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Armesh; Monjoronson - Coals For The Fire - Oct 19, 2005 - Helen Whitworth; Illawarra, AU

North Yorkshire, England, October 19, 2005.

Teachers Armesh and Monjoronson.

Subject: "Coals For The Fire"

Received by Helen Whitworth.



"We request that you make a true writing of the ritual that you perform when you come to us, your teachers, for formal lessons, for we feel this may be of use to others.

"Always, when learning a new skill, it is important to open yourself to a variety of approaches on a given subject, so you may more easily find the method which is most suitable to your own energetic configuration.

"It is I, Armesh, who speaks with you now, and I greet you with peace and love.

(image of a brown jug, full of cream)

"In the world around you, you will oft times encounter circumstances which you do not fully understand. Situations of grief, sorrow and of suffering, of hurt, of rage, directed against you by one to whom you have done no wrong. How easy it is to become embroiled within these moments, to take the blame upon yourself for that which you see as troubles around you.

"When you are fully linked to the flow of the Divine, you see that such circumstances are not of your making, neither do you judge those who give in to negativity and allow it to consume their entire being. Trust only that their experience is right and valid for them at that moment, and respond only with an outpouring of love, or not at all.

"Imitation is truly the most sincere of all flattery, and by acting in such a way others may come to challenge their own perceptions, ultimately coming to the realization that Divine Love and Grace is the crème de la crème.

"Follow in the footsteps of those you admire, but do not be afraid to deviate from their path, since only through your own unique understanding will you reach your goal. Open your heart more fully now, Helen, Monjoronson wishes a word."


"Behind the back of the coal shed you will find a shovel. Use that shovel to collect coals, place them in a bucket, carry them to the fireplace, and place some, a few at a time, upon the fire. When the bucket is empty, repeat.

"Your tasks are to maintain the light in this world, the fire of passion for spiritual evolution, and knowledge of God, but when the scuttle is empty it does not matter how often you scoop to place coals upon the fire, there are none, and the fire will go out.

"It is necessary to perform the daily tasks to keep that fire burning. Without proper fuel the body cannot survive. Without proper fuel the emotions become void. Without proper fuel the mind become vapid. And without proper fuel the spirit shrivels to the tinniest of sparks.

"How many of you only wish the fun of throwing coals onto the fire to watch it blaze stronger, yet are unwilling to get your hands dirty and shovel the black rocks into the bucket to carry it upstairs? Ponder this, my friends, and realize why we give constant reminders to be in full state of attention to all matters in your life, no matter how banal or humble. It is these humble tasks, which bring eventual long-lasting rewards.

"So I say to you, eat well and care for your body. Enjoy the company of others and the stimulation of nature. Exercise your mind with learning and questioning, and come regularly to your Father for replenishment of spirit, then you will most certainly be feeding the light upon this world.

"I ask you now to relinquish your pen and sit in stillness a while, and request readers to do the same. Let your mind be still, your heart be open, and allow me to infuse you with my love, my children. "

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