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Machiventa - This New Form of Communication - Aug 08,2005 - Mark Rogers, Lightline





[Editor’s Note: The Reader may also wish to consult the transcript titled: Serena082105Marshall _Advent Of Circuitry Bonding, for additional instruction on additional communication circuits.]


Prayer: Divine Parents, once again we your children seek your embrace. We come to you with the open arms of the children of you that we are and we ask your loving tender spiritual embrace. We tend to keep our hearts open that we may receive all that you would give us through your emissaries of light and ask that we be brought closer to you in this process. We are certain that you hear the desires of our hearts and we embrace this occasion to be with you.

Machiventa: I greet you once again this evening. I am Machiventa and I would embrace this opportunity to fellowship with you, to foster greater understanding of the mission before us and the roles we are to play, each one, in the unfoldment of the glorious times that we are finding ourselves in. I would acknowledge that each of you have brought yourselves to this forum, have pulled up a chair to this roundtable of discussion we share now by the force of your own wills, and they tower of the desires of your hearts to make contact with spirit, even to be the spirit beings that you all are.

In this forum, sharing this format together by the grace of our Creator, we are enabled in this hour to share in this form of verbal communication. This new form of communication is but one avenue which has become open to us with the advent of the dawning of the correcting time. We on our side of the table cherish any opportunity afforded us to bridge the gap between the material being, even the material ear, and spiritual awareness. Those who are willing to come and sit at the table and open themselves for this discussion are the trailblazers of a new dimension which will become increasingly more commonplace as we work together into the future.

This style of communication is a recent phenomenon on Michael's bestowal world. It is the direct result of his desire that it be so. We have before us the miracle of that which our Creator desires and we embrace this opportunity, this chance to communicate in this fashion to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the material using this form of communication. There are many new and exciting miracles such as this one to be granted as part of our new mandate to bring about great changes during this correcting time.

We have had some time together to get used to this phenomenon, to experiment with the parameters of this new dimension and to stretch out beyond our traditional comfort zones to embrace this new reality we enjoy even now. Likewise will it be required of each of you, of all of you, that you extend your faith boundaries yet further to embrace the reality of all that Michael would bestow upon you. In the beginning, any new phenomenon is viewed with uncertainty, with skepticism and doubts regarding the new parameters of what has been previously unknown.

You each will be required to try on a number of new potentials for your world. You who have so willingly come to this forum, offer yourselves as the guinea pigs for what will become new patterns established through individuals such as yourselves. It is my supreme pleasure to be involved during these times when such grace will be bestowed and such miracles will in fact be commonplace. That which our Sovereign wills, is, and therefore his desire for us to be about the instilling of new patterns will be made fruitful in the days to come.

Those of you who have extended your faith to be here now are who is required to take the next steps as well. You have encountered in your own lives the rewards for having extended your faith to this level and such rewards should provide you with the necessary desire and courage to extend yourselves even farther. Today we enjoy the miracle of open communication between celestial beings and spiritual beings. Such has not been the case on this world before and yet we embrace this as the new reality.

Likewise, more changes are in store that will require the exercise of even greater faith and will one day be as normal as is this conversation we share. This movement, this shift, requires the active participation of those in your form. We have mandates which allow great things to occur but as part of our requirements, these changes must be embraced even solicited by those on your side of the table. We require your active partnership in order to bring to the table the next course. If we perceive that you have had your fill of spiritual dishes and are not prepared for the next course, then certainly we would not force too much in front of you, but the very moment that we perceive that you hunger for more, more will be placed before you. This is the process we must both undergo to nourish you with the desired spiritual elements. It is not of our nature to push that which is undesired and therefore we will always await your signals of desire. When you are ready to take the next step and accept the next course we will have it ready and offer it with the eagerness that we now join you at this table.

We well understand that there is the necessary time required for you to digest the previous course and we make every allowance for the fulfillment of the human nature. Likewise we eagerly await desire to rise to the surface and opportunity to present itself. While we enjoy this discourse today and this relationship that we share, I would point out that each one of you also enjoys a similar relationship of bringing spiritual nourishment for your fellows, for those who would join your tables wherever they are.

You seek the nourishment I bring to the table this hour and they as well seek the nourishment that you provide when you set the tables. This is how this process is disseminated. You each one assume the role of the servers. You may well have your fill at this banquet, but in your own spheres of influence, you become likewise the server to all those who would sit with you and in your ways each one, you are able to act as the conduit for that which you have come to enjoy in this forum.

This is how Michael would have it that you would learn and then you would teach. By assuming this role you provide the absolutely critical function of liaison between spirit and material. It is not that every ear should hear the spiritual message as you do even now, but that all ears should hear the spiritual message through the sharing, the passing around of this spiritual nourishment to be taken up by all. Assume this role, this obligation, this privilege in each of your lives and look for opportunities to set the table, to invite others to share this bounty with you.

Those are my words for this evening, but I would entertain any questions or comments as this table that we share has two sides and while I might pass out the main course, certainly all of you bring your own contributions to share and I would welcome any who would serve.

Q: Good evening dear Machiventa, this is Felix. I have a question. Am I going to somehow be let known where I am needed for service? Is that going to happen sometime in the future or maybe in the very near future, I'm just wondering?

Machiventa: Certainly my friend, all those who seek will find. It is in the petition of your hearts, it is in the attitude of prayer, it is in the position of stillness and it is with your active participation that such answers are brought forth. The desires of your hearts are most certainly known by your parents but in the formulation of your petitions to be of service or any other purpose does your individual alignment occur. It is highly individual and therefore not accomplished by any other. It is in this attitude of petition and prayer that you then allow yourself the space of stillness to gain the conviction of insight that you desire.

