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JANUARY 2, 2006

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am enjoying the mood here this evening. I like the fact that you question everything. I like the fact that you are each somewhat opinionated. It is admirable that you care enough about the Father’s will to do some research. I am also inspired by your willingness to welcome change. As I look at each face here this evening I am impressed by the diversity of our group. We each all come from very different backgrounds and yet we are able to create a peace that surpasses all understanding.

This Correcting Time is truly universal and I find the Teaching Mission for the most part to be setting a fine example. As we go forward into this New Year we can rest in the fact that all things true will stay, while all things false will fade away. I would thank the many individuals in the Teaching Mission who work behind the scenes for truth, beauty and goodness. I would thank the many of you that find simple happiness in being a part of and not in charge of.

I am EMULAN. Greetings friends, I am glad to be back. I would have you know that our Mission is full speed ahead, in spite of the naysayers. Father’s will is reality. No matter what man’s wish fulfillment is, our Correcting Time is alive and busy with new projects. As Abraham said, this task is universal and involves many beings on many different levels.

The past few decades have been a wake-up call, so to speak. I do believe Urantia is still in the process of waking up and finding those issues that are truly meaningful and valuable. I have been asked to join you this evening to discuss the power of the living God. Most of you know my history and how I had gone through the process of being one of life’s victims, to discovering for myself how powerful Father really is.

In my darkest days I was seemingly so alone and hopeless, much of the time I thought life was to be a punishment and I wanted no part of that. Mentally I chose to drop out of life’s game and in the mental downward spiral, I do believe I had a wake up call. It is unfortunate that many times mortals have to sink to their lowest to get a glimpse of what awaits them.

Time seemed to be my enemy and it appeared as though the darkness of my mortal despair would never end. I was like a child who throws a tantrum, looking to have his way and Father was the good parent, who stayed the course for my own benefit. When I was ready to meet with a new and better way, Father was there showing me a new path, a new freedom, so to speak. I was not my past or locked into any victimization. I was not powerless. It only took time for me to stop my spirit poisons long enough to listen, to become a part of the solution, to become a co-creator with my Father.

When we look out over the Correcting Time we can see this wake up call and finally admit we are in need of a higher mind, a new authority. We can see all over the Teaching Mission that these groups can work. If the small Mission oriented groups can thrive, then certainly out among society can it also be successful. I do believe most people are reaching for the higher meaning. In a lot of ways we have seen what does not work and are ready for what does. Our Mission these past few years have been somewhat of a balancing act. We are letting Michael know that He has our attention and we are ready to move forward with His plan.

I know for certain now that Father always wanted for my happiness and life’s accidents were not Father’s way of getting my attention so I would be a submissive child, no. Father simply took the accidents of time and transformed them into meanings and values for my own growth. You have each grown individually. This New Year will be a collective growth. As Abraham has expressed before, I also admire your willingness to stay the course under any circumstance. Your personal growth has also been a collective one. Remember that this mortal life is to also be joy-filled and savored, because this mortal life will be your first and only experience at the bottom of what is to be magnificent scaffolding to Paradise.

I am ABRAHAM. Thank you to our brother and friend. Your experience is indeed insightful and of benefit to us who know you. This week, friends, find time to refresh your memory in what is the foundation of your faith. You know what I am referring to. It is indeed wonderful we have one another and can be a part of what is now and what will be. Enjoy. Our love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.