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I AM122305ProgressGroup_SnowFlakes

Washington State, US of A, December 23, 2005.
Teacher: I Am.
Subject: "Snowflakes."

Received by Sunday Rain.

I Am: "Please listen with your heart, won’t you? The time has come to commune once again with Me.

"Your heart is weary, dear child, for you have not been with Me inside, as you have been so busy running rings around the rosy. Remember, that you are bound to fall down. Fear Not. Just come to Me now, and let us sit together quietly for a while.

"All Time is precious, like the melting of a beautiful snowflake—you don’t want to miss its inimitable message of peace and beauty before it has, alas, dissolved away, forever into the infinite.

"There are always tasks to finish, plans to make, and expectations to fill coming from everywhere. But I must ask you, will you be ready with your heart full, and your mind clear, if you never stop even long enough to catch the breath of the Spirit of Life?

"Without delay, I fill the lungs of life with the fresh new air of Compassion! I bless you with My warm healing Heart of Love, of which nothing else, can ever compare.

"I ever so tenderly hold your hand when you feel alone, and I lull you deep into your dreams when you are weary with exhaustion, so that you may rise up ready to shine, with My love by your side, upon the new day.

"You see? I Am always forgiving, and I Am always here. I never scold you or let you down. I cannot, for I Am the Eternal Light of Love! It is only you who chooses to forget that we are One. Divisions and separate-ness are paths filled with an avalanche of illusions, as you suddenly find yourself buried deep within the Snow. You cannot see or find your way back out. But all the while, I Am right here inside of every single snowflake that surrounds you.

"I love you, My child, and I always will."

© The 11:11 Progress Group