission will be to bring about the new values which harmonize the conflicting values that is upon your world today. Many fight for their stand and soon all will grow tired of such entanglements and the destructive consequences and will begin to look for those transcendent values which will harmonize the viewpoints and this is the task of the Magisterial mission and this will hasten the progress toward light and life.

Q: Well we're all in this together.

Machiventa: If I may be jovial I would assure you that the three M's, the three musketeers, myself, Michael and Monjoronson are seeing to it that you all benefit from all this apparent turmoil.

Q: Thank you, we appreciate your support.

Machiventa: I am delighted to have your support. To have your conscious acknowledgment and willing participation in this outreach of ours to you and your desire to be participants in this project.

Q: Machiventa, is there a particular or general direction or series of thoughts that we can direct to the planetary supreme Urantia ourselves to expand [our] knowledge of her right now? Is there something that would directly tie in with the correcting time?

Machiventa: Many upon your world are only in belief of life solely on earth and while many of you have come to grasp the vast population that exists throughout the universe and even to have discerned the divine plan behind all this teeming life, those who hold to the view that it is only earth that has intelligence I encourage you to teach in two ways. If that individual is ready to expand to a populated universe they will then come to understand the position of Urantia in the greater scheme. But if not, then you are able to pursue the perspective that earth is then extremely valuable for if it is or were the only living orb, it must be tended to and loved and cared for and this will begin to expand the awareness of another toward that supreme planetary consciousness and that will allow the eventual awakening to a universe consciousness. Either way the results will be attained.

Q: Thank you for so much encouragement tonight.

Machiventa: I give you my welcome for your gratitude. I will draw a close to our conference by taking one moment for us all to look to our Michael. He is my Father/Son as He is yours. He is my commander in chief so to speak. He is our Sovereign. Michael, bless each one of your children here. Touch them in a way that is significant to them individually. You know their intentions, you know their hopes. May I and all my fellows succeed in assisting you as you touch and bless them and as they do face those uncertainties of life, while they hope for fellows of my order and others to assist, that they ever and always look to you as their source of every one of us. Thank you, I take leave.