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Beloved One - Ignorance & Nurturing - May 20, 2005 - Two Transcripts - Illawarra, AU

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Urantia, May 20, 2005.
A Teacher named "The Beloved One."
Subject: "A Lesson On Ignorance."


Contributing Receiver.

The Beloved One: "All people are ignorant to some extent, because nobody knows everything there is to know. There are different levels to knowledge. At times one can be quite in the dark about reality, although everyone has some notion about what reality is. People, who live on the surface, or fringes of life, have the least knowledge of reality, and they usually don’t think any deeper than the worries and pleasures life has to offer them.

"And more is the pity, because a lot of potential opportunities will also escape their attention, including true enjoyment. True and deeply heart-felt joy is not to be found in the shallowness of life, as most ‘surface joys’ the world has to offer are fleeting, never to be recalled. Ignorance can also be experienced on the different levels of living, because the learning never stops.

"Learning goes on forever, as experiences go on forever. Even after the dissolution of the mortal habiliments, and after the awakening from the longer or shorter sleep of death, learning starts anew. At first there is the recall of the worthwhile things from the earthly life your spirit personality was engaged in. And, oh yes, there might also be regrets due to the ignorance in which you lived your life. And often the lament and pinch of regret will come, "Oh, if only I had known this, or if only I had known about that, I would not have lived my life with so much anxiety, and so much fear, and I would have been more tolerant and forgiving.

"Hindsight is usually one hundred percent perfect, and more is the pity that so many choose not to think for themselves, and just accept what so-called learned people tell them. Let Me assure you that only experiences are worthwhile. Book knowledge may be useful, but if one remains ignorant when the knowledge is not put into practice, what good is this knowledge then?

"It is most important, especially in the area of religion, that one can speak of personal experience, and that one can be witness about one’s inner life, without being chastised or belittled by those, who think they know better, because everyone has part of truth in them as the eternal Creator has gifted each thinking man and woman with a gift of Himself. We have discussed this before so it should not come as a great surprise that I mention this again. All of you have this precious Guidance, but most of you remain woefully ignorant of this Gift and all the delightful possibilities this brings.

"It is truly a great pity that not more humans develop the habit of connecting up daily with this Gift, first to strengthen the connection with your God and secondly to grow and nurture your soul together with this Indwelling Companion, which is yours to keep for all eternity if you so desire.

"It is all free will on your part, but I can assure you that the sooner you discover this precious Gift within you, the happier your life will become, because your belief will then have turned into faith and trust and, all doubt will have fled from you. You will know for certain that you are never alone, anymore, never mind what might befall you. Each day will bring new opportunities to flex your faith muscles in the exercising of trust that all is well and in divine order. You will even ask, "What is Your will for me today?

"Because it is so very important that you place your own puny free will, willingly in the background, so God and human can cooperate as one. It is the ultimate goal of the ages, that God and human become as one, and no one will be able to tell you apart anymore. Such is the great love of the Creator for the creature, that He has bestowed upon the creature part of Himself, so you can learn to become a creator yourself, in creating your own life together with God, and watch your ignorance flee as does darkness before daylight."

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Urantia, August 3, 2005.
A Teacher named "The Beloved One."
Subject: "A Lesson On Nurturing."

Contributing Receiver.

The Beloved One: "Allow Me to tell you that every moment is a new opportunity to be about the Father’s business. I have told you before that the doing of God’s Will simply consists of walking the road with the most love. This means first of all that one becomes increasingly more patient and tolerant, not only with others, but also with the self, and this especially holds true for the types who indulge in self-recrimination, and are filled with self-doubt and a low self-esteem.

"Cease this! Start seeing yourself as a worthy child of God that has a right to exist and has his or her place in the grand scheme of things. A low self-esteem is a great defrauder of the pleasures of living a godly life, an honorable life, because you can be so busy thinking at a low level and being consumed with the little self, that the greater self shrivels from lack of nourishment.

"It is the nurturing aspect of the self I desire to bring forward into the lime-light. Not self-indulgence, mind you. There exists a huge difference between these two. The first one feels the need to be nurtured and fed by the soul-self, but in order for this to happen, the soul-self needs to be nurtured first by the higher spirit Self—that Spark of God within.

"Certainly, not everyone is conscious of that "designation," but the truth remains that one is nurtured by the other, and he or she has to be willing to take the time to go within, and seek for, and make that connection, to allow the Essence of this Higher Self to pervade and nurture the soul-self, and to reciprocate in the Stillness, whereas the self-indulgent self seek for immediate gratification in all levels of life, not realizing that something much more important is being neglected.

"This is the difference, although there are the various ‘shadings’ in between. Some are willing but the flesh is weak and takes over in numerous ways. The way of being nurtured in a God-like way takes at first perseverance to set time apart, and go about speaking and listening to the Spark of God within. The ones who regularly engage is this kind of nurturing feel themselves getting stronger, and better able to withstand the vicissitudes of life. It is not that life flows easier for them, no, but they have discovered the Rock of their being because they have persevered and learned and have received the assurances of It’s love and so shall endure forever in the holy temple of their being.

"They go forth in life with a renewed confidence, because their contact is solidly rooted in the All That Is. They go forth in a life of service, because as they receive, they give to others, and a solid circle of yielding the fruits of the spirit will then have been established. Not that such ones are perfect. By no means, but they are on the way, and walk the way in sincerity of the highest truth, beauty and goodness. It is the way with the most love, because they know themselves to be loved by something so incredible, that it needs to be experienced to know of this Love. Such is true nurturing—a life lived to the utmost growth and satisfaction of the soul-self, which is your spiritual counterpart for your next stage of existence. Happy are those who persevere in the seeking, for those are the ones who find God, and are nurtured by His Love.

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