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Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil

Session of 18 November 2005

Message XLVIII – Living in Harmony

Teacher: The Teacher

T/R: Fátima Spanó

My dear, I love you all. Today I come to talk about harmony: living in harmony and living with harmony. It makes a difference. He who lives in harmony is filled with love all the time… He who lives with harmony lives life little by little. Almost always, living with harmony is living in pieces, is living some moments of joy; for harmony is gone when joy goes away. Living in harmony is recognizing oneself as a child of God. In this way you are the very image and semblance of God in action. Living in harmony is living as the Father desires. When harmonious we are part of the Greater Existence, which is God’s life. If you are in harmony, then you are One with the Eternal Father.

How many times have you tried to live in harmony? Are you sure you live in harmony? How is you life today? Try a retrospect: go back to the moment you woke up, early this morning. How was your day? Did you wish yourself a good day? Did you wish a good day for your kin and friends with love in your heart, or did you do it as a simple custom? Did you manage to perceive pain or sadness in the eyes of your companions of journey? Did you try to soothe the pain of any of them? Did you care to spend some time listening to your friend? And what about the strangers who passed by along your day? Did you pay attention to any of them? Did you observe their clothing, their hunger for food, their hunger for love, their hunger for joy, their hunger for friendship, their hunger for solidarity? Did you notice their desires, their feelings, their lives? Did you look into their eyes? Did you address any word to them? Did you manage to hear them with your heart?

What did you do different in relation to these persons? Did you pray for them, ask for them? Did you feel compassion for any of them or just passed by them? Being in harmony is being in unity with the Whole. Being in harmony is recognizing the other, no matter who he is, as your true brother, son of the same Father. It is loving the stranger in the same way that one loves his kin. I know that you are thinking and asking yourself: if it is already so difficult to live with my acquaintances, with my family, then how can I love a stranger, a pauper, a beggar, someone I had never seen before, with whom I never had any contact, someone who is not even a part of my world? Well, you had better start some day to observe and perceive that these strangers are also part of the unity, of your greater family, and that they are also your brothers, children of the same Father.

Even more, these strangers are today the degrees for your evolution. Through their suffering and pain you observe, learn and try not to be or do the same as they did… Through the love you nourish for them you will make yourself different, a better son. It is through these luckless beings that you will have the opportunity to climb to the Father’s house. Think about this; but if you do something for them, do it for love, never as just a way to evolve, because the important thing in this all is the love you will offer them, the love you will seed in the heart of these little brothers who suffer. I do wish you to perceive that love is the most important feeling and that through it you become one with the Father. I do wish you to practice this love soon, unconditionally, for it is thus that a difference will be made: when you integrate those excluded from the system of your planet, you will bring them to be a part of this universe as you are yourselves. I do need that you really become a son of the Father in all aspects and not only in those you find convenient. I do need that your love overcome your prejudices, your limitations. Only thus will you really begin to be a part of the Greater Existence.

Would you be able to understand what I say? You could think about it and try to do differently from now on. How much more do you need to know and feel, in order to make love work? Do you understand now what is living in harmony? You are living in harmony when you no longer have prejudice, limitations, suspiciousness, insecurity or fear. Do you know why? Because when you really have God in your heart, existence as a whole cooperates with you and nothing, nothing that is without the Father’s will affects your life. You and the Father are One when love is truthful.

That is what I ask you to ponder today. I know that the change is difficult, but it is necessary to start one day. And why not start today? I know too that there will be many eyes closed, not to see what is disturbing. I know that there will be deaf ears not to listen to one’s fellow. I know that many times you will close yourself in your feelings, in your house, so as not to be "contaminated" or not to mix with the despised ones; but I also know that you will be capable, day by day, to break all barriers if you insist and believe that God is the Father of all and that all are your brothers, in a single Universal Family. Please think about this, my little brothers and sisters. Give yourselves a chance. Love. Just love without distinction. This is the most important and in this way real harmony will be a constituent part of your lives.

With much love,

The Teacher

Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvão in Brasília, 16 January 2006