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Abraham - Control Issues in Relationship Attachments - Oct 17, 2005 - Woods Cross, UT


OCTOBER 17, 2005



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I like what you have done with your evening. I appreciate your topics of everyday living. One of the greatest mortal purposes is to integrate the spiritual into the material. I really have enjoyed your feedback. I see you here as having concern without control. When you have discussion rarely do any of you have thoughts on ‘how will this affect me?’ You are genuinely concerned for one another and keep possibilities open for Father’s will to flow through the group. I am enjoying the dynamics of it all.

You know the more attachment you have to something or someone, there is more of a likelihood to have self concern and wonder how things will personally affect you. The more attachment we have, the higher tendency to have need to control. I am not saying have no attachments. That is unrealistic in a highly emotional world. I am talking more about allowing a natural flow of Father’s will in everyday living, just as you do here with one another.

Love has become a strange concept over these many years and it has become associated with attachment and/or self-preservation. Love, like faith, is an energy and is meant to move without fear. When mortals become more secure in faith, love becomes a source of joy, not pain or attachment. As we feel more connected to the Kingdom, we are conscious of others as a part of the whole, not as a part of us personally.

Growing older in years has its advantages. Petty difficulties are left by the wayside and those things true, beautiful and good rise to the top. There is a definite mindal adjustment that helps you to see you are an equal part with the whole, not more, not less. This kind of security must grow through experience, needless to say. As children we are depending on others to care for us. As adults we are recognizing our independence and as maturing spirits, we are seeing our responsibility to serve, to be an integral part of the whole.

My whole point of this evening’s lesson is to look at control and how it makes mortals miserable. The need to control mostly comes from fear of personal pain. Certainly mistrust in our divine Caretakers is not at all useful. I know it is difficult to live with agondonter status. It takes effort to believe without seeing. Those of you who have chosen to live a spirit-led life do gain experience to have that security, which makes you feel at ease to allow a free flow of Father’s will.

As we think about our need to control situations or people, let us look at the root of this driving force. Let us get down to the very cause of the fearful state. Have you faith? Then why have fear? Either you trust the celestial Caretakers or you don’t, either way, it matters not. Experience is your best teacher and the open-minded spirit will learn the truth one way or another.

This week when situations appear chaotic and you have need to force order from your own perspective, think about that free flowing will of Father and how you can help it move, instead of fearfully blocking it with your own seemingly good intentions. In this life what have we to lose? What does your faith conclude your destiny to be? What are some steps you can take to get to the root cause of fear, to find the meanings and values that produce love? The secure child does not cry out for attention but accepts their role in the family happily. My fellows, we are safe and secured within the Kingdom of Heaven. That is all.

Know that I am honored to serve with you. Know that I am learning alongside of you. I thank you for your willingness to be a part of my experience. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.