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Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, we welcome you to join us this evening. We know you're always with us, in fact you've been with us since the day we were born and before. Mother we literally live within your mind and use it and Michael we know your Spirit of Truth has always been with us helping us to make those really tough descisions as to what is real but we especially appreciate you joining us this way so we can literally feel your living presense moment to moment and appreciate your point of view on our lives and for this we are most grateful. Amen.

Michael: Good evening everybody, this is Michael, your Creator Son, your Spiritual Father and your human brother. It is always such a joy for me to communicate with you this way. Let me remind you that I'm also right there in your heart, moment by moment. Anytime you wish to feel my presense within you you may do so. This is very subtle, as you said in your prayer, I am so much a part of you. I have always been so much a part of your life that you should not think of me as something totally strange, something foreign to yourselves that you can immediately identify and say ah, that's Michael there within me.

Rather I am an augmentatioin, an increase in your consciousness. In time you will be able to isolate me as a special sensation but right now I and Mother Spirit, we both live within your ideas. Our spiritual influence is very subtle but no less proudful for that, so if you will just open yourselves, sit down and take the time to feel me within your heart beating, within your living bodies, you can know me as a kind of living reassurance that we are all children of our Father and it is He who is keeping your heart beating as he is supporting me moment by moment.

This is reassurance that we wish most to give you because unfortunately Urantia has known such upheavals in the past of irregular Divine unfoldment of planetary development that you live day to day but most part unsure of this vast future you have for you stretching out into eternity. Most human beings live without a very close and personal spiritual friend which is quite available to you and so as in one of our previous lessons we ask you to just imagine what the human race would be like if almost everyone had a seraphim, a friendly angel to communicate with on a daily basis, what this would mean. Yet in a purely potential way this is possible.

So it's this reassurance of a whole spiritual realm that so many beings friendly to you inhabit and actually surround you, that we wish you to be conscious of and take it as a matter of faith right now that they are there, that they mean you well, that for spiritual beings it is such a delight to help their human brothers and sisters find this reassurance that you have a spirit, that you have a soul, that nothing you experience of deep meaning is ever lost, and that you are facing life everlasting.

This is your birthright my children and the faith in this is what we wish to give you. So stretch your imaginations even if you cannot directly perceive these dimensions. Stretch your creativity, stretch your faith. This is the way you need to grow. Mother Spirit and I are always here just a heartbeat away and how we treasure your attention welcoming us into your life. This is the kind of joy we know together. This is what we share. I sense there are a lot of questions out there this evening you are anxious to get to. It is these living conversations with you that we are now able to do that bring extra joy to our hearts so if any of you wishes to go ahead with a question please feel free.

Felix: Dear Michael, good evening this is Felix. I have a question regarding the fantastic event of fusion with the thought adjuster. I would like to know if the actual event of spontaeneous human combustion has anything to do with this fusion with the thought adjuster or if there are any special conditions that are required so that this event can definitely be linked to the fusion with the thought adjuster.

Michael: Yes Felix, the fusion with a thought adjuster is such a profound step, if you will, that your personality takes joining with a fragment of God himself, so totally changes the both of you for what you are offering your thought adjuster is your whole lifes experience, your soul, if you will. You are offering your personality, what you are, and he is offering you eternal life and the being that you both become is of such a nature that when this happens while you still have a physical body, the body is totally consumed instantaneously.

This has happened for many thousands of years but very very rarely on Urantia because before this can happen, you as a personality achieve the very height of spiritual development. So this is not some enormous leap into the unknown, this is just a very small little step, the next step for you to take and prior to this event your whole being begins to radiate such spirituality that all celestial beings in your vicinity are very much aware of this pending event and so in this sense yes, you develop very fully spiritually, you approach the thought adjuster in his spiritual reality just as he has been your faithful companion all these years.

The final fusion does totally consume the physical body if you're still here on Urantia and this is such an event that in future ages of the planet as it becomes more and more common, it actually becomes a special ceremony all to itself and much much into the ages of light and life it almost totally replaces what you call natural death. But as you know, for most of you this generally takes place well into your morontia phase, the next phase of your life. Does this answer your question my son?

Q: Yes it definitely answers my question and I would like to say that I am very happy to be living in these times, which are very important spiritually speaking, and I'll be looking for every opportunity that I can find to be of service. I will dedicate my life here and even my work to Father so that is what I'll be doing from now on.

