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Machiventa - What Is Truth - Apr 06. 2004 - CarolynHoltgrewe, Academy of Light

Machiventa Melchizedek: What Is Truth?

Through Carolyn Holtgrewe


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Carolyn Holtgrewe and Machiventa Melchizedek
April 6, 2004

Warmest of greetings, beloved bearers of the Light! I convey to you the good wishes from all of us in the celestial realms for a joyous celebration of your springtime as Mother Earth brings forth her multitudinous manifestations of glorious renewal for all to enjoy. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and today we bring you a message about Truth. Your ability to discern that which is or is not truth will become ever more important in your lives. The planet took a great leap upward in the light level during the time of the winter solstice and the subsequent ushering in of the New Year, and we will say to you all, well done. Nevertheless, this is another challenging year for all as the divine light continues to flow into Earth and all its lifeforms, forcing old issues to the forefront for resolution. This incoming stream of light is also asking you to review your truth, what you believe is true, or not true as the case may be.

Truth, like beauty, lies in the eye of the beholder. In your world there are as many truths as there are people on the planet. Each one of you has your own individual set of beliefs that comprise your truth and govern your life. These are formed according to your perceptions and understanding of the world around you and the cosmos as well. You will find that the higher you raise your vibrations the more simple truth will be for you and the more comfortable and sure you will be with your truth, even if it flies in the face of what most of society holds as its truth.

Now, there are different levels of truth as well. There is your own individual truth. Then there is also group truth which are perceptions that a given group has adopted as its truth. Each group perceives reality in its own way for its own purposes and according to the shared beliefs of the members of the group. What brings them together in the first place is their shared beliefs and perceptions. There are many many examples of this all around you so I will not dwell on that and just say to observe and discern for yourselves what are the group truths evidenced in any given organization.

Then, too, there is national truth for each nation has its own set of beliefs and truths. And nations which have formed an alliance have their own sets of perceptions and beliefs which they are bound up in together. Take this a step further and you find there is a global truth combining the basic beliefs of humanity as a whole. So you see, dear ones, there are layers and layers of truths that individuals, organizations, nations, international alliances and even the world has adopted for themselves, and it is upon their truths that their actions and interactions are based. We will say that this is a very big onion to peel and many many of these truths come with quite an odor!

So now, what looks like Truth but isn't? What sounds like Truth but isn't? What feels like Truth but isn't? How do you tell the difference between purported truth and true Truth? If you cannot trust your seeing and you cannot trust your hearing and you cannot trust your feelings, what are you to do? You go to the one part of you that doesn't mislead you, that cannot lie to you. And that part, beloveds, is your own precious and beautiful physical body. Tune into your body and learn to read its messages as to what it is telling you is true or not true. It has definite reactions to the truth and lies that comes into its consciousness. You know when it resonates to truth. It may react with chills, warmth, pains, pings or something that is its unique signal to you. And you know how it reacts to untruths that come into its consciousness.

Thus, you will hear again and again from us, go within and learn to discern the truth for yourselves through your own direct connection to the spiritual realms and your own body consciousness. This may be difficult at first but eventually you will become quite amused by all the purported truths that are being espoused around the planet. Just remember to release judgment upon others for their beliefs and truths. Send them unconditional love from within and know that eventually they, too, shall know the Truth for all paths lead to God. So resist the urge many lightworkers have to become evangelistic and "set someone else straight" in their perceptions of the truth for you do not know the divine plans which others have brought into their incarnations.

In these times of great changes our advice to you is to keep your ideas about truth fluid for as you grow, you change and you alter your perceptions and, therefore, what is accepted as your truth changes right along with you. Know that what you accept as new truth today may vanish tomorrow as another newer and higher truth comes upon you. That is spiritual growth, dear ones. Welcome it with open hearts and minds. These years can be so exciting for you!

Those who are not willing to change their truth do not grow and become locked into the past. The present eclipses them and soon leaves them behind to live in an old and unchanging reality. Observe those who persistently cling to the past, who are unable or unwilling to move into the present times and they will appear to age right before your eyes.

Again, what is truth? How do you know truth? God's truth is. It doesn't change. For example, God is is Truth. I AM or I am is Truth. The descriptive words that you choose to add to either "God is" or "I am" may or may not be the truth for that is colored by your perceptions of God and yourselves. "I am" is a most powerful statement and be very careful of what language you choose to use after those words for you are describing yourself and also God since you hold the light of God within. My advice to you is to focus upon positive identifiers about yourself to follow the words "I am." Also focus upon what you can do rather than what you cannot do for what follows the words "I can" or conversely "I cannot" carry great power. In short, release the negative identifiers that you have allowed yourself and others to place upon you and fill yourself with positive ones.

Write out positive affirmations and state are restate them until you have made new grooves in your brain that says emphatically "Yes, I am this" or Yes, I can do whatever" even if you don't accept them as truth at this time. State and restate them until they become your truth and your four-body system knows it right down to your toenails. And back up your statements with some type of positive action in the physical that will reinforce them. However small a step it may be, it will begin the building process.

Release the limitations that you have placed upon yourselves. Allow yourselves to become the glorious light beings that you already are. Undo the shackles that have held you down. Fling open your self-made prison doors and walk in the freedom and light that awaits your venturing forth. Ah, dear ones, it is so beautiful to look ahead and see you all walking in the light and truth of your being! We have faith in you. Have faith in yourselves. You are still in the early years of a new century and it's time to build a new self-image. Go for it! as you are so fond of saying. Call on us for support for we are waiting to fulfill our side of the agreement. Open your channels and then listen for our counsel.

We see that humanity in general currently regards the art of channeling with much disdain and disbelief. It is not highly regarded as a way to obtain truth. However, the time will come when those who elect to stay upon the earth plane will be required to become pure and conscious channels. Think of it, dear ones, everyone is already a channel for at the very least each one channels their own life force energy into the body and of course this life force energy is what is keeps one alive and kicking, as you say, in the physical world.

Most people go through life with their access to this channel blocked for they have adopted limiting beliefs about it and their abilities to consciously use it. In the times to come it will be necessary to open this channel to connect with the soul, the higher self, the oversoul and on up the ladder right into the heart of God. These are the parts of you that know the divine plan for your life for before you incarnated, you planned it all together. They will bring you the truth of the moment, the information that you need to act upon whatever is in front of you.

What you read you may or may not take on as your truth but what you experience certainly becomes your truth. Allow yourself to be open to new ideas and experiencing so you do not become entrapped by your old beliefs about yourself and your relationship to God and the world around you. Keep your beliefs fluid and be willing to let go of that which used to serve you but now only holds you back on your spiritual path. Let newer, higher truths take their place. Know that God and Truth are synonymous terms and indeed the Truth shall set you free! Reach, dear ones, reach!

These times are resplendent with opportunities, and we would wish that all of you lightworkers in particular would doggedly pursue your quest for the truth and forge a stronger connection to God. Loose the bonds on your belief systems and be open to the ways that God may be revealed to you. We would also request that you put at least an equal amount of energy into your spiritual seeking as you do into your questing after the comforts of the material world. We urge you to keep seeking for ever higher truth until you create your own experiencing of your connection to God. There are no words to describe the measure of divine love that will flow to you. That will be for you to take into your hearts and experience and that experiencing, beloveds, is totally and utterly beyond words.

May the light and love of God fill you and bless you. I am Machiventa Melchizedek wishing you a joyous dance down your path to enlightenment!