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Abraham - Avoid Personal Agendas & Wish Fulfillment - Sep 05, 2005 - Woods Cross, UT





I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am impressed at your willingness to allow the message to come through. You embrace the spirit, when you could be forcing your own agenda. You have enough years behind you as a unified group to have purified intentions as far as the Teaching Mission is concerned. As you each become more spiritualized then is it easier to be spirit-led. It is easier to have not focus on personal agendas or wish fulfillment.

We are all watching the tragic occurrences in the world right now and truly does this make us all reflect. It causes us to reprioritize our lives. It does make us more willing to embrace truth and to listen a bit more. What occurs in the world today is natural evolution, not a slap in the face to realize how small the mortal is and how big God is. No, natural evolution is not a wake up call, although with each and every event that occurs, natural or manmade, we hope that the very best is brought out in mortals. As you can see, the animal within is alive and well and serving itself in many individuals, but overall the majority of Urantia people have space occupied in their hearts by the First Source and Center.

Man is not bad, not naturally evil, just a bit ignorant, still a bit self-centered. This is to be expected with all people, with all races, genders, and classes of citizens. Much of the time you must see the worst for it to spark action within us to bring out the best. As good as many individuals’ intentions are, there still is hesitation to live the life they truly believe in. There is still such turmoil within to live as man expects or to live as Father’s will would have us live.

Each of us have varying backgrounds, unique personalities, gifts of all kinds, faults of all kinds and it would seem the biggest problem mankind would face would be to incorporate so many different individuals into the Kingdom of Heaven. There are always individuals who want to be in charge and then there are natural born leaders. There are individuals who wish to appear as the hero and the real heroes want nothing to do with recognition. There are those who teach to show their intelligence and there are those who allow Father’s intelligence to teach. There are those who portray a large flame of faith and it flickers every time the wind blows. On the other hand, there are those who maintain a small but steady flame that provides a light of faith for others.

There is a place in Father’s Kingdom for each and every individual no matter what. Everyone has a place, whether they are spiritual or animal, a minority, male or female, child or adult, rich or poor. It matters not where on the planet you were born. Each and every person is a child of God. Each and every person seeks to love and be loved, to care and be cared for, to feel needed and wanted. As these difficult times are upon the planet, we have great faith that the good will be the ultimate outcome. The animal will be tamed. The majority of people will allow the spirit to guide.

When all else has disappeared, what have you? When truth and love are gone, what do material things serve? Many mortals can justify what they believe they deserve in this mortal life and work to serve themselves, even if it means working against their fellows. We have you, our Teaching Mission participants, to portray an example of a good balance between spirit and mortal. While many would desire to catch that wave of drama, you are our anchor of stability. No matter what happens we all work for that outcome of ultimate good. We still must live and rise to each and every challenge. You will be tested, so to speak. You will be trained.

I am quite happy with our mortal forces. I am inspired to carry on, to feel comfort in Father’s watch care, to feel confident in the fact that Michael’s Spirit of Truth has great influence. I am made to relax at the diligence of Mother and Her mind-spirits. I am made to be hopeful at the growth of the Supreme Being. I believe that is enough for now. Know that I am ever increasing in love and confidence for you each. I appreciate your commitment and willingness to serve under any circumstance. Well done. Until next time, shalom.