Michael: Well I can tell from your spirit that you are finding a blessing right within that work so carry on, you're going fine [thankyou], Remember that fusion is a kind of coming home, it is joining with a friend who has been with you from before your beginning. Your thought adjuster so delights, so treasures what you have to give him. Be in my peace. [thankyou]

Q: Welcome Michael, I really love you very much and I thank you for everything you have given us and everyone. Do you have any advice for me given my current status and what I'm trying to achieve? Do you have any specific advice for me as to the next step, for what to look out for, how to open myself further to input from yourself and Father?

Michael: Yes Manu. I feel you reaching towards me. Now it's a process of hearing me more within you. You are getting to the point where you can begin to converse with me inside more specifically. When you have questions in your day to day life go ahead and write them down if you want so in your stillness, your meditation you can focus on these and then hear my answer. As I said before I am so much a part of you these will come as your own thought rather than some distinct other voice within you but they should be very clearly me. They should have a certain feeling, a certain inclusiveness about them.

These too you can write down so you can think about them and reflect on them. This is the next step you have to take to give me reality in your life. You are at a point now where you can ask me specific things and then reflect on that immediate response you get within you. Little bit by little bit in gradual stages you come to recognize me, then reflect on this. Try these things. As strange as it may seem knowing all power comes from spirit, all life, all origination comes from spirit. Still from your point of view, you have to give me reality in your life. You have to step out and actually try things. You have to manifest my spirit. Does this help you my son?

Q: Extremely, thankyou very much Papa Michael, I embrace you. Michael: Yes my son I feel your love. Be in my peace. Well my children it is very peaceful here is it not? As I used to tell my students who come to our regular meetings, questions and comments are not necessary but they are always welcome and I enjoy very much just talking with you. It is good that our hearts are full and we do treasure these moments. Are there no other questions or comments that you wish?

Q: This is Jean. About 15 years ago I started writing letters and I addressed them to our Heavenly Father. I always got an answer and I recorded them all and I feel very shy about it but I sometimes wonder now becoming a little familiar with the Urantia which I was not familiar at all with back then, exactly who I was hearing from. Is there any way to find the answer to that question? It wasn't that I distrusted it, I believed it at the time but now with a little more information I can't quite buy into the fact that it really was the Heavenly Father so I wondered who it was that was doing that for me?

Michael: Yes my daughter I understand the question. First of all let me salute the courage and the faith with which you opened yourself and took these spiritual messages into your heart, trusting them even before you were certain as to their origin because spirit carries its own proof right with it. I feel myself in reviewing these messages you received they were more from Mother Spirit and Myself my daughter for we are your closest spiritual parents and the Father communicates to his children out here in space and time through us.

Part of this influence is also that fragment of the Father that is right within your mind as your very thoughts themselves. When you are consciously praying for guidance, for help, it is generally Mother Spirit and I who answer but at your present state of development, and I mean this in a very general sense as a human being, as one of my younger children, it's impossible for you to really separate these spiritual influences for the very reason there is an, as yet unfathomable to you, unity within the spiritual community and for this very reason it is not necessary to know precisely the origin.

Your heart tells you what is true and that's partly me. Your sense of worship and wisdom is partly yourself and your own inner faith, it's partly Mother, it's partly her mind in which you are living and thinking that augments your own personal powers of discernment and thankfulness. Carry on my daughter. Don't let your new found joy of finding the Urantia in any way challenge what you've known all these years in your heart. There is no conflict here. From a human viewpoint, the realm of spirit is a transcendent oneness. Does this answer your question?

Q: Oh I can't thank you enough for the endorsement, and I knew it was real at the time.

Michael: Well it's become part of your soul my dear and will always be with you so again I salute your courage to open and ask but now you have known the triumph of having been answered.[thankyou, thankyou] Be in my peace.

Q: Dear Father Michael this is Felix again. I would like to apologize if I ask too many questions but this is in my nature. I'm sure that a couple of the apostles probably behaved the same way so I hope you can forgive my questions too much. For some time I have been requesting a teacher and I suspect that this teacher is already present and I probably just need to open the channel to communicate with him or her. I have no idea of the nature of this teacher so if you could probably talk to me a little bit about who this teacher might be, I would like to know if it's possible.