Every heart has their individual petition, and while your Divine Parents are aware of these desires, oftentimes the barrier to overcome in receiving your awareness is in the simple orientation and subsequent capacity to receive such answers to your prayers, but avail yourselves of these methods and through your consistency you most certainly can expect as a child of God and a cosmic citizen, that you are entitled to a sense of direction and a peace of purpose. You must simply position yourself to embrace that which is yours by your very nature. Certainly seek and you shall find, ask and you shall be given, even if your petition is for the capacity to embrace that which you desire to be given. Has this addressed your concerns? [ Yes indeed, thank you very much.]

Q: Hello Machiventa, this is Marshall. I would like to ask you a very interesting question that’s been on my mind lately, speaking of new and exciting miracles to be granted as part of the new mandate to bring about great changes during this correcting time on Urantia. In my personal understanding there are certain individuals that are going through the miracle of the morontia /material blending process who have developed interesting relationships with specific either local or superuniverse personalities, celestials, on your staff and or our Magisterial Sons' staff. In such a relationship the celestial personalities act as a liaison between the mortal and either you, Machiventa, or our Magisterial Son as well as a vast team who walks with and works with this mortal.

Now from my understanding there are those mortals wh o have been granted the rare opportunity of specific newly installed circuitry between such mortals and their celestial liaisons. This so called circuitry bonding is very rare as I understand it and will offer the mortal an increasingly direct line to the personality of the celestial liaison thus greatly empowering the mortal to be in touch with much that was otherwise not available to such mortal. Now this experimental blending or circuitry bonding process I understand will allow the mortal to receive vital intelligence without the time lag which normally occurs and as I understand the process it will allow those mortals ambassadors upon your staff and our Magisterial Sons' staff to take a more highly active role in these upcoming times as servers of all and if you could comment on this it is something I would love to hear from you on my friend.

Machiventa: To utilize a phrase popular in your realm, the sky is the limit these days in what is rapidly becoming possible. These are the days of miracles and wonders and while you attempt to understand the mechanics of such circuitry and such phenomenon as you describe, I say to you, you are the ones creating these miracles by the very extension of your faith. Yes there are a multitude of new dimensions now available to us both on my side and on yours and yes, these dimensions have individual characteristics but it is you, each one, who will determine the extent and the level to which these new parameters are developed.

You set the stage, you determine how far we go in co-creating these new miracles which are no more than new patterns our Creator desires that we bring do this realm together. It is not enough for mandates to have been created and possibilities to have been granted, it requires bringing these new possibilities and expanding these new mandates all the way down to the material level to you, through you, to the others. This is the role we play together. This is the circuit we form to enable these new patterns and these new structures to become real. Until someone of your nature desires and then acts, all the possibilities in the universe remain dormant.

It is in the acting, it is in the choosing, it is in the spiritual movement in the material, that what was potential becomes actual. Therefore are each of your roles so very critical. I am but an instructor. I bring you the how to, the possibilities, the why nots. It is you who must take these new dimensions and make them real in your lives, manifest them to the rest of the world. They are only thought patterns until you do so. That is a privilege that each of you have and I have to assist you. Michael has chosen to make himself available to your world and it is through you, each one, that he desires to do this.

It is not that he would appear and be glorified on high in one place at one time. It is that he would appear and be glorified in all places, at all times, even through his devoted servants such as yourselves. That is the new plan that we must make real, and yes, it involves every manner of circuitry you can imagine and many you cannot, but I assure you, seek and you shall find. Engage with spirit and it will be made real. Trust in faith that you are in this circuit performing this valuable function and it will be so. That is as easy as it is and yet as profound as it is.

Q: Beautifully put Machiventa. So really as co-creators we are indeed co-writing this book and there really are no limits except to what we choose to entertain even to the extent of co-creating with others and our Paradise Father, a new super-material order of personalities which will serve as vital members of your staff and the staff of our Magisterial Son. I envision this and further in reality I hear you say is what the true son or daughter desires and the Father wills is.

Machiventa: And certainly any obstacles or challenges are not in the spiritual realm. The challenge is in the physical, in the material to make that which is an ideal, real, and therefore what seems like as a daunting challenge becomes easily done when the material component acts in liaison with the spiritual powers from on high.

Q: Very enlightening and certainly there is no limit to the consciousness that we can entertain as growing ascending sons and daughters of God. I thank you for your elaborations and I much appreciate you my friend.

Machiventa: I thank you each one as partners in this undertaking of such great significance to this world and of such importance to Michael. We have the united desire to be of service for our Creator and this desire will guide us through as we forge a new path, as we determine a new trail we will be sustained and guided in the knowledge that we do so for Michael and for our world for the greater good. We are all simply players in this game awaiting the next move and determining how best to utilize all the factors at play to unfold that which we all believe to be on the horizon. Would there be any other comments or observations? In closing I would say thank you all for joining this roundtable of discussion of thought, of desires of your hearts and of idealism of the spirit. I hope you have all taken in the nourishment that spirit brings with its encounter and I foresee that all of you having been so nourished will likewise take this out and share with others and that is as simple as your role is and that is all that the Father desires of you. And for this service I make vocal mention of my thanks, and the thanks of Michael, the thanks of the Father and vocal petition that the presence of the Father accompany you as you are about this privilege, as you undergo this task of fulfilling your mission as sons and daughters. That this presence never be far from you, that you are nourished by it and refreshed each and every time you think of it, that you may remember all such occasions as this as having been nourished and filled to the capacity with the joy and the love that your Divine Parents would have you feel. Thank you all, thank you each one. I take my leave now.