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Abraham - Relying on The Son - Feb 27, 1995 - Woods Cross, UT


FEBRUARY 27, 1995

Shalom. I am ABRAHAM. I am your teacher and friend. How did you apply the lesson from last week during the week? Was it as simple as you expected or more difficult? As with any lesson, time is required for the learning to become natural. You can not learn any skill or lesson overnight. The great group/family lesson will be life long and beyond this life.

This night I desire to teach you a little more about relying on the Son, our universe Creator. Some believe that they must go through this life dealing with daily obstacles alone. Some know not of our magnificent Spirit of Truth that longs to help and guide. Many know not of the majestic power of the Universe Son. He is only limited by the Father’s will. If we could only discover His longing to be close to us. How could we not be able to face such daily difficulties knowing His presence is with us.

As we teachers understand His love for us, it is such an honor and pleasure to serve one so beautiful. As you too discover this longing to be with His universal children, you may feel His presence more and more. It is difficult sometimes in your mortal state. You have to believe without seeing. You have to trust that kingdom of helpers with whom you can not see.

I vaguely remember my time of doubts on the Earth. I do know I survived them, as you will. You can also be benefited from your doubts after a period of questioning, as difficult as it may be. You can always look back and note that you also survived that spell of doubting. As you grow closer to Michael you may be comforted in your periods of unbelieving.

He said, "I am the door." He said, "I am the bridge from one world to another." He came here to reveal to us something so precious, something you can’t buy with money, something that has given many great comfort, that has given the weak hearted confidence, and the discouraged hope. Our Creator Father/Brother came here to reveal the greatest gift and that is the knowledge of our sonship/daughtership with our Eternal Father. No greater gift can humankind receive than a place in His kingdom.

I say this Creator Son, known on your world as JESUS, is the door. Your closeness to Him would be of great benefit to you in your steps to understanding. When I think of my Creator I feel energized by His goodness. I feel almost unlimited with one so glorious that graces my path, my life. I am renewed in the thought of this powerful and loving presence that knows each one of His children.

Some may feel unworthy, undeserving of His magnificent presence, but I say, He was once one of you who walked the Earth. He experienced what you experience. He knows of your feelings of unworthiness. This is understood. It is much desired that you would take your place in the Kingdom along with your brothers and sisters and accept His love, accept His help. To claim yourself unworthy or inferior to receive His presence, His love, is almost offensive. He desires to know you and to reveal Himself to you.

 Ham has taught on this subject before. It could do no harm to re-read the lesson. He said, Jesus said, "I am the door." This week focus on this door. You may knock, you may notice His presence during the week. Next week some may wish to share their experiences with our Father/ Brother, Michael. Until next week, Shalom.