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Monjoronson; Elyon - The Magisterial Mission - Sep 11, 2005 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


Spiritual Mountain Top,

Magisterial Mission

Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson

September 11, 2005

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is Elyon. I have enjoyed watching each one of you ascend the spiritual mountain and attain the ridge top of a cosmic perspective. You have each struggled and been rewarded through that struggle. And now upon this ridge you have spent much time enjoying the gentler ups and downs of life as you proceed to express love and to shine light and to offer ministry. While you have gained many skills and unfolded your latent talents, you have also learned to coordinate these abilities with your brothers and sisters in this mission. With this cooperative training you are becoming capable of working truly as a team, as a corporate body. What you are learning about today with the advancement of the Magisterial Mission will take you to the base of yet a higher mountain.

It is one you will not climb alone but you will climb together, tethered one to another. It will require your trust and faith. It will require each one of you sharing your strengths and receiving compensation for your weaknesses one from another. Your climb will be strenuous, but it will not be unaided, for the ministers now upon your world offer their helping hands.

The result will be quite uplifting to you, exhilarating, as a matter of fact. You will rise to a vision not today held. I am looking forward to our adventure, for I will climb with you. I will work alongside on this team for the outworking of this new age. Before we receive another teacher's address, I ask you each to sit in silence, to look to the Father, to dedicate the heart.

* Monjoronson (Mark): I greet you now. I am Monjoronson and I am your guide who awaits you at the base camp ready to lead you on this next most glorious journey. We are both so fortunate, you to have practiced over these years your climbing skills and honing your desires to reach for the top, and I to have such able and competent climbers to work with on this joyous journey ahead. I acknowledge the desires of your hearts to be on this team with me, and I welcome you with open arms as partners to be tethered together and to make this ascension one for all and all for one. I have no doubts of your worthiness to perform the necessary requirements to ascend. I ask that you prepare yourselves in advance of our task by resting well, by finding your centers, and by doing exercises of stillness and worship that you may be focused and centered and strong to proceed as we take these next steps. The peak that we ascend to has been shrouded in clouds for this planet's existence, but the weather conditions are favorable. The winds of change will blow to clear away what had previously been unseen and unknown to provide us with the light and the guidance to find our way to the top.

From the base camp it is necessary that we reestablish our commitment and our focus so as to be of one heart in our desire to make this climb together. As I gaze down over you, my companions, I see the willingness necessary to commit to this next phase. Willingness is good. Dedication is required. I ask each of you in the hours after our embrace here to go apart and find your dedication to this next leg of the journey. Any climber who does not feel up to the task is required to stay at base camp and not put the others into peril. There is no shame in such an admission of unreadiness, and each must find for themselves their next level of commitment and dedication. I welcome all who are fit and feel ready for this next leg of the journey.

We all must work together in order to successfully complete this mission. I look forward to the great rewards at hand for having accomplished such a glorious journey. Hold fast those principles and spiritual understandings that provide you with good footing. Do not waver in your temptation to doubt. Act with the fullness of the faith that you have built in your ascension thus far. Commit to me, to Michael, and to the Father your intentions and then orient yourself to be guided, to follow as you are led even though the way may be obscured. The conditions may be blinding and at times difficult. Trust that you are in fact being led correctly and apply the necessary effort step by step to bring yourself along.

You have already successfully completed such exercises to your great satisfaction. Now before you lies an even greater challenge with even greater satisfaction upon completion. Not only do you stand the opportunity for personal growth and satisfaction, but as well you all are privileged to have a role to play in the service of your fellows. Your success is also the success of this mission before us. We are the ones to forge this trail to the top so that others may have an established path. I am an experienced navigator, and I will find us our way through this unknown terrain.

You in faith will follow in my steps. Having thus made this new path many others may follow us to the top and enjoy the same rewards that we find in having blazed the trail. There is something special about those going first, and I cherish each of you for your commitment to this initial journey. One day we will reflect back on the magnitude of that which we did simply one step at a time. For now we must focus on simply one step at a time.

Do not let your perception of the magnitude of what we do inhibit you, rather focus on the task at hand, the next step or two, then helping each other take the next step or two. In this way we will all make it to the top and be able to gaze down upon the journey that we have made. What a joy it is to perceive such an eager crew, such willing climbing companions that we may be about this task with lightheartedness and even with joy.

Though we must invest ourselves in the effort required, we, through our faith, are assured of our success even before we have begun. With this we should embrace this opportunity before us and welcome the obstacles we encounter, knowing that together and with the Father all things are possible. With the extension of ourselves our personal growth and the growth of this mission are assured. We simply cannot lose. Thank you for hearing my words today and for your concern over my mission.

More details will come to you as they are necessary. In the meantime once again I ask that you prepare yourselves for the next leg of our journey, and when the call comes to don your gear and move out. I trust you will be prepared in mind and in spirit that we may forge this route together. You will be hearing form me as time goes on, and I will be in observation of you as we near the time to be about this journey. Thank you. Farewell.