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TEACHER: Monjoronson


December 29, 2005

Prayer: Divine Parents, we come to you the children that we are with open arms and open hearts. We long to be close to you, we long for your embrace. Please come into our hearts and come into our arms. Help us to feel you close to us. We desire your embrace. Thankyou for all you do for us, the messengers of truth that you send. We would receive your gifts at this time and our hearts will be fllled with your love. We thank you and we love you.

Monjoronson: I greet you once again, I am Monjoronson and it is my pleasure to come among you and share my energy signature with you as you each share yours with me. It is a pleasure to have this forum with which to be engaged. It is in fact the answer to the prayers of the many to interface with elements beyond. We now are able to use this forum for purposes of ? [phone bell] and illumination of universe principles which can be embraced and adopted by all those eager and willing participants such as yourselves.

It is a pleasure to have devoted individuals attend these training sessions and be a part of this new and evolving process of communication and sharing. I realize that from your perspective that you are allocating that valuable time and energy towards this process and this represents the cosmic choice of your hearts to be engaged with spirit. When you have thus chosen you will be presented with opportunities to explore and utilize to further your desire for spiritual growth. The more you take, the more you ask for, the more you get.

The more ready you are to handle it, the more substance can come your way. You are all coming to understand that the greatest obligation and choice one can make in this life is to the furtherance of your spiritual capacity and the advancement of your spiritual character. All other jobs and distractions simply bring you away from that all important obligation. The more you benefit spiritually, the more active you become in your desire to be of service to help others as a natural result of having been helped yourself.

As your hearts so desire, so shall these opportunities be brought to you. Try, as time proceeds, to function in more awareness that you are in play with many facets. Look for the opportunities as they arise, the opportunity for personal growth as well as the opportunity to be of service, the opportunity for group growth. Be ever alert for these opportunities as they arise because they most certainly will arise as a result of your desires. Therefore it is you who puts in place this orchestration of events through the action of your free willed choice. It is your decision that we proceed in a given manner. It is your call that we will function in accordance with your realities. The Father intends to use you as you are, for what you are, for who you are, for where you are, as you are. He does not desire any more than you are. He would gladly take your offering of yourself and utilize it to its fullest. This is what we have to give, our choice, our desire, our efforts.

Start the ball rolling, start the chain of events, go into movement. We are all links in the chain and it is required of us that we are the best link that we can be. Would there be any opportunity this evening for dialog or questions as I desire to maintain a two-way posture with this mode of communication, not only is it desires that there be a message but that there be an exchange. Would there be any tonight?

Q: Good evening Monjoronson, this is *****. I just wanted to say that you are in my prayers every single day and I just hope to have an opportunity to be of service once you are materialized and going about your Father's work, in any possible capacity that might be available.

Monjoronson: And so it shall be my friend , rest assured, as your heart so desires, so it shall be. [Thank you, it will be an honor.] If there would be no further comments I would make a few observations on this idea of prayer requests and asking for that which you seek. It is always proper and appropriate to ask your Divine Parents for anything that your heart desires. In formulating your requests you find that you elevate your requests to more closely respond to the Divine. Even in that process have you been elevated, have you been raised up, and then having made your petition it is incumbent upon you to receive, to welcome that which is as a result of your petition.

There are often times when answered prayers do not appear so, they are in such stark contrast to what you had in mind when you asked that they do not at all resemble being the answer to your petition and yet they are. It is good to petition your Divine Parents for anything your heart desires, but then be ready and be open to receive the answer to your prayer, most likely in a form that you do not recognize as being the one you would choose. Therefore will the alert student of spirituality be able to glean the direction and focus of the Divine by the answers to their prayers. I thank you each one for joining this forum tonight and hearing my words and sharing energy along this circuit together. I appreciate this opportunity to commingle our energies and I look for a time not so far away when the sensations of these energies become more apparent and tangible. In the meantime we avail ourselves of these circuits and I thank you each one for joining me at this forum and appreciate the opportunity to share with you this evening. I would release this T/R at this time. Thank you all. Farewell.