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Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil

Session of 2 September 2005

Message XLVI – Do Not Lose Heart

Teacher: Mistress Nadda

T/R: Silvana Gonçalves

We greet you with light, peace and harmony at this late hour. We know it is late and that this is an improper hour, but we need to convey these messages to the group, since our weekly meeting happens today. Have you noticed that you meet on a day dedicated to Venus and that these meetings have unfolded in an environment of harmony, peace and accomplishment, with a feeling of well-being and delight for all?

Nothing is without a purpose; you are under the influence of this energy. So many sweets, so much sugar and honey energizing you! So many meetings with laughter that relaxes, with words that calm and welcome you, with the coming of magic beings and a strong feminine presence. Notice that! What you call the force of Venus came to act in an extremely good and loving way on you. Feel this energy, feel this flux pervading you.

An entire Venusian atmosphere was created in a lady’s home, with sweets, bread, tea and all the food that nourishes and comforts. Be thankful! This is one more gift from the Universe to you, dear and beloved children. Your minds are awakening to the magic, to the planet, uniting Heavens and Earth. This is part of your training for the Magisterial Mission, and there will be much more.

You have come to disseminate knowledge, a way of life, a way of being and thinking. Your way was no easy, because you needed and need to be aligned with your truth, with this "true self" that lives within your minds and hearts. Peace and harmony are being forged by each one of you, so that you can pass to the others the means to reach them in all possibilities, thus promoting the enlightenment and the opportunity for humanity to have access to the love of Christ and to his will.

The Mission comes to liberate and feed hungry hearts and minds, disturbing those minds immersed in dogmatic and pleasing rigidity and inflexibility.

I now ask you to open yourselves to the new gardens, because mine has been open to you for a long time, together with my heart. Accept the new flowers and the new scents. Have faith in the presence of Christ, because his plan for humanity proceeds. The Correcting Time, that is, the maturation time, goes on and much can be done in terms of consciousness evolution in this period. Do not lose heart! Let us walk and work for the same ends and let us serve our Master, whose love and wisdom are infinite. We will promenade in the gardens and meet in the great central garden. Work individually as well, so that you become beautiful and strong flames. You are being lovingly polished and honed.

Thank the gifts and the blessings coming with small things, with the words, the acts, the events and the people approaching you.

We must be united and keep intact the vibratory structure, always walking in the Light, the Faith and the Love of the Great Presence I AM that guides you. I leave you this message together with the universal love, inside the Rose, Ruby and Golden flames that accompany and love you! The rose blooms in the heart of each of you.

I am Nadda

Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvão in Brasília, 16 January 2006