Michael: Yes my son, first of all let me not chastise you but congratulate you on your curiosity. It may kill the cat but it's definitely something that we encourage our human children to take a delight in. Curiosity is a marvelous spiritual blessing so your questions are very welcome. The receiving specific information from an angel who delights in sharing their life with you, and as you open your mind to them you're offering to share your life. It's a kind of transmission very much as I am transmitting through a person now and I believe you've even, you folks who are trying it, have even come up with a terminology called journaling where you are just sitting down in your meditation, opening your mind to your friend and then writing down what comes to you, making a journal of sorts, and indeed this is how this particular transmitter I'm using now practiced to be able to transmit myself and Mother Spirit.

This is generally a seraphim, an angel who in addition to your guardian angel is able to express their point of view and this is what they have to offer you. I think one of your poets put it "what a gift to God to see yourselves as others see you". Well how about from the point of view of an angel and this is something that simply has to be practiced. There is no way of knowing initially if it is just your own imagination or if it is another being inside your mind directing your hand. You simply have to exercise your faith, sit down with a pad and pencil and begin. It's entering a realm of uncertainty. It's achieving a state of mind in which you cannot anticipate what's coming next.

This is the nature of it and many tried and though being in this state just for a few minutes and then the very fact that it's happening, as you say, blows their mind and you simply have to persist, you have to want this contact. Now along these lines an ascending mortal many of you know very well by the name of Welmeck has given a series of lessons on how to do this in much more detail than I can go into right now and hopefully this series of lessons will be out in tmtranscripts before too much longer. Does this help you my son?

Q: Yes it definitely does, thankyou my Father. It probably will take some practice but I'm sure that I will know the precise answers to my questions. I thank you very much.

Michael: You are welcome my son, I say you will not feel this as a voice within your mind, you will not be able to tell originally if it is just your own imagination but your desire will carry you through. This desire for another being, not yourself, is the essence of it and then that's all it takes. This is received by spirit and recognized. There are many many seraphim coming to the planet now for this very purpose and this even represents the whole next stage humankind's general spiritual advancement when more and more people have these kind of friends. So perservere, you will find it delightful and be in my peace.[thankyou] Does anybody else wish to have a question or comment? You certainly don't have to be shy with me or with each other.

Q: This is Jean again and I would just say that I think it all leaves us a little awestruck, it does me.

Michael: Well that's very understandable Jean. Part of the reason that Mother and I welcome these kinds of conversations is to be close to you in a way that you can know very consciously. It is true that we are, from your perspective, unimaginably vast and ancient but our nature is such from a human point of view, you could consider our being as such an, instantaneous response, your whole dimension that you have to look forward to so we are able to be with each one for endless billions and billions of children. Each of you is so unique to us that when we are within you we feel so much we are you so that when you consciously welcome us into your lives this is like a endlessly and self repeating, I think you've seen these cases where you have two mirrors put up against each other so arranged so that if you look into them it looks like you're studying infinity itself.

When you consciously acknowlege us and welcome us into your life with a good morning Michael, this sets up within us such a joy, it feels so much a part of you. So thankyou for your love my daughter. This is a way in which you are capable of affecting us so we say thankyou. [thankyou] Be in my peace. Just soak in it like a warm bathtub but go into us. Let us heal you and make you whole. Our last lesson was on what very composite beings you are and how you start out, especially on your particular planet with it's particular history, your start out for a very fractured kind of state so spiritual unity is at first just an ideal, something to strive for, being driven almost by the pain of being pulled in so many different directions.

So appreciate that this is the real work and spiritual unity, feeling one within yourself and more and more one with the whole spiritual community you are beginning to encounter. This is a real achievement and at the same time it is a homecoming. When achieving spirit you are coming back from where you really started. The personallity becomes more and more self aware and more and more efficient and powerful in its unifying abilities. This is the name of the game. This is the dimension along which you will keep growing for a long long time. So don't feel incomplete my children. Every single moment you are complete beings just as you are. At each stage of development you have all the pieces, it is just a matter of slowly, organically, your day to day experience through all these lives you touch and allow to touch you.

This is how you gather all the little pieces of yourself and knit them all together, and as was asked earlier this evening, at the final perfect summit moment as you achieve oneness within yourself, so you become one with your soul and the fragment of God who has been safeguarding it all along. Are there any further questions or comments? Well then rest in my peace my children. Mother's and My love surround you, the angels watch over you and God's living heart beats within your chest, good evening.