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Michael - You Pray without Ceasing - Sep 29, 2005 - Illawarra, AU

U S of A, September 29, 2005.
Christ Michael.
Subject: "To Pray Without Ceasing."

Contributing Receiver.


Michael: "I would speak to you today on the subject of prayer, My sister.

"Prayer has been quite an adventure for you, and for many years have you studied its different forms. You have read many books on the subject, and you have come now to a very simple, uncomplicated realization; that to pray without ceasing is really easy. You are in constant prayer.

"Never ending prayer was Paul’s observation, however, do you remember your doubts in his exhortation? How could anyone ever follow his advice to pray without ceasing, you wondered?

"Prayers are simple communion and it happens on many levels. I told My brethren to come away with Me, and simply be still, as the stillness prayers are the deepest form or communication. Sitting quietly with Father requires nothing more than the awareness of each others loving presence.

"No books of study are required to learn this model of prayer, and it is practiced worldwide, and in the most unusual of places. It is one of the most valuable forms of prayer, for it is simply telling our Father ‘I am here with you.’

"You have long admired the little devotional by Brother Lawrence. (Practicing the Presence of God). It had a great influence on your early prayer life, and Brother Lawrence became a type of prayer mentor for you.

"This little kitchen monk lived in the mode of unceasing prayer, ever conscious of our Father’s unceasing Presence, and in every single moment of his daily life. Even in the very mundane moments Lawrence knew that the Father’s Presence communed with his. That knowing, that understanding of this very great truth is the way to ceaseless prayer.

"You are not too far from that point right now, My sister, for you have come far. You only desire the Father’s Will. You ask little of Him, trusting Him completely, and prayers of petition are no longer necessary when you simply allow His Will in all things.

"But leaving prayers of petition behind was not the end of your prayer ladder. You exchanged prayers of petition for prayers of gratitude. The ladder has many rungs that appear ascending and descending, yet I would say to you today that in your pursuit of excellence in prayer, no form is greater, or lesser than any other.

"Communion is practicing the Presence of our Father in whatever form His children choose. Every form honors His Presence, so be in perfect peace about prayer, for your prayer journey will be your constant adventure throughout eternity.

"I AM Michael, and I will be with you through your entire adventure. We are Companions in prayer!"

11:11 Progress Group.