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Beloved One - A Lesson on Keys - Aug 23, 2005 - Illawarra, AU
Urantia, August 23, 2005.
Teacher named “The Beloved One.”
Subject: “A Lesson on Keys.”
Contributing Receiver.
The Beloved One: “Through all the previous lessons you have learned that the keys to God’s Kingdom are Love, Praise and Gratitude.  These three keys I desire to reinforce today with the ‘key-ring’ that holds these keys together, which is a sublime Humility.  It is this total trust in the over-care to the leadings of My Spirit within.  Yes, I know that you are human, and still so forgetful, but there is the beginning of a song so deep inside you, which makes it so much easier for Me to approach you, even in your daily comings and goings.  It is your constant effort in the seeking of Me which has made this possible.  This is not always visible to other human eyes, but those who travel the same path, will recognize this, as there is an invisible vibration strumming your spiritual strings.
“This method is in place so you can begin to recognize each other because of your attitude of gratitude.  Blessed is the soul who reaches such height of being, of existing in a world and yet not be of it.  This is the difference between a true believer and one who merely pays lip service to faith.  In the beginning, when starting out on this path, great struggles have to be worked through.  To those, who persevere, those keys are given as a result, because of a willingness to search until they find; until they succeed.  Those keys are always available to each who searches for Me within themselves.  They make it a point to seek Me early, and yet it is never too late to start.
“This starting time happens when you spare Me a thought in earnest, and take the time to sit in the Stillness of your heart, and allow your mind to become so still, that there is no other thought than a state of waiting.  In this waiting, you eventually become aware of a holy hush, enveloping you—an indefinable loving nearness so tender that tears well up in your eyes, because you are touched in the deepest core of your being.  At first it will be a fleeting moment, but that moment is edged in your memory so you will want to re-experience this.  This is My lure that I am holding out to you, so you will keep coming back until you can experience Me more tangibly.
“In the beginning when you might speak about your experiences to those you think might understand, they will tell you that such is impossible, but that is only, because they have not themselves had that experience.
“In time, these deeply soul-nurturing moments build on top of one another, and so the keys of the Kingdom form themselves within you because of the capacity for deep and unencumbered worship, which will enlarge each time you participate in meeting with Me in your quiet moments.  These moments can also occur when you see or hear something that will bring you back into My Presence.  I will use every moment of your waking and sleeping hours to accomplish My mission of leading you closer to your divine blueprint, which I hold for you in My Being.  It is in living your inner life reflected in the outer world, ever so subliminally that others are touched as by osmosis.  There is a peace being born within you, which is to deep for words, but which is very healing to others in your presence.  This is also the way by which peace will manifest in the world.
“Remember the keys of Love, Praise and Gratitude, for these are the keys to a happy and fulfilling life in true Humility.”
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