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Abraham; Mary  - Recalling My Mortal Life - Aug 08, 2005 - Woods Cross, UT



Mary - In Recalling My Mortal Life

AUGUST 8, 2005


I am ABRAHAM. You know these words happen by your own energy. Without your will to allow Father’s plan to be put into action this would not happen. Of course you could receive lessons on an individual level, but the strength of the many minds here make our words more accurate, our intentions more pure, our thoughts more balanced.

While it seems you do very little to uplift Michael’s cause, I can say that your efforts go far and wide. The fact that you need not know the outcome of your efforts opens the channel of energy and helps to purify thoughts and intentions. I am full with the fact that you carry on in the face of your many struggles. I am inspired by your efforts to see the good in what appears to be overwhelmingly bad. You may waver in heart and mind from time to time, but your faith always wins. You work through it and always come out better in mind and add growth to the soul. Well done.

I am MARY. What an honor for me to teach alongside of Abraham and at the same time, be a student alongside of you. I also am overflowing with energy and hope that to reach the masses, all we have to do is get through to the few.

In recalling my mortal life, I realize my greatest enemy was my own mind, my own thinking. This is why the Master taught so much about self-mastery. Education was rare for a woman in that day. As I matured I realized I could learn more from life experience than I could from any organized institution. The key to learning, of course, was listening and being observant. Much of the time I had to literally bite my tongue.

In my youth I could hardly hold back my urge to spout off my knowledge, as if people would look at me like I was somebody important. With time, experience and the Master’s help, I knew that I could be of much more assistance by learning and having a questioning mind, instead of an attitude that was quite knowledgeable and therefore, should be looked upon as important.

Father really put this theory into practice in my life. Living revelation was my ministry. A quiet mind, little or no intention connected me directly to Spirit and from that I knew things that even I was amazed at. Of course this was simply used to minister to Father’s children, not to boost my own self-esteem. Certainly was I honored that Father could make use of someone I thought had little or no value. I became a part of the whole. I saw with new eyes. I heard with new ears. I felt much more love than I ever thought possible. I actually had access to a universe of information, again of course, to minister to Father’s children.

The partner to the Master’s teaching on self-mastery was self-forgetfulness. I do know living in the material body--that is so difficult. Many times I thought the more active I was; the more I was able to serve. In the end, of course, I had no energy and was really off center. Time alone is good. Stillness is good. So is exercise. Creativity is rejuvenating. Fellowship is balancing. Study is re-centering. The Spirit that is housed by a mortal body needs this care. The mind needs a chance to refocus. Certainly is there much more stimulation in the world today than there was in my day. It is busier and more confusing, taking up more of the mind’s space and many times blocking spiritual knowledge and energy.

Off the subject just a bit, I am made to think of the tremendous amounts of medication people are on. Yes, yes, medication has certainly been useful for many things, but a great deal of medication has been mind altering and interfering with the very mechanisms that connect you to Spirit. I understand the mortal life today is difficult and many individuals need some sort of assistance, but I would say at least sixty percent of the medicines prescribed today are quite unnecessary, especially those that alter the mind and personality.

Humans were made to have emotions. You do get angry. You do get depressed. It is okay to cry. It is okay to express injustice. Just remember those practices that the soul needs to be balanced help you in attaining self-mastery. It is perfectly acceptable to be mortal. Be observant. Listen. Be teachable. With that I shall give the farewell. In the words of our loving mentor, our love is ever growing for you each. Until next time, shalom.